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Finally! It's the fifth story in the TND Saga, and you know what that means! Things are going to intensify by eleventy billion!! Haha! Think about it: It's this story and the finale! What a trip...

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Operation: MAXIMUM

Mike's Adult X-treme Insomnia Makes Unbelievable Moron

Chapter 1

The siren to the Teens Next Door Tree House Defense System beeped and wailed like crazy. Number 1 perked up from her dazed expression and grabbed the SPLANKER from the side of the couch. Number 2 and Number 4 each grasped a mustard gun as Number 3 ran for the bubble gum gun. He held it up against his head pointed towards the doorway, waiting for the enemy to strike. Number 1 cocked an eyebrow when the adult never showed up.

"That's really weird," she announced. "It doesn't usually go off unless an adult is in the tree house. If it went off whenever an adult was on the property, Mom and Dad would have been kicked out of the country right now."

"Would they be on their way to Mercury?" Number 2 asked, lowering the mustard gun.

"Mercury is a planet, not a country."

"Oh, I was thinking of Montgomery."

"That's the capital of Alabama."

"Yay! Funny capital!"

The rest of the present TND cast blank stares to Number 2 who just stood there and giggled as she blushed. Number 1 rolled her eyes and looked at the doorway. No one was there. There were no footsteps. She walked out into the hallway, but only saw the blackness of a Saturday night.

"We should investigate," she told her team.

"Good idea," Number 4 agreed.

"Take the west wing," Number 1 told Number 4. She turned to the rest of the team. "Number 2, to the east. Number 3, the south." She stopped short. "Please try not to scare the hamsters with kitty attack again. I don't want to play '52 Pick-Up' with them. In the meantime, I'll take to the north."

"Who do you think it could be?" Number 3 asked. "Cree?"

"She's a teenager, not a college student," Number 1 snapped. "Besides, I heard Numbuh 5 say that she was out of town with her sophomore class at high school. Oh! What if it's an attack from the Delightful Dorks? Maybe Mother and Father paid us a visit!"

"I doubt it," Number 2 replied. "I got some information from Number 86 last week. She said that there's a pattern to their attacks. They always study obsessively throughout the Saturday afternoons. At night, they only go out for combat if they all understood the day's lesson."

"They must've understood it perfectly the night we baby-sat the KND."

"Yes. I wonder if it's Chris."

"Highly unlikely," Number 4 insisted. "My brother's out of college for freshman year, but he's taking a vacation and attending the graduation of a few senior friends. He won't be back for two weeks. I'm pretty sure we can find an adult in our tree house within two weeks."

"I'd have to agree," Number 1 said. "I'm a little concerned because our worst enemies are all away, and it could be a trap." She stopped and looked at the scared faces she was receiving. "Um, we can worry about that later. For now, let's find an adult!"

The TND ran off in different directions.

Number 4 ran up the western stairs with her mustard gun loaded and ready. She slowly crept along the hallway once she reached the top and peered around the corner of the room. She was now in the weapon storage room.

"This room gives me the chills whenever I have to enter it at night," she confessed to no one. "I also don't like the fact that our weapons are stored here. If there is an adult within our base, it could easily get me since we've got more advanced things than a mustard gun in here. I better be careful."

Number 4 peeked past a few boxes sitting in the corner of the room. She jumped when she heard another crate move. She held the mustard gun nervously towards the noise and turned the light on to the room. Before long, she realized it was just a stray hamster.

"You scared me!" she cried. "What are you doing out of the power core anyway? I'll bet your hamster family is looking for you."

She picked up the hamster and started walking towards the door. She took one look back at the room and shut the light off before walking downstairs. She met Number 3 on her way.

"Did you scare the hamsters with the kitty attack again?" she asked, putting one hand on her hip.

"No!" Number 3 shouted defensively. "I was just trying to find you. Did you see Number 5 anywhere? Oh yeah, and I couldn't find anything in the south wing."

"That makes two of us," Number 4 sighed, letting her hand drop. "I didn't see anything in the weapon storage room. Did Number 2 or Number 1 say if they found anything?"

