Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sequel to Timing is Everything, What happens while Jack is frozen?

Disclaimer: Common if I owned them do you think I would be doing this??

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'Thinking' Thinking

"Speaking" Speaking

Sam sat in Jack's bedroom, sobbing quietly. She missed Jack so much; she had only left his Ice Prison 7 hours earlier although it seemed like days. She had been ordered back to the SGC, but debated about going; she had wanted to stay with her lover for a little while to try to find out if she could release him from his sleep, she needed him so much.

She looked up as Cassie entered the room with two rather sullen dogs beside her; it was almost like they knew that Jack wouldn't be coming back. Cassie too had unshed tears in her eyes.

"I miss him so much Sam, after Mum died he was so good to me. God Sam what did he do to deserve this" Cassie sobbed flinging herself into Sam's arms. They sat together talking and remembering Jack, the good times and the few bad times that they had seen him go through. Sam told Cassie that she would have to go to Ireland in the next few days to tell Jack's parents that he was MIA. Cassie wanted to go as well but Sam said it should really only be her.

'What the hell' Jack thought. He looked down at himself; he was dressed in black boots, black slacks, and a tight white vest top that showed his tan and the muscles and tattoo on his arm, he felt the presence of an earring. He was also wearing a leather jacket. 'Hold on a minute; I'm supposed to be frozen' He thought to himself before looking round the idyllic setting. The sun was obviously just setting and the sky was full of reds and oranges.

"You still are JJ" A voice said answering his first thought, Jack recognised the voice but he couldn't picture any one he knew with a deep Irish accent. He spun round, yet saw no one

"Who are you? What do you want? Why am I here? What the hell is going on?"

"So many questions, and just as many answers little brother." Jack's jaw dropped.

Sam woke with Cassie still asleep in her arms; they had both cried themselves to sleep. Conn and Mac were at the end of the bed. Remembering the command Jack gave his dog five days ago, Sam decided to see if he would do it for her.

"Mac phone" Mac jumped off the bed and padded down the hall to where Jack had left his cordless phone. He returned a few minutes later with the phone, held gently between his teeth. Sam smiled at him, and then remembered that she would need the phone book, in order to get a place on a flight. Cassie woke as Sam was changing her clothes. Both women looked sadly at one another. A picture by Jack's bed caught Sam's eye. It hadn't been there at the weekend, when they had made love for the first time. It had been taken at the restaurant the night that they had gone out. The photographer had captured to love shining between the two perfectly. She hadn't even realised that her photo had been taken.

'I wonder when Jack got that' she shrugged and headed out of the room, attempting to find a phone book.

"Russell you died 27 years ago in a car crash" Jack said

"Not quite little bro, I was seriously injured and Oma gave me the choice as I was going to play a large part in your future. I agreed and have been watching over you for years. Sam's a great woman."

"Hands off Russell she's mine" Jack snarled. The two brothers embraced, laughing.

"Jeez JJ I swear you've grown"

"You stupid Irish git you've just shrunk" Jack said grinning. He had always been the tallest in the family at 6ft 3ins. Their Mum was tiny at 5 ft 2ins. Russell and their dad were in the middle.

"Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón JJ" Russell replied grabbing his younger brother in a head lock. "Any way back to your questions. I am Russell your big brother. As for what I want, I guess I'm here to help you; you are here because this is a safe place for you. You are still frozen and under Antarctica, but this will allow you to live a normalish life for a while, or until Sam can save your sorry ass. JJ, don't be surprised at the amount of people you will see here."

"So what are you ascended beings like Orlin and Oma?"

"Yup I guess I am. Your friend Daniel is a little weird isn't he?"

"Yes" Jack replied simply. "Russ I still don't understand. Why can't I be unfrozen? I have a family to be with who will be panicking."

"JJ. Two reasons why we can't unfreeze you. 1. We don't actually know how and 2, it will kill you. So not a good idea the brother" Russell said.

"No obviously. God I miss Sam already."

"Common I'll show you around here. You might see some people that you recognize."

Sam sat in Jack's office at the SGC. She could feel his presence the whole time and it made her feel better. The door was open and Sam wasn't very surprised when Dr Weir walked in. She was very angry.

"Major, you can't sit here and do nothing all the time. I would like you to..." she was interrupted by the phone ringing. Sam answered it.

"Hello Colonel Jack O'Neill's Office"

"Sam its George"

"Hey general"

"How are you doing?"

