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By: Yuki Kawaii

I punched my left temple, but his image remained in my mind. The image of him smiling, him frowning, even him wearing an expressionless face. He was in my mind, I could see him through every angle possible, and I couldn't get him off, couldn't erase his irresistible image. It was only when I gasped for air that I realized that I was crying again, my heart aching miserably. It was getting harder and harder to breath. Well, I was never really used to crying. A lot certainly had changed.


I could still remember that day, oh that fateful yet cursed day, when everything was normal yet mysteriously different, when I was rushing to the back gate of our school and accidentally noticed that he was standing there, by the shadows. Him. I couldn't have mistaken his figure and his silver mane. It was him. But that time, I really didn't give a thing on where he was or what he did. But seeing a different look on his face, I changed tracks and walked closer.

He was leaning against a tree, a big tree which seemed as if hiding behind the shadows. It was located halfway between the track on its left and the school's back gate at its right. It seemed like he was doing nothing, just lost in his thoughts, seeing and sensing nothing, but as I carefully took little steps to lessen the distance between us, I noticed him gazing at his left. It wasn't just any ordinary look; it was different. He looked sad, annoyed, and… what was that? Miserable? Oh, I shook my head. Couldn't be. But deep down, I knew that it could be, because in front of me, I could see clearly and almost feel his misery through his aura. True feelings coming from the ice block. But why the heck? I stepped closer and tried to follow his gaze. Down the tracks, sitting on a bench were Recca and Yanagi, the most faithful ninja and his only princess, in a passionate embrace. My heart ached. I had this thing for Recca since I met him, but I thought that it was gone when he met Yanagi and gave her all his attention. So what's with that aching feeling in my chest? I shook my head. They both deserved to be happy.

Yeah right, and did I deserve to be miserable? I shook my head. Nevermind.

I turned around and left Tokiya who wasn't aware that I passed by. As I walked I remembered the odd expression conveyed by his eyes. Now, why was he miserable? Miserable. Miserable. The word echoed through my mind. Wasn't I the one who was miserable when I saw Recca and Yanagi mush-mushy…? Wait. Wait a second there. Nope, it couldn't be. I shook my head. Mikagami showed affection towards Yanagi, alright, but that was because she resembled his sister. But the look on his face…

I shook my head, but my mind seemed to agree to my hypothesis. Could it be possible? Could Mi-chan's feelings towards Yanagi evolve to something deeper?


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Just a tidbit from the next chapter:

"Come on, Fuuko, wake up! It's Fridge Boy walking beside you, not Recca! Stop being a nervous brat, okay?!"

Chapter 2: Altering Heartbeat