Summary: Sequel to Timing is Everything, and Reunion. The Aftermath of Jack's Imprisonment!

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Sam sat staring at the Alien in front of her.

"You can unfreeze Him" She asked hopefully. Thor nodded his head, his huge black eyes blinked at her.

"Yes Major Carter we can." Daniel, Teal'c, Sam and Dr Weir exhaled in relief. Sam had been very hard to live with since Jack had been frozen. It might have had something to do with Pete's constant bother, up until Teal'c threatened him, and the fact that her belly was now swollen with eight months of pregnancy. Sam insisted that the babies, she was having twins, were Pete's but Hammond, Daniel, Teal'c and Cassie, actually thought that the children were in fact the Irish Colonel's.

"We must take him to our homeworld" Thor said.

"SG-1 go with him, I want O'Neill to recognise someone when he wakes." Dr Weir had never really liked SG-1, although they had saved earth several times. She was very jealous of Sam's relationship with Jack even though he was missing at that moment. She was also annoyed that she hadn't been informed by The President that Jack's parents had been informed of the Stargate Program. Thor went back through the gate to get a ship to transport Jack to The Asgard Homeworld.

"Ma'am I'd like to take Mr and Mrs O'Neill with us as well as..." Sam was interrupted
"Me and George" A voice from the door way said. Everyone in the room turned towards the Door as The President walked in the room followed by General Hammond and the O'Neill's. Kath immediately embraced Sam. Although they had been briefed of the Stargate Project they had never actually seen the thing itself, let alone in action.

"OFF WORLD ACTIVATION" blared through out the hallways. SG-1 and their guests moved down to the Control Room.

"It's Master Bra'tac's Signal Ma'am"

"Open the Iris" Dr Weir Commanded. The President and the O'Neill's stepped back as the kawoosh exploded out of the gate. In the end it was Jacob Carter who stepped through the gate.

"Dad" Sam cried moving as fast as she could in her condition. Jake embraced his daughter amazed that she was pregnant. Teal'c and the others moved at a more sedate pace.

"Hey sweetheart. George, Teal'c, Daniel, Hank. How are you guys doing?"

"I'm doing well old friend." Hammond said. Dr Weir looked annoyed that she was being ignored as the two general started talking.

"Sammie, where's Jack?" Jake asked, suddenly realising that The Irishman wasn't around.

"The Colonel took another Ancients download and after saving the world again, is currently frozen underneath Antarctica. But Thor is taking SG-1 and a few others to the Asgard Homeworld to rescue him, hopefully." Jake looked round the room and said

"Got room for one more?" In a flash of light Hammond, Henry Healy, Jake, The O'Neill's and SG-1 disappeared. At exactly the same moment the chamber holding O'Neill vanished in front of SG-10's eyes. They immediately raised the alarm.

Jack, Charlie, Kowalski and many of the Abydonions were playing football (Soccer) in the Paradise world when Russell went up to Jack and said

"It's time. Thor is moving you and your friends to the Asgard Homeworld. I'll meet you there with Kowalski"

Russell and Kowalski disappeared leaving Janet, Charlie and Lizzie stood beside Jack. Charlie hugged his father and said

"I'll see you soon Daddy." Suddenly Jack fell to his knees as he was assaulted by the knowledge of the Ancients in his head. Then he was one. Charlie sighed and prayed that his father was going to be okay.

Kath and Sean looked amazed as the Asgard ship flew through space. The President, Thor and the two General's were talking together as SG-1 sat quietly in a corner.

"Major Carter we have arrived. O'Neill has been transported to a secure location. Please get ready to depart."

"Okay Thor. Daniel, wake up!! Oh fer cryin out load DANIEL..." Daniel woke with a start as Sam kicked him. "You're starting to get worse than Jack" Sam said.

"A Man you have defiantly been spending too much time with" A voice said. SG-1 swung round and saw Kowalski.

"Mr O'Neill, Mrs O'Neill you might want to sit down" Kowalski said.

"You having nothing to say that would shock or harm me"

"He might not but I do" Another figure stepped out of the shadows.

"Athair" they said

"Russell" Sean questioned. Russell nodded and started explaining about his ascension and other things, like watching over the two of them and of corse watching over Jack"

"Cead mile fialte sa bhalie romhat" Sean said "Forgive me if I don't hug you" Russell smiled and Sam suddenly couldn't wait to see Jack any longer.

