Hi, this is my first fic, etc etc.

I've set it after the last book in the NJO, for those of you that don't want the ending spoiled for you.

I do not own Star Wars
Unnoticed by the laughing, finally relaxed group of Jedi, Wookiees, and a not-quite ex-smuggler, two figures watched from a nearby platform. After only a few minutes, the taller inclined his head towards the smaller and younger one at his side.

"Something troubling you?" He asked, not unkindly.

"Well," the younger began, embarrassed, "I am a little worried…"

The elder waited patiently.

"…What if the lambent dies?" asked the younger.

"It won't," reassured the elder, "You can sense that for yourself. The tree itself can nourish the lambent, even if it is inside your lightsaber."

"You really think so, Grandfather?" Anakin Solo said as he looked the other fully in the face.

"That's not what your really worried about, is it," Anakin Skywalker said as he looked straight back.

"…Yeesh, you're better then Uncle Luke," Anakin Solo mumbled after a minute, "I guess I'm worried because…the war's over."

"Is that not a good thing, Grandson?"

"Gee," Anakin Solo said with a face of sarcastic concentration, made all the more peculiar by the translucent, glowing quality both their faces possessed right now, "I don't know Grandfather. Maybe we should keep slaughtering each other."

In reply, Anakin Skywalker chuckled. It was a grim chuckle, and yet it still managed to be somehow merry.

Their conversation paused as the group by the memorial tree broke up to head for their separate quarters. Both ghostly figures dimmed to near-total invisibility as the Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker passed close by. Luke seemed to notice they were being watched, but did not think much of it. He hadn't actually recognized their presences anyway.

Slowly, because the couple was moving slowly, both Anakins followed the pair to their guest quarters, hanging around outside until the two Masters had finally gone to sleep, which didn't take too long.

"We were just discussing your concerns that the war has ended," Anakin Skywalker began as they were waiting.

"Yeah well…now that the war's over…what do I do? Just hang around until everything I used to know is gone, a thousand years from now?"

"You don't have to stay on the physical plane, you know," Anakin Skywalker reminded him.

"No offense, but I don't want to sit through Yoda's lectures for the rest of eternity," Anakin Solo said with a determined expression.

"You and every single Padawan in the last 900 years," Anakin Skywalker laughed, "And we thought he was a little long-winded when he was alive!"

"Won't he get mad that we're talking about him like this?"

"Just have some kind of usable excuse to get out of the next one," the older Anakin warned the younger, "Take myself for example. My last excuse was that I had to give Jacen that vision. Well, maybe he was in the middle of that battle you, ahem, became one with the Force in, but a vision is a vision."

"Jacen seemed pretty messed up when I saw him on Yuuzhan'tar," Anakin Solo mentioned, "I'm glad he's figured things out."

"I'll be having some serious words with Vegere when I see her," Anakin Skywalker said grimly, "Oh! Well, finally! I thought those two were never going to go to sleep."

They crept inside, past the room where the Masters slept, and into the room where a very special person had just woken up.