Timing is Everything

Author: Joss

Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 Version if anyone wants it e-mail me)

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Spoilers: Lost City Part One

Summary: What would have happened if Daniel and Teal'c didn't turn up?

Disclaimer: Common if I owned them do you think I would be doing this??

Thanks to Liechtensteinerin for her unwavering support. And any one who reads this. I know that it has been done before but here is my take on it. And anyway it's taken me ages to get the time to write this up so don't complain. I have used the proper script (well the one from Gateworld) to write the beginning of this. Warning it is very long. So grab a coffee or tea, go to the loo and settle down for a long haul. Oh Chocolate is a good idea too. I am also offering my services as a Beta so if anyone needs a Beta I will be very willing to do it. (That is a hint folks, I need something to do, my exams end on June 25th and I have nothing to do.)

Sam looked at him.

"Hi Sir"

"Carter" He questioned slightly sleepily. Sam noticed this and said

"Did I wake you?"

"Sorta" he replied

"I couldn't sleep at all last night" Sam stated

"You should have called" he said

"I didn't wanna bother you"

"Um" He motioned for her to enter his house "I was just looking at the sky. Trying to figure out how many stars we'd actually been to."

"Actually, only a few of the stars visible from Earth have Stargate on them, so..." Sam corrected

"I knew that" he interrupted.


"Hammond send you by, to check up on me?" He questioned

"No!" Sam suddenly sounded nervous "It's funny really, I was out driving, you know ... in my car, and I um" She laughed nervously knowing full well that he wouldn't believe her. "I drove here" She chuckled at the absurdity of it all "Yeah"

"Funny" he said mocking her

"Yeah" Sam replied agreeing with him.

"There's coffee around here" he offered, going into the kitchen. Sam stood at the entrance to his sitting room and looked round.

"Maybe not" he called out from the kitchen "How about a beer?" He offered instead.

"Sure why not" Sam replied. There was the sound of clinking glasses as he took the bottles out of the fridge. Sam walked down the steps into his living room, looking at the pictures. Jack uncapped the beer and flicked one of the tops onto the floor, briefly looking at where it landed.

"Do you want a glass? I can wash one" he offered.

"No I'm fine" Sam replied taking the beer from his hand. She looked at the family picture of Jack, Sara and Charlie before pointing at it and saying

"Do you ever talk to her?"

"Can we not talk about that" Jack said not wanting to discuss his old love with his new one.

"How are you feeling" Sam said trying to sound upbeat about the whole thing.

"Can we not talk about that either" he replied. He walked around her and sat down on the sofa.

"Okay" Sam agreed, standing next to him. "What do you want to talk about?" Sam asked. He looked up at her. "You wanna be alone" Sam stated as she put the beer down, having not even taken a sip. "This was a bad idea I...I...should go"

"Finish your beer" Jack said softly. Sam took a deep breath as Jack carried on. "And then you have to wait at least as hour before you drive" He flicked his beer bottle top across the room. Sam looked at him before saying

"Sir" as she sat down next to him. After a long pause of just watching him Jack broke the silence with


"I should have done it" she said He looked at her incredulously.

"What? Stuck your head in that thing? Are you nuts? Carter. Your one of this countries natural resources. If not national treasures. It couldn't have gone down any other way. I just hope it's worth it" He finished as he took another pull of beer.

"Even if we do find the Lost City. Even if we go there and find exactly what we're looking for to defend the planet..." Jack interrupted

"That! Would be worth it" He took another sip of his beer and watcher her. Sam closed her eyes.

"This isn't fair. If we don't find it we loose you"

"Carter...Sam, I'm just the muscles of the SGC, they can replace me"

"If you think that then you are being rather shallow minded. No one can replace you; you are an integral part of the SGC and SG-1. The SGC wouldn't be the same without you and I don't particularly want to find out how different it would be" Sam snapped at him.

"What do you expect me to do Carter? It is my life that is on the line here. It's me that within two weeks could be dead." He snapped back.

