That Big Decision

I know you all have heard one of these stories, but this one was made because it is what I am feeling right now. So without further ado, That Big Decision. Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem or any other things that this story may sound like a copy of (I am trying to be original with this story but I doubt that it will work) "Honestly, you spend more time with her then you do with me!" Serra sat down in front of Erk.

"Uh... Sorry Serra..."

"Hmph!!!" She crossed he arms. "You can't keep ignoring me like this! Do you even like me anymore?"

Serra had a crush on Erk. "I do!!! Just... not like that..."

At hearing this, Serra stormed off. She was obviously mad at him. Oh well, he thought, she will just have to accept that I like the both of them. If she doesn't, I'll just leave them alone. He heard someone coming toward him.

"E-Erk?" The female voice stuttered. He knew it was Florina. They had been seeing each other lately and Serra did not like it. Erk turned around.

"Florina!" He let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?" She asked him.

"Serra. She likes me, but I don't like her that way." He took Florina's hands. "I love you."

Florina did not know what to say. She had never liked another man before. She had hardly even spoke to another man before, but Erk was different. Although she loved him deeply, she also did not want Serra to hate her.

"Erk... I don't want Serra to hate either one of us... I just wish that we could all be happy."

"I know Florina," Erk replied, "But Serra's just..." His sentence was cut off by the war cry of Jaffar, the assassin of the camp.

"We are under attack! Everyone must be on the field immediately!"

Erk gave Florina a look that said, "Be safe" and ran away, leaving her to mount her pegasi and go to battle.

There were many warriors. Erk knew that this would be a hard battle. He looked around. There was Serra right behind him. She smiled before he looked away.

The cry to begin rang. As soon as the call sounded, paladins rode to fight, mages cast spells, and archers shot arrows. Erk ran to fight.

Immediately a brigand came up to him, swinging an axe that was half the size of him. "Elfire!" A giant ball of fire came above Erk's head and crashed to the ground in front of him. He stared blankly at the spot where the fire disappeared. An encircling wall of flame surrounded him and scorching him to a cinder.

"Never underestimate the might of a mage!"

Erk heard a scream. He looked around and saw Serra. At first he thought that it was her that let out a scream, but he saw a sniper in front of Florina with her bow drawn and ready to shoot.

"Florina!!!" Erk ran to help her. Serra just stood there, watching the whole thing happen. The arrow was so fast that Erk could not even see it. He saw it in her right shoulder, blood all over it. She let out another yell. The sniper walked away, leaving the Pegasus rider bleed to death.

Erk finally reached her. He held Florina's body in his arms.

"Serra! Heal her!!!" Erk yelled to her. She just stared at her, grinning evilly.

"No." Erk was stunned by her answer. "Let her die. Then we can be together." She walked away.

Erk turned his attention to Florina. "Florina! Are you alright?" He knew that it was a stupid question, seeing the wound that she had.

Florina looked at her lover with sad eyes. She faintly smiled at him. "Not really... I can't..." Tears welled up in Erk's eyes. "I love you... Erk... I'm so sorry to leave you... at least you and Serra will be... happy."

"No! Not without you! I love you! Don't..." But his words were cut short. The one that he loved so much had already left him. That was the story. It's sad and not very good, but I needed to write it. Please R&R.