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Authors Note: this is an excerpt from the song "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica; I thought that it described my favorite version of Harry (DARK!) really well.

"Our Brains are on Fire

With the feeling to kill

And it won't go away

Until our Dreams are fulfilled

There is only one thing

On our Minds

Don't try running away

Cause you're the one we will find"

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Professor Severus Snape walked into his rooms at Hogwarts and immediately knew that he was not alone. He raised his wand and said, "Who's there? I demand that you show yourself, now"

A timid chuckling was heard a nervous voice said from the darkness "You can put the wand away, Severus"

"Wormtail?" Snape asked incredulously "What are you doing here? I thought you were dead"

"N-no not dead, just…hiding"

"I can see that…now why are you here?"

"Master is gathering the faithful, those who didn't renounce him and those who still do his bidding"

"The Dark Lord is returned?"

"His son now bears that title"

"His son?"

"Yes" the voice, said impatiently "now come with me, I'm too take you to him"

"Where is he? How will we get there?"

"He's in Hogsmeade and we're using floo"

"Master…I have the items you wanted from the ministry and I brought Snape"

Wormtail's whiny voice woke Harry "Were you seen?"

"No master…I got into the ministry using my Animagus form and I disapparated out. I used floo to get out of Hogwarts"

"Very well Wormtail, bring Snape in"

The door opened, Wormtail and Snape walked in, both looking exceedingly nervous. Wormtail was the first to bow but Snape soon followed his example. Harry ignored them and walked over to the window to pull away the shades, when he did Snape let out a surprised gasp and spat out "Potter"

Harry looked at him with an eyebrow arched, he took out his wand and pointing it at Snape said, quite calmly "Crucio" and then he watched dispassionately as the older man writhed on the floor, when the screaming finally subsided he said "Talk only when you have permission, and you will address me as Master or Lord, do you understand?"

Snape nodded and rasped "Yes Master"

"Good, now on to business."

"Do you understand the plan?"

"Yes master" the two voices said in unison

"Good, Wormtail you will be unmasked, Severus, you will be masked"

Again, "Yes Master"

"Remember the Apparation coordinates and meet us there in an hour, if you are late, you will be punished."

"Yes master"


Azkaban Island was a cold place, barren of light; it was no surprise that this was the most feared of all the Wizard Prisons.

The prison itself was a perfect match to the landscape, it was foreboding and it permeated with some unknown darkness.

The Dementors were restless tonight. The prisoners could feel it, some dark excitement flowing through the cells, something would happen this night.

An old man sat in the darkness his unseeing eyes seemed to see beyond the boundaries of space, he smiled, his master had returned.

There was a banging sound and two Dementors rushed towards the doors they opened them and bowed as the figure in black stepped through the threshold, even bowing their towering forms dwarfed the figure, but his power dwarfed them all.

"Bring me Amarus, I wish to Negotiate with him"

The Dementors bowed and rushed to obey.

Harry felt the presence of the lead Dementor before he saw him, a figure cloaked in silver instead of black, "Greetings Amarus Tabes, Lord of the Dementors, I come with a proposition"

"Greetings Slytherin, Lord of the Serpents, I listen" said the

"It has come to my attention that the Ministry has been somewhat lax in providing you and your brood with victims I am willing to fix that, for a price."

"What Price?"

"The release of my Followers and eventually your service"

"The ministry has a tight reign on us, how would we serve you?"

"The ministry could never hope to defeat you or even to kill one of your number, they are weak"

"True. And if we decide not to serve you?"

"Release my servants and I will have some victims brought to you for your 'disposal', either way works"

The Dementor seemed to nod and he said "We will serve you when you request it"

"Good, have them brought to the opposite Docks," he paused "with their wands"


Harry waited on the chilly docks, he could barley contain himself; his most loyal followers would finally be rejoining him! These would be the honored, the inner circle, they had refused to renounce his father and they would be rewarded greatly.


Harry glanced sharply at Wormtail "What is it now?"

"The boats are coming"

Harry looked back at the channel "So they are Wormtail"

Harry stood straighter as fifteen figures left the boats and staggered onto the Docks he looked at them for a minute and then said, "You were my fathers most loyal servants, you alone didn't abandon him, you alone made an effort to find him. You will be rewarded for that loyalty." He paused and surveyed them "Lord Voldemort is dead, his memories…and a few of his habits" he added in an undertone "live on in me"

One of the Death Eaters stepped forward, Harry recognized him, Antonin Dolohov, "How do we know that you're our masters son? You look like Potter"

"I do don't I?" he walked up to another Death Eater "Hello Barty, the Dementors gave you back your wand right?"

"Y…yes m…master"

"Your specialty was Glamour and espionage wasn't it?

"Y…y…yes m-m-master"

"The Old Fool put some sort of Glamour charms on me undoubtedly so that I would believe that I was James's son, he didn't know that Prongs was a faithful servant, all he knew was that I was the son of Voldemort, he didn't ever question how I came to be with the Potters" he paused and shook himself "I need you to remove the charms"

"Yes master"

He removed his wand from his tattered robes and pointed it at Harry he muttered a stream of incoherent words and suddenly Harry felt a warmth cover his body he shook his head and was surprised when he felt his hair brushing against the small of his back, his nose felt different and his fingers felt longer he turned to the rest of the Death Eaters and found that four were prostrating themselves on the ground, he recognized them, they were the first among the Death Eaters to join Voldemort, long before his transformation. The rest, seeing the elder's reactions, fell to their knees as well and they all slowly crawled forward to kiss his robes,


When they were done they stayed on their knees and Harry gestured,

"Rise my faithful ones, we have things to do"

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