"Please Don't" Sam whispered having lost the will to fight with him. She turned away from him not wanting to see the tears that were going to fall. He gently grasped her chin and turned her face back to his.

"I'm sorry Sam. You should now by now my mouth works without engaging my brain." He said softly. He pulled her into a hug. It was slightly awkward. That was until Sam shifted and was virtually sprawled over Jack.

"Sam I hate to have to point something out but what about Pete?"

"God Pete got his marching orders the day of the mission. I was so fed up with his over protectiveness that I told him to leave and basically never return." Sam smiled softly at him. "He and Cass just wouldn't get on, and anytime I was later home than I had planned he would blame it all on you. I need a man who respects my friends and understands this thing between me and you..." Sam didn't get to finish what she was saying as Jack gently laid a finger over her lips

"Sam at the moment 'us' is sounding like a mighty good idea. I don't want any regrets." He whispered. It was Sam who made the next move. She took his hand and kissed him softly, grinning when he returned the soft kisses. Suddenly the tides changed, the kisses were primal, full of lust, love and seven years of longing for one another. Jack pulled her denim jacket off leaving her in a white flowery top. Sam's hand slipped under his blue top expecting another layer and was pleasantly surprised when she found that it was just him. A toned stomach, proving that even at 52 Jack still worked very hard to keep in shape. She could also feel a soft spattering of hair. They pulled away form one another because the need for air had become too great.

"God Sam" he whispered. "We can't do this..."

"Hush, Jack, we'll have this weekend."

There was a whine and Jack shuffled out from under Sam and opened the door onto his deck. Two dogs rushed in and on Jack's barked command of "Lie Down" they both lay down and watched him, with sorrowful eyes. Jack grinned sat next to Sam.

"A friend of mine got transferred to Germany and he didn't really want to have to put the dogs through quarantine so I said that I would take them. Mac is the Alsatian" the dog in question trotted over to Jack after hearing his name. Jack fondled his ears. "Conn is the Red Setter" Again the dog in question moved over to Jack and stuffed his nose into the Irish Colonels hand. Jack smiled and Conn put his feet on the sofa and rested his head on Jack's shoulder. Jack smiled and rubbed the Setter's neck.

"Get down" he said and Conn did immediately.

"They are trained well"

"Yeah he used them for work. Conn is two and Mac is one, both trained as search and rescue dogs and pets. They are both really cuddly and have never jumped up at me at all unless I tell them to. They are both really good dogs. Look Sam, when I'm gone move into here please. It would keep them company. I also want you to have my truck and my cabin."

"Don't. Don't think. Just Feel" She interrupted.

"Sam we can't ignore the fact that I might not make it out of this one." Sam hushed him by placing her fingers on his lips.

"We have this weekend. We'll Wine Dine and make love. Just promise me we won't use it as a goodbye?" Sam said. He nodded.

"I'll take you out tonight. You'd better head home and grab some stuff." "Are you gonna be okay, I wont be more than an hour and a half" She asked worried about him.

"Sam I'll be fine." He said. Sam smiled at him and kissed him gently.

"You've got a spare key right?" He asked. Sam nodded her head.

"Use it okay. I might not hear the door bell." Sam smiled and kissed him again.

When she returned an hour and a half later he was fast asleep on the sofa, now dressed in boxers and T-shirt. His hair was stuck up all over the place. He had obviously had a shower. She left him where he was and went to hang up her dress in his room. He had obviously done some stuff while she was gone as his suit was hanging on his wardrobe with a dark green silk shirt inside the jacket. She jumped as something pushed against her leg. She looked down and stroked Conn's elegant red head. She smiled at the dog and left Jack's room. She headed down the hallway back to the sitting room. He was still fast asleep. As it was now only 1020 she thought it would be best to let him sleep for a little while. She settled in the chair opposite him and watched him sleep. It wasn't long before he woke. His Black Ops training meant that he could sense someone was watching him. He stretched, his T-Shirt riding up his chest and rubbed his hands over his face. He groaned and said

"How long have you been back?"

"About Five Minutes" she replied truthfully. Staring at the still toned stomach.