"I miss him so much already"

"I know Sam and I hate to say it but I'm not stupid, I know what the two of you felt for one another. Love like yours and Jack's is so rare. It was so unfair that you were his 2IC other wise I figure you guys would be quite happily married now with a bunch of kids" Hammond said laughing down the phone. He could picture Sam's blush on the other end of the phone line.

"Sir I promise..."

"Sam I'm not stupid. Tessa and Kayla saw the two of you with Conn and Mac. And then my daughter saw you at the restaurant. Now I'm going with the idea that I didn't see anything so I don't know anything. God know the both of you deserve some happiness, both of you have done so much for Cheyenne Mountain, it doesn't seem fair. Look Sam I have to go, take care. You'd better call Sean and tell him about Jack."

"Sir do you know Jack's family?"

"When I was in Nam in 70 I met up with Jack, he was eighteen. He told me all about his family. When we both had some down time we both went to Ireland, and I became good friends with Sean and Kath. I kept an eye out for him. Jack's a good man and you couldn't do any better. There is a flight leaving for Dublin in three hours from Denver. The President has already sent some one to deliver a message to Dr Weir to tell her to let you go. I'll ring Sean and get him to pick you up."

"Sir Jack gave me directions how to get to his house. There's no need to ring Sean. I can't wait to meet him; I just wish it was under better circumstances."

"Sean and Kath will love you Sam, you're a great person and you're good for their little boy, not that he's very little. Call me when he's rescued and when you get home. Bra'tac said he was going to try and contact the Tok'ra, so Jake might visit in the next couple of days. I wrote him a letter telling him about Jack and then the change in command so he shouldn't be too surprised to see the Doctor. Leave Daniel and Teal'c there if you can so that Jake recognizes a face. Take care Sam, I have to go."

"Bye Sir"

"Bye Sam"

"As I as saying Major you can't just sit around and do nothing. John O'Neill is just another soldier." At that comment Sam's head shot up. Dr Weir took a step back as she saw the anger in the major's eyes. Daniel and Teal'c had entered Jack's office silently when they had heard what Dr Weir had said about Jack. They were intrigued to know how Sam was going to defend her CO. Both of them knew that Sam had spent the weekend with Jack, but they hadn't told anyone.

"Jonathan O'Neill is not just a soldier. He is a fundamental part of SG-1 and the SGC. There would be no SGC without Jack O'Neill and you'd have snake in your head. Without Jack the SGC has no life. Jack was the jokester and the prankster of the SGC. There were times when he'd do something really silly and you couldn't stay mad at him 'cos he would just shrug and look so innocent. No if you don't mind I have a flight to catch. Ring the President if you have a problem with that." Sam stood and grabbed the bag that Daniel had with him.

"Take care Sam, ring me if there are any problems."

"Major Carter I will see you upon your return."

"I'd love to know where you think you are going Major." Dr Weir said.

"I'm going to go and tell Sean and Kathleen O'Neill that their son is missing in action. I'm also going to have to explain to Charlie why his father won't be around on his birthday."

"I did know that the Colonel was married."

"He isn't, but he goes and sees his son on Charlie's birthday and Christmas every year. Permission to go and visit the Colonel's family."


"Danny, Teal'c walk me to the surface."


"Daniel I know that Charlie is dead but I figured if she thought that he was alive she might be more willing to let me go before the President calls her and tells her I going. I'll be away for a couple of days maybe a week."

"Be careful Sam"

"I always am Daniel. I'll see you in a week at the most." Sam hugged Daniel and Teal'c before signing out. She drove down to Denver making the hour long journey last only forty five minutes.

Jack stood surrounded by the people of Abydos. Skaara ran up and hugged him.

"O'Neill it is good to see you."

"You too Skaara, hey did you ever get married in the Ascended world?"

"No O'Neill we waited till you could shau'lo'ki – stand beside me during the ceremony."

"You mean like a best man" Jack replied remembering a previous conversation that the two had had on Abydos a year earlier.

"What is best man?"

"Errr...Russ did me out of a hole here" Jack whined. Russ grinned and ran his knuckles over his younger brother's head.

"Do it yourself you lazy tyke"

"A best man is someone who looked after the groom during the wedding." Jack explained.

