Chapter 3: Who am I?

Tea Gardner,

beloved wife and friend.

We will never forget you.

Seto and friends.

That was the writing in Tea's grave along with a picture of her smiling face. Now before her grave was Seto, Yugi, Yami, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Serenity, Isis, Bakura, Mokuba and Mai. All were silent, all were sad. Mokuba approached Seto who had his head bowed.


"Just go away. Leave me alone, please." Seto whispered and all of them left silently. "Tea." He whispered once more falling to his knees, clutching his head at the memories.

Four days ago, at the hospital…

"What do we have?" asked a doctor

"24 year old female, shot on the back, lost a lot of blood, vitals drooping rapidly." said a nurse

"Get her to the surgery room. Get me a team prepared for emergencies." said the doctor

"What's going to happen?!" Seto practically yelled

"Sir, you're going to have to wait here." said a nurse stopping him, but he wouldn't have it. "Sir, please. There's nothing you can do. Let the doctor do his work." That stopped him.

Almost 1 hour later…

"Mr. Kaiba?" a blood covered doctor asked

"Yes." Seto immediately stood up along with their friends.

"I'm sorry, sir."

"No." he whispered

"We did everything we could. She lost a lot of blood at fast rate—"

"Don't, that's enough." Seto said in a monotonous voice with a stoic face and turned to leave.

Present time…

"Why did this happen to us? We were happy." Seto said to himself

"Seto?" it was Mokuba. "Let's go Seto. You need to rest."

"You're right Mokuba. I just wish it'd be Tea's same rest." He said standing up

"Don't you say that, Seto Kaiba." Mokuba took him by the collar and practically yelled at him. "You told me Tea asked you to be happy and that's what you're going to do."

"How can you say that, Mokuba. I'm alone now."

"No, you're not." said Yugi and beside him were the others. "You've got us, your friends."

"Dat's right." said Joey

"Thank you guys. Now let's go to my house and spend time together."

"That's the spirit, Seto." said Mokuba and put his arm around his brother's shoulder.

At the Kaiba mansion…

"Do you remember how in high school we couldn't get along Seto?" Joey said, "We even called you Kaiba."

"Yes, those were the days. Have I apologized to you guys?" asked Seto

"Yes thousands of times." said Tristan

"Yes I have. It was Tea, who made me change. That's what made me love her." Seto said with tears threatening to fall down his cheeks, "Excuse me guys, but I'm tired. Your in your house."

"Later, Seto." said Mokuba

In Seto's room…

I haven't been here for four days. I can't sleep here. Her essence still lingers in the air. I can even see her.

"Come join me in bed Seto." an image of a naked Tea covered in white sheets appeared in the bed

With those thoughts Seto went to a guest room, thinking he'll order a servant to move his clothes to the guestroom, where he'll sleep from now on.


"She's waking up sir." a female voice said

"Leave us." a deep male voice said

"Yes, sir." The woman said, bowed and left

"My head hurts. What happened?" the woman on the bed asked opening her eyes, when she saw the man in front of her she gasped and asked: "Who are you?"

The man in front of her mirrored her expression, but for a second. He put his stoic face. "Don't play games with me, woman. You know very well who I am."

"No I don't. And don't call me woman, I have a name. My name is--" she stopped in mid sentence and looked lost. "Oh God. I can't remember my name."

"What?" the man asked

"Who am I? Why can't I remember?" the woman was panicking now

"Calm down. I'll get a doctor." the man said and left the room

"No, please. Don't leave me." she pleaded

"Very well. Lime!" he called

"Yes, sir?" asked Lime

"Call doctor Wong and tell him I'll go to his office in minutes."

"Right away." she bowed and left

A while later…

"Well, Wong. What's wrong with her?" asked the man

"Let's go outside." both men left the room

"What is it?" asked the man

"Seems like the dart hit a brain nerve which caused amnesia."

"Interesting." said the man touching his chin in a thoughtful manner

"I know that face. What are you up to?" asked doctor Wong

"You'll see let's go inside and tell her." said the man. "How are you feeling, dear?"

"Uneasy. What's wrong with me?" she asked

"Well, twelve days ago we were attacked and a man shot you. You've been in a coma since then. The doctor says the bullet must have hit a brain nerve causing you amnesia." explained the man

"But don't worry, amnesia isn't forever." said Wong

"Ok. Then who am I?"

"Your name is Anzu, Anzu Masaki." said the man

"Anzu Masaki. And you sir, what's your name?"

"Darling, don't call me sir. My name is Malik Ishtar. Your husband."


"Yes. We've been married for one year." said Malik

"We are?" Anzu asked

"Look at your wedding ring in your left hand."

"It's true, then."

"Yes it is. Why don't we go home? You must rest."

"But I have so much questions."

"Yes, I'll explain everything on the way." Malik said helping her to her feet

In Malik's house…

"Where are we? I don't recognize our surroundings." asked Anzu

"We're in England. But we just moved here and our house doesn't has a home touch yet." said Malik

"Where did we live? Why did we move?"

"We lived in Russia. We moved because our house along our neighbor's houses was destroyed by fire. All of our belongings were destroyed: clothes, furniture, books, pictures, and electronics. Everything."


"Do you have anymore questions?"

"Yes, I have one more. Can I have some food? I'm starving."

"How foolish of me. Of course you're hungry, you haven't eaten for twelve days. I'll tell the cook to prepare you something. Lime!"

"Yes sir?"

"Take Anzu to our room."

"No don't leave me, Malik." said Anzu

"Don't worry. I'm just going to the kitchen and I'll be right up." Malik said and kissed Anzu's lips

"Come, Mrs., your room is this way."

As Malik was going to the kitchen his cell phone rang. "Yes?"

"Malik, what was that about? That wasn't part of the plan." it was doctor Wong

"My plan has made a 360 degrees change."

"How is that?"

"Well I figured that I could torture Kaiba more with the thought that there was a forbidden fruit that looks like his dead wife."

"What do you mean?"

"I was thinking that we'd live here for like a year or two, then we'd return to Japan and 'bump' into Kaiba."

"And he'd think that Anzu Masaki is Tea Gardner, which he wouldn't be mistaken. Right?"

"Exactly. But only you and I know that."

"There's only one thing in your way."

"What is that?" Malik was puzzled

"Her amnesia."

"What about it?"

"Like I said earlier. Amnesia isn't forever. It can last days, weeks even years. One little thing like see someone from her past, example Kaiba, or something very big like an accident can bring back her memory." explained Wong

"Don't worry, pal. Nothing bad will happen. Trust me." and with that they hung up.

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