"Look I haven't even had breakfast. I'm gonna cook something do you want anything" He stood and turned to her

"What ya gonna cook." Sam asked

"A Fried Egg and Bacon Sandwich with Lettuce and Ketchup. You want one"

"God yeah" She replied. He stood up and padded barefoot into the kitchen.

"Crap the floor's cold" he exclaimed. Sam giggled then laughed as he glared at her. She sat on the counter and watched as he moved around his kitchen. As he passed her he would kiss her gently. They sat down at the dining table and ate the sandwiches. Jack loaded the dishwasher and then grabbed a pair of trousers and a shirt and pulled them on before whistling the two dogs and grabbing his jacket and a pair of shoes. Sam followed him out of the house and as they walked along the road. Jack taught Sam as much of the Ancient's language as he could. They lay on the grass as the dogs played in the park. They didn't touch one another as they might have been recognised from the SGC. When Sam noticed that he was tiring she pulled him to his feet and they walked back to his house. As they neared his house it was evident that Jack was absolutely exhausted so Sam did then wrap and arm around his waist in an effort to keep him upright and to help him move. She was grateful when she could lower him on his bed and leave him to sleep some more. She snuggled down on the bed next to him and smiled as he snored softly. When he woke Sam was sleeping next to him. She had taken his shoes, trousers, socks and shirt off leaving him in just his boxers. Sam had done the same, but had stolen one of his T-Shirts to wear instead of the blouse that she had put on that morning. He moved slightly so that his head was resting on her shoulder. He also wrapped an arm around her waist and snuggled closer to her body. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep again. When she woke Sam was pleasantly surprised to find that he had cuddled up next to her and was once again fast asleep. As she looked at the clock beside his bed she realised that it as now gone three in the afternoon. 'Oh well' she thought 'At least I caught up on some sleep'. Jack snuggled in closer to her body and wrapped his arm tighter round her waist. She smiled and stroked his hair. This movement woke him and he slipped a hand under her shirt.

"What are you up to Mister?" Sam asked. Jack just grinned stupidly at her. She grinned back knowing exactly what he was about to do. He rested his head on her shoulder and started running his hand over her stomach and fiddling with the waistband of the shorts she was also wearing. It wasn't long before he moved up her body and started to gently kiss her. Their kisses moved onto something a lot more. The sexual tension between the two was finally burnt out as they made love. When Sam climaxed she had tears in her eyes as she knew that this could be the only chance she had to be with Jack, who was her soul mate.

Jack lay beside Sam breathing heavily half an hour later.

"God Jack, Can I keep you please?" Sam asked her new lover. He grinned at her and snuggled closer to her warm body. They lay together for a while before both fell asleep.

When Jack woke two hours later he knew that he had to get up so that he could shower then get ready to take Sam out for a meal. He wanted to wine and dine her, the missing part of their relationship. He squirmed out of her embrace, even in sleep she clutched him so tightly afraid that if she'd let go it would have all been a dream. Sam whimpered as he finally managed to get out of her grip. As he strode, totally naked round his room, he remembered the ginger teddy bear that had been Charlie's pride and joy named Ace. Jack removed Ace from his storage place, the bottom of his wardrobe and shifted the animal into Sam's arms; she sighed and snuggled against the teddy bear. Jack thumped him softly and muttered.

"God O'Neill you're getting sappy in your old age. Jealous of a flipping teddy bear." He grabbed his boxers and pulled them on before heading into the en-suite bathroom, where he showered and shaved, singing softly to himself. Sam woke abruptly as Jack tripped over the chair and swore to himself. Sam giggled, he turned and looked at her and smiled before moving to dress. He dressed while Sam showered and it wasn't long before the two were ready to go out for the evening. Jack took her hand and they walked out to the massive green truck that Jack absolutely adored. It wasn't long before they were pulling up outside one of Springs' most expensive restaurants. Jack pulled the huge truck up and jumped out of the cab before jogging over and opening Sam's door for her. Sam was dressed in a midnight blue dress that showed off her cleavage and the passion and flecks of gold in her deep blue eyes. He locked the truck up and took her hand, leading her into the restaurant.