"Ahh I get it"

"Good." There was movement at the back of the crowd and the crowd parted and Janet Fraiser stood. She saw Jack and launched herself into his arms. The Irishman looked surprised but clung to the tiny doctor. It had been two months since her death and he wished everyday that she was alive and that she was sill the CMO as Cheyenne. The new Doctor, Dr Archer wasn't very popular due to her beside manner.

"Jack, there's someone people who want to see you" Janet said. She turned back the way she came. There was a tall figure, obviously a man then a smaller figure, that of a child. Both were clocked by the darkness that they were walking out from. Jack took several steps back when he saw who they were.

"No No No No. Russell is this some really cruel joke." His face was creased with pain.

"It's no joke JJ. It was their choice and they both chose Ascension. That was so that they could keep an eye on you bro. Accept it JJ. They are real." Jack dropped to his knee's and held his arms out. The small boy ran into them, grabbing his father round the neck Charlie shouted.

"Daddy" Jack clung to his son. Janet smiled at the sight of Jack and his son reunited. Jack effortlessly picked Charlie up and Russell showed them a room where they could talk to one another.

Sam smiled as she flew in over Ireland. Jack had been right it really was a beautiful place. Granted it was raining at the moment. Once the plane landed she grabbed her bag and managed to hire a car, being very careful driving on the left had side of the road. She followed Jack's instructions and in no time at all was heading down the N11 towards Arklow, which was just north of the Wicklow border with Wexford. Sam was amazed by the Wicklow Mountains that framed the country side and the large O'Neill home. Sam pulled into the drive. A small woman was working outside the huge house; she was working on the flower beds. On the porch that spanned the whole front of the house were several dogs and a huge horse was tied to the railing that ran round. A man wandered out, he was about Sam's height and looked remarkably like the man she loved.

"You might as well come in Major" He said. His deep Irish accent slightly had for Sam to understand.

"George said that you had some news on Jon" Sam nodded. The woman stood and said.

"I'm sorry Major, I didn't recognize you. I'm Kathleen. I'm JJ's mother. Please come in." Kathleen stood and led the Air Force Major inside the house.

"Sean could you take JJ back to his stable?" Sean smiled at Sam then walked out of the house. There was a spring in his step, even though deep down he knew that the Major's being there meant that JJ was either dead or MIA again. He entered the house and Sam had tears streaming down her face. Her phone rang.

"Yes Sir...Of course sir...I can ...Thank you very much Mr. President I know that they will appreciate it." Sam put her phone down and turned to the O'Neill's.

"In 1928 an alien device was found in a dig in Egypt in Giza, the device was a thing called a Stargate, now the Stargate has the capability to transport other people instantaneously to other planets." Both the O'Neill's jaws dropped. "Jack has, for the last seven years, been commanding team, that includes me, as we go through the Gate." Sean and Kathleen listened very carefully as Sam told them about the Stargate. They were amazed at what their son had been doing all those years and the dangers that he put himself in just to save his team, his family. They could both see the love that Sam held for Jack as she spoke about him through the tears as she said that they couldn't find a way to save him and that he might never fully recover. The tears in Sam's eyes fell at the thought of never being with Jack again. Sam told them that the two had broken the regulations but loved one another so much the regulations didn't seem to matter at the thought of never having been together. They said that when they had spoken to Jack on the phone the night that Sam was at his house they knew that he knew he probably wasn't returning. They told Sam that JJ had often spoken of her when they had spoken on the phone. They had known that JJ was in love with her.

"It wasn't your fault Daddy. I found the key to the safe and got your gun out. I wanted to prove to Jeff Ellison that I wasn't afraid of a gun. When I was dieing Oma visited me and told me that I would play a major part in your future, I agreed that I would help her. When the doctor left the room I ascended and was replaced with a clone. I hated watching you and mom fall apart after my death, but I had known for a long time that you weren't happy together. The clone was programmed to die after five hours. That was so that you could say goodbye. She said that on my Nineteenth birthday I would be able to descend and see my family again if I wanted. Well it's my nineteenth birthday today, but I will wait until you are rescued. I love you daddy"

"Oh Charlie." Jack couldn't say anything else but hugged his son tight again.

"My beautiful little boy. Charlie I hate to have to tell you this but Mum was killed in a car crash about four years ago. She was with her family and she was happy. They say she died instantly. I love you so much Charlie, so much." Jack silently sobbed as his son clutched his neck. Charlie had tears present too, but for two reasons, the gaining of his father and loss of his mother. There was a knock on the door and Jack called

"Come In"

Jack smiled as his long lost friend walked in

"Hey Kowalski"

"Hey Jack, there's someone I want you to meet." A tall woman walked in behind him and Charlie rushed to her side and hugged her.

