Into the Midnight Sun

Characters and Information


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In order of Appearance:

Anzu – Anzu is the equivalent of Tea Gardner or Mazaki Anzu; in this story, her name is Anzu of the House of Thabit. She is the only daughter in her family and has had to take care of her youngest brother Jumoke since her mother's death in giving birth

Bakura – Bakura is the equivalent of the Spirit of the Ring. He is a tomb robber, thief, and murderer who is given a second chance by the Pharaoh. He has a deep hatred for the Pharaoh's deceased father and vows revenge on those who murdered his family. He is thrown into the barren desert and would have died had Anzu not saved him

Atem – Atem or Atemu is the equivalent of the Spirit of the Puzzle, or Yami. He became Pharaoh on his fifteenth birthday, a few days after his father's death. He is a fair and just ruler who looks upon slaves and prisoners with mercy and compassion, regardless of Bakura's comments on this

Jou – Jou, is the equivalent of Joey Wheeler or Jounouchi Katsuya. He is a loyal servant to the Pharaoh, as well as his closest and dearest friend

Adio – Adio is the eldest son of Thabit, as well as Anzu's eldest brother. He is a respectful man of twenty-two and cares very deeply for his sister. Although it may appear that he is pushing Anzu to marry Kasiya, he only wants the best for her. His name means righteous

Kasiya – Kasiya is a young man of twenty who is madly in love with Anzu. His mother was a well educated woman, which is why he learned how to read and write, regardless that is too is a shepherd's son. The love he has for Anzu is often used to justify his actions of hatred for Bakura. In truth, his love is nothing more than a deep infatuation with a beautiful girl. His name means departs

Jumoke – Jumoke is the youngest son of Thabit. His mother died after giving birth to him, so Anzu is the only mother he's ever truly known. His carefree attitude is what makes him the loveable child he is. He would do anything for Anzu as she would do anything for him. His name means loved by all

Kamilah – Kamilah is Anzu's closest friend and is in love with her other brother, Ubaid. Although she is seventeen, she is still childlike in many ways, but this does not stop her from having a heart of gold. Her name means perfection

Ubaid – Ubaid is Anzu's other brother. Although he is not as close to Anzu as Adio and Jumoke, he loves his sister dearly and would do anything to protect her. He is in love with her best friend Kamilah. His name means faithful

Thabit – Thabit is the father of Adio, Ubaid, Anzu, and Jumoke. He is a highly respected man in the village, and loves all three of his children dearly. He is also very forgiving and merciful. His name means strong

Tumaini – Tumaini is only mentioned once in the story. He is Kasiya's younger brother and his complete opposite. His name means hope

Adofo – Adofo is Kasiya and Tumaini's father. He too is only mentioned once in the story when Kasiya introduces himself to Bakura as "Kasiya of the House of Adofo." His wife is a well-educated woman who loves him dearly. His name means fighter


Papaya Juice – Papaya juice is made with papaya which need warmth throughout the year. It is a mixture of the juice from papayas and water

Bamya – Bamya is a native middle eastern dish that is primarily meat and okra stew


The Egyptians had three seasons, each consisting of 4 months. These months were simply numbered as a month of a season. The three seasons are Akhet, Peret, and Shemu (in respective order). So, the equivalent for January is the first month of Akhet. The equivalent for June is the second month of Peret. The equivalent for November is the third month of Shemu. January-April are the months of Akhet, May-August are the months of Peret, and September-December are the months of Shemu. Now add a day to the month, such as the fifteenth of November. This would be said as the fifteenth day in the third month of Shemu.

Story Line:

This story can be considered a slight alternate universe because it takes place in Ancient Egypt and the characters have a slight alteration to their personality. Anzu is the daughter of a shepherd who lives to the far south of the Pharaoh's city. She is as much a dreamer and a philosopher as she is stubborn. When Bakura enters her life, however, her dreams are close to becoming a reality. But, she unaware of Bakura's dark past, or the fact that he is a freed thief.


Don't worry, The Arrangement will be worked on tomorrow. I felt that a break from it was in order, so I sat down and typed this story. And, it's four parts long and completed. It has given me a sense of renewal when it comes to writing and more interest in my own stories. Enjoy!

Preview of Part I:

The sound of an angel began to stir the white haired thief from his long sleep. He groaned, slowly opening his eyes and finding the sun was shining from behind the clouds. He tried to raise himself from the ground but found it somewhat useless. He was too weak to move alone.

The sound reached his ears again, causing him to scan the area for the owner. That's when he realized he was no longer on sand, but on soft grass, and there was water so close by. If only he could move towards it.

And there was that voice. "Who's there?" he yelled out, but his voice came out in a hoarse whisper due to the dryness of his throat.

The singing ceased and a gasp was heard. "Is someone there?" a gentle voice questioned.

The thief grunted, groaning once more. He could hear footsteps cautiously approaching him, and noted they stopped close by. Another gasp met his ears before he could hear feet rushing towards him.


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