"Good evening ma'am sir" A waiter said as he walked over to the two

"Hi. We've a table reserved under O'Neill" Jack said.

"Ahh yes. This way please Mr O'Neill." The two lovers followed the waiter and they were shown a two person booth, were they sat down and orders their drinks. A pint of Guinness for Jack and a bottle of house red to go with the meal. Sam asked for a rum and coke. They sat and chatted about things that they wouldn't normally know about one another. Their childhoods were a major factor and Sam had giggled as she tried to picture Jack as a boy sulking when he was called JJ.

"I think JJ suits you" Sam said grinning at him. "What does it stand for?"

"John Jacob. But that's not my full name, that was what I put on my form when I signed up. No, my full name is Jonathan Jacob Josiah Jez Angus Drew Quinn Guy O'Neill. Both me and my brother Russell had stupidly long name. Russ died in a car crash when I was 25. His full name was Russell Finnbar Patrick Michael Philip Tarquin Conleth Risteárd O'Neill."

"Wow" Sam commented.

"Yeah Mom and Dad, who were great people had a thing for names. Most of Russell names are traditional Irish names. They stayed a bit more modern with me as I was ten years younger than him."

"Do you ever see your parents?"

"Not as often as I'd like to they live in Ireland they emigrated back over there when I was one. They both said that they wanted to go home. They had moved over to America when Russell was five. I was educated and raised over there. It really is a beautiful place." Jack grinned.

"I took Charlie there one year and he loved it. Sara went nuts as I came home with another tattoo and my ear re-pierced. She went ballistic. Charlie thought I was really cool and wanted to get his ear pierced but I talked him out of it."

"Why did you join the US Armed Force instead of the Irish Armed forces?"

"I don't know. I guess I wanted to fly the nest a bit more. Russell was in the Irish Para's and I fancied joining the U.S.A.F. So I did. Mom and Dad were really proud of me. They were an integral part of my recovery after Iraq. Dad had been in a POW camp as well so had known what I had been through. He was a great help." "I'm sure Hammond would let you go and visit them."

"Oh yeah what is my excuse gonna be when I start sprouting stuff in another language Sam. I can't tell them. Look if I don't make this I want you to go to Ireland in person and tell them that I've gone. They'd appreciate it. Promise me you'll do that Sam"

"I promise Jack. When was the last time they saw you?"

"After the second Abydos mission. I lived with them for about six months before returning home. Sara had all but left me a Dear John letter, our marriage was failing anyway, and Charlie was the catalyst for the inevitable." He sighed and finished his glass of wine.

'So much pain in one man' Sam though to herself. 'It's just not fair.' As their meal progressed their chatter become light and funny, both recalling anecdotes from their childhoods and Jack often mentioned something about Charlie.

"Jack can I ask you a personal question?"

"Yup sure" He replied yawning.

"Can I call you JJ?"

"If you hafta." He replied simply. Not truly bothered what she called him.

"I'll do you a deal. I'll call you JJ to your face and in my journal so that no one knows who you are. And I'll stick to calling you Colonel in front of everyone else okay" Sam said

"Deal" he replied, shocking Sam by the deep Irish Accent. He grinned at the shock on her face. Adopting his families Irish brogue, for the rest of the evening, caused some laughs between the two when he slipped into his families native tongue, without even realising it. Their meal ended and the two headed back to Jack's home, where they sat on the sofa, before Jack jumped up and flipped a switch outside. Sam followed him and saw that he had a hot tub and had just turned it on. The two dogs lay down by the tub. Jack sat on the bench and waited for the tub to heat to its optimum temperature. When the temperature indicator went out, Jack showed Sam where she could get a towel. She changed in one of the changing rooms that were next to the swimming pool. When she re-emerged Jack was already in the hot tub. Sam joined him and they sat relaxing in the tub. Jack moved so that he was next to Sam as he whispered softly to her how scared he was about the upcoming events. Sam wrapped her arms around him and said

"JJ to me you are so brave. You know what it going to happen and there is nothing that you can do about it. Go ring your parents. Tell them how much you love them." Jack had tears in his eyes, so Sam kissed them away. Knowing that he needed her to be strong, Sam added passion to her kisses and it wasn't long before Jack's hot tub was christened for the first time.

