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Story: Spring Break

Chapter: 6

Chapter Title: Good Morning Beautiful

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Good Morning Beautiful

The morning sun came quickly; the teens were quite unaware of it. Matt laid asleep, the alcohol in his system sending him all the wrong signals. Quickly he arose, clenching his churning stomach. His blonde locks appeared as if a bird had nested in them over night. He ran to the bathroom, not noticing the door on it was shut. Face planting into the door, he fell flat on his ass. "damnit.." he groaned. He slowly stood up, the room spinning from his eyes. Reaching for the door, he opened it. Falling in with it, he found a red haired beauty hovering over the toilet. He could not help but chuckle. "Little too much Pina Colada?" he laughed.

Placing her hair back, she lifted her head. She nodded, and then returned to her position, puking up some more of her stomach. "Little too much Booze?" she asked, noticing he was holding his stomach.

"You know it." He sat down, "Mind if I join ya."

Sora laughed, "Feel free." For about half an hour, the two sat taking turns puking into the toilet.

Sora sighed, standing up. She glanced down at Matt, who was still hovering. She smiled, "I didn't do anything stupid last night did I?" she asked.

In that moment, Matt was still. His face seemed to get pale, his eyes even more dilated. He slowly directed his gaze towards her. "No…not at all. You were just expressing yourself." He attempted to smile.

She noticed his uneasiness. She responded with an uneasy smile. "Kay." She approached the vanity. "Hey…where's Tai? Isn't he still in sharing a room with us?" she laughed.

Matt only chuckled. "Yeah..last night he fell into our room drunk and in a serious make out session with some chick. Therefore, I told him he had the wrong room. He bought it. So, I have no idea." He grinned.

Sora rolled her eyes, "Tai and his women."

Matt laughed, "He would die without them."

They both laughed and continued getting ready for the day.

T.K. moaned, opening his eyes to the bright and glorious sun. He nearly hissed as his eyes met with the sun. "Damn morning!" he growled. Rolling over, his bare-naked body met with the skin of another's. Smiling, he stared at his sleeping beauty. "Good morning beautiful." He whispered in her ear. He watched as a grin crept its way upon her angelic face. As her eyes slowly opened, he watched the sunlight sparkle in her eyes. He could not help but smile. "How was your night?"

She smiled, "amazing, and yours?"

"Same, but I think we can do better." He smirked.

She quirked an eyebrow.

He brought his hand from the covers; grabbing her shoulders, he lifted her upon him. Spreading his legs, she slipped between him. She giggled as he tickled her neck and ear with his lips and tongue. Slowly he grew more aggressive.

"What the hell?" a voice asked. Arousing slowly and painfully, bushy hair emerged from the floor.

"Baby stop.." a feminine voice stated, grabbing his shoulder.

"What sweetie?" he asked, gazing down at her gorgeous face and body.

"You're still in me." She moaned.

He glanced down, "oh..OH!"

They both readjusted and he stood up, once again seeking out the sound.

"GET OFF MY SISTER!" the whole hotel heard. Tai fumed with anger as he attempted to stand up.

T.k. and Kari flipped from each other, both falling from the bed. T.k. watched Tai crawl around the bed, heading straight towards him. "Pain, lots of Pain T.K!" Tai yelled. Gulping, T.K. scurried back on the bed.

By this time, Matt and Sora were at the door. Pounding on the door, they flew in as it opened. "What the hell happened?" they asked, huffing and puffing. Glancing around, they saw a sheet covered Kari, some naked girl on the floor, T.k. squirming for dear life, and well..Tai. Rolling their eyes, Matt placed his hand on Sora's back. "Shall we?" he asked.

Smiling, she turned around. "Lets go." She laughed.


"Umm..we just did." Matt smirked. "Try to be a little nice, Tai."

Tai was too busy popping his knuckles, steam coming from his ears. "Lots of Pain.." Tai began hysterically laughing.

Matt escorted Sora to the elevator. As they stepped in and headed down, Matt caught her gaze. 'She has no idea about last night.' Sora smiled, "So Mr. Ishida, what's you on your agenda today?"

Matt grinned, "Well, maybe some swimming, movie, and a club or party. What about you?"

Sora sighed, "I don't know. I'll probably go for a swim, maybe a tan, then hit the mall, and probably a club and or party."

"Sounds good, if I here of a good rally in the evening I'll let ya know." He winked, flashing a million-dollar smile.

Blushing a bit, she turned away. "M'kay, so I might see ya at the beach?"

"Maybe." Stepping from the elevator, they both slipped away from each other.

Sora sighed walking out of the hotel. She gazed up at the gorgeous sky. The fluffy, white clouds, the amazing blue sky, and the bright warming sun, she could not help but smile. She placed on her white sunglasses, adorned in rhinestones. The tune "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk" began going off from her pale yellow purse. She unzipped her purse, pulling out her rockr. It was Mimi. "hey chick, what's up?" she smiled.

"Well, me and the girls are gonna go get lunch. You coming?"

"When and where?"

"Harrigans, thirty minutes"

"See ya in thirty." Sora hung up her phone, placing it back in her purse. Since it was such a beautiful day, she decided to walk.

Matt walked down the busy streets. His blonde hair glimmered in the sun, his blue eyes catching everyone's eyes. Walking down the streets, he caught every girl's eyes. His shirt was a white polo shirt, with blue stripes. His lower body covered in a pair of Hollister shorts, and his feet slipped in a pair of brown sandals. He lowered his black sunglasses, hiding those gorgeous blue orbs. As he continued to walk, he heard the sound of "Prison Sex" by Tool. He grabbed out his phone, it read Tai. "So are they dead, Man?" he answered.

Tai laughed, "No, they ran away. But they ran away undressed."

Matt laughed, "Gah, no streaking you should know better."

"Shut up man. So, when you gonna show it to me?"

Matt sighed, "Meet me at the Boulevard plaza in thirty."


Matt hung up his phone. Sliding it back in his pocket, he made his way to the plaza.

Sora opened the light glass door, all the men in the room dropped what they were doing to stare. Sora's slender legs showed off by her short denim mini and her stomach revealed by her small, tight yellow halter-top. The top rose just above her belly button, and clenched tightly around her breasts. It tied around the neck, and snapped once in the back. Her feet were slipped into a pair of white thongs, highlighted in yellow rhinestones. She saw three people waving and she quickly made her way to them."Hey girls, what's up?" she sat down. Before her were Mimi, Kari, and Roxy. Roxy was the blue haired girl that Sora unintentionally met when Roxy opened the door naked to T.k's room.

"Ok, Sora you have to tell us!" Mimi squealed.

"Tell you what?" she questioned.

"What did Matt say?" Kari asked.

"Say to what?"

"DON'T YOU REMEMBER?" all the girls yelled.

"Remember what? You're freaking me out."

"You ran over and told Matt you loved him last night!" Mime exclaimed.

"Shit…I did!" Sora panicked. 'That's what he meant last night. Oh my God, Matt loves me.'

Matt found himself staring at his watch. "Late again." He murmured. Sighing, Matt kicked from the wall he had once been leaning on. "Wait man! Don't leave!" he heard someone yell. Matt rolled his eyes. "Late as usual, Taichi."

"Hey, I've had a rough day."

Matt rolled his eyes once more. "Uh huh."

"Damnit man, stop. Give a man his space."

"Do you want to see it or not." Matt yelled.

"Yeah chill! Where is it?" Tai whispered, seeming to anticipate something.

Matt reached in his front right pocket, pulling out a black, velvet box.

-To be Continued-

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