"Last I heard Number 2 was following a noise. Number 1 inspected the attic but didn't see anything unusual."

"What was that about Number 5? Shouldn't he be home by now?"

"That's what I thought."

"He's actually been out for a really long time."

The two operatives stood in an awkward moment of silence, wondering where their fellow operative was. He had been missing since three o'clock on a Saturday. Now it was nine, and he still wasn't home. Number 3 shuffled his feet at the thought where is friend could be. Number 4 passed him without a word and headed for the power core.

"Maybe we should call off the adult investigation and see if we can find Number 5!" Number 3 called, chasing after Number 4. Number 4 continued to walk very calmly down the stairs until she reached the power core in the south wing. She opened up the door and walked inside.

"Who's playing around with the power?" Number 1 shouted, shining a flashlight on Number 4's back.

"It's just me!" Number 4 replied, motioning for Number 1 to put the flashlight down. "One of the hamsters escaped. I was just putting him back on his wheel."

"Did Number 3 launch a surprised attack?" Number 1 asked, patting her foot on the ground. She was obviously annoyed. Number 3's face became red with anger.

"I did not launch a kitty attack!" he cried. "Why does everyone accuse me of this?" He was shouting towards the sky now.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because no one trusts you ever since last week when you let the hamsters loose?"

"I thought it would be funny!"

"You think everything's funny."

"Aw, shut up."

"Why don't you go to hell?"

"Would you two just quit it?" Number 4 snapped, pressing the button on the door to the hamster house. The door shut with a loud thump. Number 4 took the flashlight from her leader and shined it in her face. "We need to find that adult and Number 5."

"What about Number 5?" Number 1 asked, pushing the flashlight away.

"He hasn't been home in six hours," Number 3 announced. "Number 4 and I were getting worried. Aren't you worried at all?"

"I think it's suspicious. Sure, I'm worried, but Number 5 can take care of himself. He doesn't need us all the time. This is the expert on 2X4 Rocket Technology we're talking about. I bet he just went to the Moon Base or something."

"Or he could be being tortured as we speak," Number 4 said flatly.

"Ever the optimist,"

Suddenly, Number 2 ran downstairs from the east wing. She held a mustard gun and a confused look on her face. Number 4 shined the flashlight towards her fellow operative. When she saw the look on her face, she became concerned.

"What the matter with you?" she asked, focusing the flashlight on Number 2's face. Number 2 took the flashlight from Number 4 and turned it off.

"Why didn't we turn on the lights in the tree house?" she asked, flipping the light switch. "On that note, why were we sitting in the dark when the siren went on in the first place?"

"How should I know?" Number 4 countered. "Number 1's the leader."

"I didn't say to sit in the dark!!" Number 1 exploded, taking the flashlight from Number 2 and clonking Number 3 in the head. "It was his idea."

"No, it wasn't!" Number 3 flailed. The three female operatives looked at Number 3 with their arms crossed. He dropped his arms and looked to the side. "Okay, it was."

Number 1 smirked just as the secret latch to the tree house opened. The teenagers looked towards the door until it opened up. Number 5 walked up the ladder and stood before them. He put the latch down and greeted his friends.

"Hi!" he cheered. "What's going on?"

"Where the hell have you been?" Number 4 shouted. "We've been worried."

"I got a call from Moon Base!" Number 5 replied. Number 1 smirked big and leaned over to Number 4.

"Told you," she teased.

"Be quiet," Number 4 snapped. She turned back to Number 5. "Were you able to handle the mission?"

"What mission?" Number 5 asked. "Oh yeah! The mission! Uh...I could handle it. I had a little help from a few special operatives, but it was no big deal. It was just a college student attack."

"For six hours?"

"We celebrated afterwards!"

The other operatives looked at Number 5 for another minute and then turned to walk upstairs to bed. As soon as all four were up, Number 5's face went upset.

"Yeah, if you call going to the Point a mission."

End of Chapter One