They relaxed in the tub once more.

"JJ you have to ring your parents." Sam said

"What am I supposed to say? Hi Mom, just to let you know that I'm dieing and by the time you get here I'll probably be dead, Yes it's incurable."

"JJ, just tell them you love them. If you don't make I will go over there and tell them it was sudden or that you are currently MIA." He looked at her and his face creased as the tears threatened to fall again. He chewed on his bottom lip before saying.

"Mac Phone" Mac stood from his position on the floor and wandered into the house. He returned a few minutes later with Jack's cordless phone held gently between his teeth. Sam smiled at Jack as he dialled the familiar number.

"Mum its JJ...I know its late sorry I forgot about the time difference. Did I wake you up?...Don't ask how I am, I'm a big boy Mum I can look after myself...Mum I have the best team possible watching my back...I said don't ask how I am...I'm okay. I've got a really big mission coming up after the weekend so I thought I phone you, just to check how you guys are...Mum I'm always careful...Mum!! For Cryin' Out Loud...I don't know when I'll be able to visit...Mum I promise that I'll try to visit soon...Is Dad home?...Okay lets talk to him then...Heya...I'm doin' okay Dad...I've promised Mum I'll try and visit...Yeah just let me get this mission over with...Dad don't treat me like a kid...You have to be kidding Dad, Sara married over five years ago...No she would not appreciate you calling her and giving her a piece of your mind...Dad don't even think about it...Because your not her family anymore...Daaaddd...I don't care if I sound like a petulant child I do not want you talking to Sara...Look Dad the mission I'm about to go on is very dangerous...Dad I always try to make it home, as I told Mum I have the best team possible watching my back...Look Dad I had better go I have to make sure I get some sleep...I love you guys too, take care of yourself...Bye" Jack put the phone down and scrunched his face up knowing that me might never see his parents again. Sam wrapped her arms round him and pulled him tight against her body. She shifted so that she was sat on his lap, and held him tight.

They sat like that for a while until he started to drift off to sleep; Sam moved and helped him out of the tub. She wrapped a towel round herself then one round hr exhausted lover and helped him into the house and along the corridor to his bedroom. He was leaning heavily on her by the time she manoeuvred him over to the bed, where he lay down stark naked on top of the covers, once Sam had dried herself off and hung up the towels he was fast asleep snoring softly. She locked the house up the headed back into his room.

"JJ, Common wakey wakey Honey" Jack stirred and looked sleepily up into her face.

"Get under the covers Honey you'll get cold if you don't, Do you want some boxers or are you gonna sleep naked"

"Naked" he mumbled as he wriggled around trying to get himself under the covers. Sam giggled and helped him, before diving under the covers herself.

"I love you" He muttered before falling asleep again. Sam snuggled up to her lover and prayed to God that he survive the next couple of days and that they could get hold of the Asgard so that they could save him. For the first time in years she prayed And It wasn't long before she was fast asleep.

She was woken during the night by Jack who was sat up in bed muttering to himself, he was still naked.

"On the pad next to the phone is Information on how to get to my parents in Arklow, County Wicklow Ireland."

"JJ, get back to sleep Honey you need as much sleep as possible."

"No I just need you told hold me safe"

"I will always hold you safe whether it is here in your bed or in my heart. It belongs solely to you." Sam whispered yawning. Jack yawned too and snuggled down next to his lover. He slept, not knowing what the morning would bring.

Finnbar is pronounced FINN-bar meaning Fair Head, also means Barry in English

Conleth is pronounced CON-leth meaning Nobel Warrior,

Risteárd is pronounced RISH-tard meaning Rule-Hard, also means Richard in English

If anyone wants more Irish names go to