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She walked slowly over to the tomb, not really seeing it, just thinking about him; about how he changed her life. He took her in when her mother, literally, shipped her off to the colonies to be with her father. She said it would be good for her to experience some 'adventures'. Her mother set her up with Dr. Franklin, who had invented so many things, and many more discoveries.

That is when she found her calling in life: to be a journalist. But that is also where Sarah met him, the big-headed, ego-centric, obnoxious-rebel, who was just looking for a story: James Hiller. That was what she thought when she just met him. But that all changed when she found out that when his parents died, in a lightening fire, James only had one memento to remember them by: a gold ring that belonged to his mother.

Sarah, of course, thought nothing of it until her own memento was ripped off her neck by a British Soldier who had mistaken her for an American Patriot. When she found that the locket was gone, Sarah demanded to be taken back to the place where she last remembered having it: the dock. They took her, they couldn't find it, she cried. When James asked her about it, she told him the story about how her mother sent her to join her father in the colonies, and before her father left, how he gave her the locket.

"That locket means everything to me!" she cried, her voice muffled from having her face buried in James's chest.

James, looking harassed, held his hand just above her back, contemplating on whether to pat her, hug her or just do nothing. "Uh... I'm sorry?" James said, hoping that she wouldn't get even more upset.

"James, there's a meeting going on at congress about what happened during The Boston Tea Party, you might want to go down there," said Moses.

"Uh, Moses, do you think that maybe, I could cover it, so I could take my mind off things...?" asked Sarah hesitantly, wiping her eyes.

"Why don't you go with James?"

"Uh, you know what, I've got some stuff I need to do, so, uh, why don't you do it yourself?" he suggested nonchalantly.

"Oh, really James!? You mean it!?"

"Yeah. It'll be good for you, you know, being out there on your own, getting first-hand experience...," he trailed off wishing he could go too.

"Thank you, James! Thank you so much!" She threw her arms around his neck, and then rushed out.

When Sarah got back to the Print Shoppe, she decided to write to her mother about everything that had happened during her first few hours in America.



She heard the sound of metal on metal. Sarah gritted her teeth irritably. "Will you stop!? I'm trying to write a letter to my mother!"

"Sarah, James has something for you," said Moses.

Curious, she went down to them. "What?" she asked suspiciously, wondering what a poor rebel and a fix-it man had for her.

"Listen, Sarah, I feel really bad for what happened to your locket, so with Moses' help and Henri's idea, I made this for you...," said James holding out a hart shaped locket on a thin gold chain.

"Oh, James...," said Sarah as she took the necklace. "It's beautiful. But where on Earth did you get the gold?" she said still gazing at the necklace.

She noticed that he was fidgeting with his hands behind his back. She new that what he told her, was a lie.

"Uh..., you know... just, around...," he said looking down.


She thought he stole it, then she saw his hands as he reached up and took the locket from her; intending to clip it around her neck. His mother's ring was gone.

"Here, turn around!" he said happily.

She took a step back. "James...," still moving away from him.

"What?" he asked still holding the locket.

"I can't accept that. It's your mother's ring," she explained.

"Um, well not really. It's not a ring anymore, it's a locket, your locket," he said, taking a step forward.

Sarah took another step back. "No, James, it is all you have left of your parents."

"That locket was all you had left of your parents," he countered taking another step forward

"Yes, well, my parents are still alive. I can still write and talk to them," she asked breathlessly, taking yet another step back, running into the wall.

James put his hands down and looked intently at her. "Take it," he said almost begging. He grabbed her hand, put the locket in her palm and closed her fingers around it.

She felt the heat emit from the locket from when it had been melted. She also felt a tingling sensation when he grabbed her by the hand. "Fine," she said exasperated. "Can you help me?" she asked, turning around so her back was to him. She pulled her hair to the side so it would not tangle with the clasp.

James stepped forward and enclosed his arms around her, not touching her. He brought the locket down and clasped it around her neck. He stepped away with his face down hoping that nobody saw him blush.

"James, it's wonderful!" Sarah stepped forward and, once again, threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. "Thank you. Thank you so much!" she said as tears welled in her eyes.

James stood stiffly when she threw her arms around him. "Uh... you're welcome.... Oh, I almost forgot; did you get the story?"

Sarah smiled at the memory of James's first act of friendship. It would not be his last.

"Hey, what are you doing?" came a friendly voice.

"Just thinking," she replied.

"With you, that can be dangerous." He smiled. "And hazardous to one's health," he added nodding his head like a chicken.

"That is most ungentlemen like, James," she teased back.

They both smiled at each other.