Summary: At a spring break party there's alcohol, the beach, sex, and MATT! When Sora finally gives in and becomes slightly drunk will she reveal her inner love for Yamato Ishida? Or will Sora make a complete fool of herself? And when they finally get her drunk will someone take advantage? Plz review.

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Ch. 1


Glimmering ruby orbs shot open to the sound of rolling thunder and the beat of liquid falling drops upon her roof. The awoken female looked at her flashing clock, which flashed the same annoying message over and over again.

--12:00 a.m.—

Her fiery red hair rested in front of her face. Blowing the red strands out of her face she got up to glance at her cell phone. She walked over to her well-polished wooden desk. Her weary feet carried her over and the floor creaked upon every movement. She laid her hand upon the desk and picked up her Samsung cell phone.

--4 new voice messages—it read.

"Let me guess, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, and more Mimi." She said aloud.

Sighing she dialed her mailbox phone number.

-You have 4 new voice messages, to play your voice messages press 1- the speaker's annoying tone said.

"Hey, Sora darling its me, I was wondering, what are you doing for Spring Break, it's like 2 days away and we have no idea what to do? Hey, call me I think that might resolve some things." The high pitched female's voice spoke. "OH YA! You don't call people your antisocial! CALL ME!"

-End of message, to delete this message press 7, to save this message press 9, to call this person back press 88. -

7 Sora pressed.

-Message deleted. New message-

"Yo, Sora it's Tai, you know you really shouldn't be in bed at 1:50 it's not that late, besides you need to lighten up man, come party or do your skateboarding tricks or something just come have some fun. Anywho the reason I'm calling is because Mimi wants to know what we should do over Spring Break so ya oh hey baby" the semi drunk voice of Tai said.

-End of message, to delete this message press 7, to save this message
press 9, to call this person back press 88. -

Sora pressed 7 again.

-Message deleted. New message-

"Sora, it's Kari and T.k, Mimi called what's up for spring break, see ya at school" she heard one or the other say.

-End of message, to delete this message press 7, to save this message press 9, to call this person back press 88. -

Sora pressed 7 again.

-Message deleted. New message-

"Hey, Sora it's Matt, Mimi's bothering me about Spring Break, what do you think we should do? Well I guess well talk at school, Cya" she heard Matt's reassuring too cool voice state.

-End of Message, to delete this message press 7, to save this message press 9, to call this person back press 88. -

Sora pressed 9.

-Message saved. You have no new messages-

--Click—4:30 her clock read.

"Well, I think Mimi deafened me, so I cant sleep; I think I'll take a shower." She said aloud.

Chicago High School(I'm sorry but, it will just work better for me if they live in America)

Sora yawned and wearily made her way to her locker.

"SORA!" she heard a screechy voice yell.

Sora moaned and opened her locker. Awaiting the running female.

"Sora, did you get my message?" Mimi asked gasping for breath.

"Yes, I got yours, Tai's, Kari and T.k.'s, and Matt's" Sora said.

"Oh, I guess you're not in a good mood, because you were up really early?" Mimi asked.

"No kidding, try around 4, gosh there's no peace!" Sora said.

Mimi just laughed at her, Sora frowned. An arm suddenly slung over Sora's shoulder and the scent of familiar cologne was present.

"Good morning Tai," Sora said to the bushy chocolate haired boy who was eating a jelly filled doughnut.

"Morning Sor," Tai said sleepily.

"Gosh, wonder what you were doing? Hmm.. Let's see getting laid again!" Sora yelled.

"So, at least I wasn't just sitting at home, besides Kiki was a very cool chick." Tai exclaimed.

Sora rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Gosh look who's among the land of the living." She heard a masculine voice say.

Sora smiled. "Hey Matt,"

"Mimi, do you think you could talk any louder over the phone!" Matt said.

"OH, do I need to?" Mimi asked.

Everyone just laughed.


Everyone scurried their tales into class. Sora came into history and sat in her unbelievably cold chair. The teacher Mr. Kaveille came in and rambled on about some event. His voice trailed off into thin air while Sora went off into her own world.


Everyone rushed into the cafeteria. Sora came to the regular table and sat down in between Tai and Matt, Mimi sat in between Izzy and Tai, and Kari sat between T.k and Matt. Sora was munching on her power bar, while Matt ate a sandwich, Tai ate a whole entire pizza he ordered, Izzy had a sandwich and chips, Mimi had a salad and baked potato, and Kari and T.k both had sandwiches.

"So about Spring Break?" Izzy said.

Everyone shot a glance at Sora.

"What why are you all seeking me? Tai's the one who led us!" Sora said.

"So were all idiots and we cant decide what to do." T.k said. "Your smart and very good at this crap."

Sora sighed.

"Hey everyone, there's a huge party that basically everyone is going to for all spring break its in Miami, Florida; you guys coming?" a snobby blonde named Victoria asked.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and nodded heads.

Tai yelled.

"I'll take that as a yes, you'll have to do everything though, well just be expecting at the party, you have to do hotel, car, flight, and so on." Victoria said winking to Matt and walking off.

"Still got my charm" Matt said leaning back in his seat.

"No, Mr.Ishida I think its just your ego" Sora replied.

Matt frowned, "You spoiled my fun"

Matt reached over and began tickling her.

"Yamato Ishida! You're a dead man." Sora yelled.

Matt and Sora ran out, actually it was more like Matt ran out and Sora chased after him.

"And their goes the wild side of Sora" Mimi said.

Everyone laughed. "Ya, Sora sure does actually and surprisingly have a party side, hey we should let her drive, let's see how she does that!" Kari said.

Everyone agreed.

The Day of Friday, the day leaving for Spring Break

The bell had just rung at the dreaded school. Everyone went home to get their things and change clothing. They arrived at Sora's to find her in a pair of short army shorts that said 'boot camp' on the butt and a red sweatshirt which almost covered her shorts making it look like she was wearing nothing else. Matt walked up and couldn't help but notice how slender and beautiful her legs were. 'Dang her she looks good especially with her hair up in that ponytail I've never seen it like that' Matt thought. Matt was in a pair of black football shorts and a red tank.'Dang, Matt looks sex..stop thinking that..but' Sora thought blushing at the fact that Matt was staring at her. Tai was in green shorts and a blue top, Mimi was in pink short shorts and a pink tank, Kari was in a white mini skirt and a baby blue tank, T.k was in blue shorts and a black tank, and Izzy was in black shorts and green tank.

They all couldn't fit into Sora's mustang convertible so they split, Izzy, Mimi and Tai all went in Mimi's Lexus convertible and Matt, Sora, T.k and Kari all went in the mustang. Sora rolled the top down got in the driver's seat, Matt sat in the passenger, and Kari and T.k sat in the back. Mimi sat in the driver, Izzy sat in the passenger and Tai sat in the back. They were off on their LONG journey from Chicago to Miami.


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