"Sam he's okay" Russell said. Turning to Sam, who had recognised where he thoughts were.

"How do you know who I am?"

"What you think I'm not going to watch over my little brother" He raised both his eyes brows and Sam blushed. A light flashed as the group was moved to where Jack was. Kath immediately rushed over to Jack's chamber.

"My God JJ" Kath said looking at her youngest child. "God Sean he looks so sad"

"Ma, of course he looks sad." Russell said "He had no idea that he was ever gonna see his friends again, he was dieing and watching the person he loved be taken further away from him than she had ever been." Sam went very red.

Thor moved over to the chamber and pressed a few buttons.

"As the chamber releases O'Neill, the Knowledge of the Ancients will be pushed back into his subconscious mind. He will never be human again and will retain the power that he was given as an Ancient. Any children will be the beginning of the first race. They will have some of the knowledge that their father has, and the genetic marker that we put in O'Neill. Any member of the fifth race will have a guardian from the other four."

"Thor I thought Humans were well on the way to becoming the fifth race?" Daniel questioned.

"That was what we believed at first as well Dr Jackson. But then we realised that it was actually O'Neill."

Jacks chamber started to glow and the substance holding him fell away, Jack's eyes closed and he whispered one word

"Sam" As he fell forward Daniel and Teal'c rushed to his side and lowered him to his knees. He started coughing and was breathing heavily, his mind going through the knowledge of the Ancients and the last eight months. Russell moved to his brother's side. Sam was suddenly very apprehensive about greeting Jack, would he remember. Suddenly the room was filled with people; all who had chosen to descend. The Abydonions were there, and they rushed and crowded round Daniel, Janet also rushed to Daniel before hugging Sam. Lizzie stood to the side not knowing what Jake and Sam's reaction would be. She needn't have worried; when Jake saw her he rushed over and hugged her so hard that she thought he was going to break a rib or two. San was a bit more apprehensive but at a nod from Janet she rushed into her mother's arms. Lizzie, Kowalski and Janet had aged at the normal rate. But Charlie, who had yet to make an appearance, and Russell hadn't, they had remained the age that they had died at. Jack looked around for Charlie and fear gripped his heart as there was no sign of him. Suddenly Oma Desala appeared in the middle of the room with Charlie beside her. SG-1 and Jack's parents and the two Generals plus the President looked so shocked. Jack didn't notice any of their reactions. His mind was solely focused on his son. Still on his knees there was no hope as Charlie ran at his father. Jack lay flat on his back with his son giggling on his chest as Jack tickled him. Sam smiled at the sight of Father and Son reunited. Jack hadn't even seen Sam yet so when he looked for her he almost didn't recognise her. She was positively glowing, Jack did a double take when he realised she was pregnant. Daniel and Teal'c came over and hugged him before Jake and George also went over and greeted his friend. Sam stayed where she was.

"Sam Sweetheart, go to him" Her mom said. Sam shook her head. Jack watched with sorrow in his eyes as Sam made no move to go to him. He didn't get a chance to reflect on that as his parents went over and hugged him. Russell and Charlie joined in as well. Daniel noticed Sam's reluctance to greet Jack, but didn't know what to do about it. It was Charlie who managed to do it.

"Daddy, someone from our family is missing" Charlie told his father. Jack knelt down and said

"Who's missing Squirt?" Charlie didn't reply he just ran over to Sam and grabbed her hand pulling her towards his father. Fed up with her reluctance to greet him home Jack moved quickly and pulled her into his arms. Once there Sam relaxed and cupping her cheek he kissed her for all she was worth. Sam was shocked but kissed him back. He couldn't believe that he was in Sam's arms, let alone kissing her like he'd never see her again.

"Daddy that's just eewwwwww" Charlie cried. Sam and Jack broke apart and rested their forehead's together.

"On the count of three. Get Him" Sam said "One...Two...Three" Jack shot out of her arms and grabbed his son round the waist and tickled him. Charlie giggled and struggled to get away from his father's tickling fingers.

"Stop... Stop... Sam make Daddy stop." Sam just smiled.

"JJ" Jack stopped immediately his breathing very heavy. Kath looked amazed as there was no complaint from Jack at his childhood nickname. Instead he turned to Sam and with a hungry look in his eye walked towards her.

"Come 'ere" He said. Hugging Sam as tight as he could he whispered, "I love you"

"I love you too." Sam told him.

