ShadowHeartQueen: Heya, folks! I'm IncanArticuno's assistant parody writer (not to mention her twin), and I'm here introducing her song parody "The Thingy Bunch". If you got any more out of the title, get your mind out of the gutter! Based on the Brady Bunch theme song, we converted it into a Thing theme song, for both the game and the movie. So without further ado, onto the song!


ShadowHeartQueen: Um...yeah...she'd like all of you to know we don't actually watch the show. In fact, the Brady Bunch actually kinda creeps us out. Oh, and I almost forgot: "Blakie", which is in the song, is my pet name for the video game character Blake.

IncanArticuno: That's because you're a fangirl!!! Let's get to the song!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

(IncanArticuno grabs a karaoke microphone and points to ShadowHeartQueen)

IncanArticuno: Start the music and the video!

(ShadowHeartQueen complies. Video plays while IncanArticuno sings.)

Here's the story of a guy named MacReady,

(Close up of MacReady)

Who was working at an outpost with these guys.

(Shot of Outpost 31)

They found a spacecraft with something forbidden,

(Shot of the guys walking up on the crater)

A creature in disguise.

(The kennel thing bursts out of the husky. While the video plays, ShadowHeartQueen grabs the mic out of IncanArticuno's hand.) Hey!

ShadowHeartQueen: Here's a story of a guy named "Blakie",

(Close up of Blake. ShadowHeartQueen clings to video screen.)

Deducting with some boys of his own.

(Blake and some of his team explore the base, looking for clues as to what happened to it)

They were soldiers working all together,

Yet they were not alone.

(As the team searches a room, a scuttler hops onto the shoulder of one of the men. They look at each other for a moment, and the scuttler smiles evilly. The guy freaks. During this, IncanArticuno stands next to ShadowHeartQueen and they both sing into the mic.)

Both: Till this one night when the monster met these fellows,

And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,

(Things are chasing Blake and MacReady and other various characters around the outpost)

That they all would somehow have to survive

And that's the way they all became the Thingy Bunch!

The Thingy Bunch, the Thingy Bunch

(During this, the game's inventory screen spins around, but instead of items, it's the characters including Blake, Whitely, Blair, MacReady, and a bunch of others. The Thing is in the middle faking attacks at them and laughing.)

It's the gang that we all call the Thingy Bunch!

(Song ends, The Thing separates and begins chasing the guys out of their circles. It's laughing like a maniac. Video ends.)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

IncanArticuno: It was short, but I hoped you all liked it, so please review! I'm planning some more song parodies (longer ones) and they'll be coming very soon, and they'll have the characters actually involved in them! And if you liked this, and you like the Matrix trilogy, read my other parody "When You're a Professional Hacker"!

Oh, and many apologies for my sister's fangirl behavior...