"Hey Lizzie"

"Charlie have you been behaving yourself." The woman scolded.

"Yes Ma'am." He replied.

"Jack this is..."

"You're Sam's mom" Jack interrupted, he recognized her from an old worn photo that Sam had in her lab. She nodded.

"I can only thank you for what you have done to my daughter and her father. She is a changed person since she joined the SGC. I had wished I could tell her what a mistake Hansen was but I couldn't, especially as she was not aware of the Stargate Program. Many of us have spoken and have decided that we wish to descend. The Abydonions wish to try to live their lives as normal, instead of remaining and ascending beings. I am aware the Skaara wishes to live on Earth with you."

"That's cool." Jack's eyes lit up and he grinned, seeing Skaara as his second son.

"I knew I'd like you Jonathan" Lizzie Said. "You are so much like your son"

"Yes well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Jack quipped. He grinned as Charlie giggled wrapping his arms once again round his father's neck. Skaara watched the interaction between the two with his arms wrapped round his fiancée, Shanti's waist, praying that when the time came and that he was a father that he and his child would have the love and respect that Jack and Charlie had. He also hoped that he would be able to raise his child on earth where he knew that Jack would do everything in his power to protect his planet and those that he loved. He and Shanti had spoken about names of children and had both agreed that they wished to name their children after Jack, Daniel, Sha're and Kasuf.

Sam smiled as Sean and Kath looked round their son's Colorado home. She had visited them four months previously; she was as excited as she had recently found out that she was pregnant. She was also hoping that it was Jack's and not Pete's, Daniel and Teal's had been so supportive over her decision to keep the child. She had also informed General Hammond that she was pregnant and had emailed him telling him that she was praying that it was Jack's.

"Sam I understand that you are currently living here with your adopted daughter" Kath said.

"Yeah Jack said that I could as there is so much more space that at my house. My house is okay if your lovers but I need three bedrooms as I need one room as an office especially as we work in top secret work that mustn't fall into the wrong hands. As the house only had two bedrooms it makes it very hard for both me and Cassie to live comfortably together, even though she is off to University in the next year." Conn bounced into the room with Mac following him. Sean stroked both dogs, paying both dogs equal attention as Kath looked around her sons, home.

"Sam can we stay at your place and you can continue to live here?" Sean asked. Sam agreed and she drove the two over to her house which was about a ten minute drive away. Sam made sure that the two were settled in and then suggested that they went over to O'Malley's and have a meal, where they would be able to meet Cassie, Daniel, Teal'c and George Hammond who was in the neighborhood. Sam felt that they should meet the people who were so important to their son. They hadn't managed to get in contact with the Asgard or even the Nox so they still didn't know if Jack could be saved. Sam promised herself that whatever happened she would always love Jack as would never move on in the hope that he could be rescued, even if it mean years waiting for him. Sam touched her stomach as she felt her baby kick, knowing in her mind that even if the Child was Pete's she would love it as if it were Jack's who for the last seven years of her life was the love of her life, and a man she would never betray again. Sam smiled as Daniel rushed over and hugged her before introducing himself to Sean and Kathleen.

Jack stood watching as Charlie, Skaara and several of the Abydonion boys were playing a version of football (Soccer). Kawolski, Lizzie Carter and Russell were stood beside Jack. He had been in the world for eight months now and Russell knew that soon Jack would be rescued. It was already arranged that he, Kawolski, Charlie, Janet, Lizzie and the Abydonions would descend. Jack was very excited about being able to have Sam meet Charlie, and maybe they would be able to carry on with their relationship.

'OFF WORLD ACTIVATION' screeched through the halls of Cheyenne Mountain. Sam got up steadily from her stool and with Daniel and Teal'c she walked through to the Control Room. It had been eight months since Jack had been frozen underneath Antarctica, and two months ago she had found out that she was in fact carrying twins. As Thor stepped through the Gate, Sam entered the Gate room.

Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. Many a man's mouth has broken his nose.

(I figured that by killing off Sara I didn't have to work out a way of explaining how Charlie had come back to life. I am also suggesting that she died while Jack was on Edora, which was why he was so rude to Sam, in the scene where he turned his back on her and went and asked Laira to go home with him.)