Jack sat in his new office completely distraught. Since his release from the Ancients Chamber a week ago, there had been many changes. He was now in Command of Cheyenne Mountain and had been promoted to Brigadier General, a rank he never believed he would reach. The child that he had prayed was his, wasn't it was Pete Shanahan's. He had over heard Sam talking to one of the nurses. He and Sam hadn't been able to spend any time together due to the changes. Removing his head from his hands he went to check on Charlie, who should have been in bed an hour ago. He headed down to the area that had been created for him and Charlie. There were five rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. This meant that there was plenty of space for the two of them. Mac and Conn had been bought to Cheyenne as Sean and Kath were living in Jack's house for a couple of months to get used to having both their son's around. Russell was also with his parents and Janet and Cassie were looking for a new house. Cassie had accepted Janet back with no problem. She was very grateful when she was given to choice to stay with Sam instead of Janet, but chose Janet as Janet would be able to look after her better as Sam would have the twins. As Jack was walking towards his quarters he bumped into Sam.

"Sorry Sir. Could I have a word with you?"

"Not now Carter I'm busy" Jack didn't even stop.

"Daniel what the hell is wrong with Jack?" Sam asked as she entered Daniel's lab.

"He thinks the baby's are Pete's" Daniel answered without looking up.

"Why?" Sam questioned.

"Because you never told him they are his and he heard you in the infirmary when you were talking to Rush. When she asked you if Pete's knew and you said he knew but didn't want anything to do with them. Jack was coming to talk to you at that moment. He wanted to know if you wanted to go out for a meal. Sam he's been back a week and the regulations got changed months ago. Go tell him what you're feeling. He still loves you Sam, so much. He'll be in his quarters with Charlie." Sam walked out of Daniel's office and headed down towards Jack's quarters. The door into the private area was open, so Sam walked through and waited for him. He left Charlie's room laughing but quickly sobered when he saw Sam.

"What do you want Carter? It's 2200 and I want to go to bed"

"We have to talk Jack" Sam said emphasising his name.

"Carter you have totally ignored me the last week and I want to know why or what I've done wrong" He said.

"Jack you've done nothing wrong" Sam said softly.

"Then why are you ignoring me" He said, there was so much sorrow in his voice. "Do you regret that weekend, because I sure don't." Jack asked.

"JJ, how can I regret a weekend that has given me so much" She said softly. Laying one hand on his cheek and the other on her stomach.

"They're yours JJ. Not Pete's. The one time that I slept with him I made sure that he wore a condom and I took a pill then next day. Normally I'm on the pill but it was giving me migraines so I was taken off of it." Sam explained

Jack looked at her with a massive smile on his face.

"I'm gonna be...what do you mean they?"

"I'm having twins JJ. Your twins." Sam explained.

Jack gently wrapped her arms around her and softly kissed her. He took her hand and said.

"Come with me. I'm off duty and have a double bed. Oh and your Dad's request for Asylum has been granted. Bra'tac is going to tell the Tok'ra that Selmac was killed while fighting a super soldier. They were planning on removing Selmac from Jake so when they come and tell you that Jake is dead they are going to need some huge reaction. Selmac doesn't wish to be removed from Jake and I didn't want to risk loosing your father and I don't truly trust the Tok'ra they have hidden a lot of things from us."

Sam took his hand and led him through to his quarters. They lay on his bed and Sam pulled up her shirt so that Jack could lay one hand on her stomach. As if they knew that their dad was there the twins kicked. Jack smiled fantastically. Sam rested her head on his chest and spoke softly to him.

"When I first found out I was pregnant I was terrified that they were Pete's but as soon as I managed to think rationally I realised that there was no real way that they could be Pete's. We had used a condom and I had taken a pill the next morning. I've had to be so careful as I didn't want to risk loosing them. I couldn't bare loosing them as I knew that they might have been the only part of you that I had left." Jack smiled softly and gently leaned over and kissed her. He lay a hand on her stomach and concentrated hard.

"They're fit and healthy children Sam, you needn't worry. They are absolutely fine and will not have any problems breast feeding if you want to. The Naquada will not affect them at all."

"Oh Jack. That's wonderful, thank you so much. I was quite worried about them and the effect the Naquada would have on them."

A month later Sam was once again lying on a bed. This time she was giving birth. Jack was beside her holding her hand amazed and very excited.

"It's nearly here" Janet said, having been re-instated as the CMO of Cheyenne Mountain. "General, take your shirt off" Jack didn't even question why, he just pulled off his shirt. The nurses gasped. Jack had managed to stay very fit even though he had been behind a desk a lot of the time. He still worked out with Teal'c every morning at some godforsaken hour and swam a lot in his pool at home. What shocked them most was his most recent acquisition, a red dragon that went from his bicep to his collar bone, over his shoulder. The tattoo had taken a month to do. It would have taken longer if he didn't have the ability to accelerate his healing. As the first child arrived Janet yelled,

"It's a boy" and passed the screaming child to his father. Everyone watched amazed as the boy silenced and settled against his father's chest. Sam was amazed when she saw tears in her lovers eyes, not that they had done anything except cuddle naked together as an orgasm this late in her pregnancy would have caused her Braxton Hicks pains to be a lot stronger. Sam had wanted to go down on him a couple of times but he had refused every time. Sam cried out as another contraction ripped through her body and Jack watched as his lover gave birth to his second child. Again Janet cried,

"It's a boy. Congratulations General you have two sons." The wailing second child was placed against his father's chest, he too silenced. Jack watched in awe as both their eyes opened. Jack smiled at Sam as the nurses bustled round cleaning their children. Janet went out and told the group of eighteen people that both mother and boys were absolutely fine.

"How's Jack" Jake asked.

"He's fine. Just rather emotional."

"Are we allowed in?" Jake asked. Charlie didn't even wait for an answer; he dodged past Janet and went to see his brothers and his parents. Sam was already going through the process of adopting Charlie to make him legally hers. Charlie smiled as he saw his half naked father lean over and kiss Sam gently. One of the nurses passed Jack a wash cloth and a towel and he washed his chest.

"Mom, Dad can I come in?" Charlie asked. Jack looked at his first son and smiled beckoning him over. Charlie hugged both his parents and waited to meet his baby brothers.

"So guys what are you gonna call them?" Janet asked as she showed the group of eighteen friends in. Cassie, Rya'c and Mark's two children Erin and Ryan rushed over as the boys were placed in their parents arms.

"Yeah what are you going to call them?" Daniel asked. Jack looked at Sam, leaving the naming up to her.

"Jack is holding Jake, Jacob Marcus Russell Sean George O'Neill, and I have Maxwell Jonathan Daniel Skaara Teal'c O'Neill." Sam said. Jack smiled. "I guess I had better explain the names" Sam said. She explained why the boys had such long names. "Jacob because of Dad, Marcus because of Mark being my brother. Russell and Sean as they are Jack's father and brother and George as he's put up with Jack and me a lot and he's been a second father to both of us"

"I second that" Jack said.

"Maxwell because we both liked the name. Jonathan for his Daddy, who I couldn't live with out and Daniel, Skaara and Teal'c as with out them neither of us would be here and I can never thank them enough for that." Jack leant over and kissed Sam gently as Charlie rolled his eyes. Even though Jack and Sam had been together for a month Charlie wasn't used to seeing his 'mom and dad' kissing so much, and so openly in front of their friends.

Two months later Sam and the boys had easily moved into Jack's house. Sean and Kath had moved back to Ireland and Russell had moved in with Janet and Cassie as the two had formed a close bond in the time that they had been ascended. Lizzie and Jake had moved back into Sam's old house and were spending every waking hour together. Even Charlie was changing nappies and putting them to bed. This meant that Sam and Jack were able to spend a little time together. Since the boy's birth Jack had changed so much, the download had also helped. He was able to stay focused much more in briefings and was generally a much more knowledgeable. Russell had let slip that Jack had several degree's but Jack refused to tell Sam what they were. The only people he played dumb with were those who didn't know him and thought that he was a total screw off and waste of time. Many wondered how he made General, having never known him when he was in the field.

The kids were at Janet's for the night so Jack and Sam were able to spend time replenishing the relationship that they both craved for. Sam had already decided that she was no longer going to command SG-1; this was so that she could look after the boys. She was going to work in the labs full time. Daniel was being made the head of the Archaeology and Anthropology Department while Teal'c would help the Rebel Jaffa and would help train new recruits, some thing that Jack already did. The Ex-SG-1 would become the training team. Sam smiled as her lover snored softly. Every time Sam left their bed Jack would move in his sleep and end up spread eagled on the bed. Gently moving his arm Sam snuggled up to her lover. The movement woke Jack who pulled her sharply against his body. He gently tickled her side before moving his hand to gently cup her breast.

"What does it feel like feeding the twins?" Jack asked her, gently kneading her breast.

"I can't describe it JJ. Just imagine someone pulling and kneading your nipples." Sam replied, relishing the feel of her lover's hands on her body. She had missed Jack's touch even though they had only been intimate twice and that was nearly a year before.

"Do they hurt?" He asked, his eyes were full of love and happiness.

"Yes they do. They feel very heavy. I need to use the pump again. Why are you asking so many questions?"

"I'm just curios. I was on a mission when Charlie was born and Sara and I didn't talk much. We only got married because of Charlie and only then when he was One. I didn't want to get married as I only believe in getting married for love. You know I love you right?"

"Yes JJ I know that you love me." Sam wriggled in discomfort moving one of her breasts to a more comfortable position.

"Jack can you get me the pump" Jack grinned naughtily at her and said

"I'll do it" There was a little bit of milk leaking so he captured it with his thumb and placed it in his mouth. He moved down the bed and ran his hands over Sam's stomach. Sam was gradually getting her figure back; she and Jack had spent a lot of time working out together. They would run and swim and occasionally lift weights. Sam groaned as her lover gently suckled on her breast. After a little while he licked his lips and raised his head grinning at her.

"Does it feel different when the twins feed?" He asked. Sam looked at him as if he was stupid.

"Jack you're my lover you dolt of course it feels different. It's a necessity with the twins. With you there is passion. It's arousing." Sam replied as Jack fed from the other breast.

Five months later they were sat together at their wedding reception. Jack had taken Sam out to the top of Cheyenne mountain where Janet and Russell, who were now together, had laid out a picnic basket with Champaign and a very expensive set of treats, and Jack had proposed. He had timed it perfectly as the Moon was rising over Colorado and the stars were bright. They lay there and made love passionately several times before going back down to the mountain collecting the kids and heading home. Charlie had been so excited when his Dad told him that he and Sam were getting married. Janet, Kath and Lizzie had virtually planned the whole wedding including making Charlie ask his dad to wear his Class A's, they knew that Jack wouldn't refuse when Charlie asked him. Jack certainly cut a very impressive figure in his formal uniform. Kowalski, Jake, Hammond and The President had also donned their Class A's and the five main military men looked fantastic. Sean had pulled out his old Paratroopers Uniform as had Russell. Charlie had been dressed in a Tuxedo as had Daniel and Teal'c. Bra'tac and many of the other alien that Earth was allied with had attended the ceremony.

Daniel was currently giving his speech. Not that Sam and Jack were paying much attention. They were kissing and whispering softly to each other. Sean had paid for their five week honeymoon. The kids were joining then in the last two to make it a family holiday. The honeymoon consisted of a two week Caribbean cruise and then Three weeks in the O'Neill family home on a private Island in Hawaii. During the first three weeks of their honeymoon the kids were being looked after by Janet and Russell. Cassie couldn't wait, she adored the twins and loved Russell very mush as he reminded her of Jack, a man she would have loved to have been her father. Jack was shaken out of his thoughts by Daniel who said

"Your Turn Jack" Jack stood, lifting Sam's hand to his lips as he stood.

"Many of you know that I'm no good at speeches, so I'm gonna make this short and sharp. Two days ago I was looking for some work and I came across a poem written in Charlie's handwriting. I know he didn't write it as I've heard it before. I asked him if I could use it and he said that he had written it down for me to use today. I read it through several times and realised that it is so very true. A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he She asked him if he would want to be with her forever....and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said.... You're not pretty you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever. I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away...I'd die.... Without you Sam I really would die. Thank You so much." Sam stood with tears streaming down her face and hugged her Husband. Jonathan O'Neill was finally her husband.

"I love you JJ." Sam whispered as she kissed his face. Jack smiled and carried on with his speech.

"Sam's put up with a load of Shit from me over the last eight and a half years, including me MIA for eight months, right before the twins were born. She's my best friend and I can't live without her. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Many thanks to General Hammond I think we gave him many a headache. Sam's given me another chance at happiness, something that I don't deserve. I have to thank everyone who made today possible. Mom, Janet, Lizzie, Charlie, Jake, George, Danny, T-Man, Russell, Dad I'm sorry that I can't name everyone. Thank You." Jack spoke with so much sincerity many knew that he really was a changed man. Sam had changed him.

At one point during the reception Sam grabbed Jack and Whispered

"I'm Pregnant"


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