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Survival of the Fittest

Ch. 1-The New Girl




"I know that it makes no sense, Ginny, but it's Ron's overall stupidity that makes

me love him." Hermione stated as she rolled over in the bed to face her red headed


The youngest Weasley stared at her bush-haired friend. "You're right. That

doesn't make any sense." Hermione simply groaned and slammed her head against

her pillow. "But then again he's my brother so I don't even want to think about anyone

loving him. It's just a little too...gross...weird...UGGGHHH!!!" Ginny said throwing her

pale arms.

Hermione had spent the last week at the Weasley household. Although it had

been a blast, talking with her friends and learning how to play the Quidditch position of

beater (she found that the position was a surprisingly effective way to channel her

anger), it had also provided her with ample opportunities to make an ass out of herself

in front of her heart's desire. Breaking dishes, stuttering, and to her utmost

embarrassment, bragging about her academic achievements (something she tended to

do when she became flustered). But tomorrow they would be returning to Hogwarts and

hopefully things would return to a fraction of normality. She knew it would never be the

same, since her infatuation, with Ron, came to be.

"You got quiet all of a sudden. What are you thinking about? A certain

Gryffindor with red hair and a nice butt?" asked Ginny coyly nudging at her friend with

her elbow.

"You know he does have a nice butt." She said with fake contemplation, as the

corners of her mouth twitched up into a smile.

"Ewwww. There are some things a girl can go her entire life without knowing,

and that was one of them."




A girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes colored like frosted glass was standing

on the platform 9 ¾, donning a short white skirt and a pink tank top. Crossing her arms

she turned around and waited for some unsuspecting being, filled with testosterone, to

carry her collection of pink trunks onto the train. She shortly found the answer, when

her eyes happened to land on a gangly red haired teenage boy, kneeling on the ground

putting his trunk in the compartment under the train.

Putting on her charm, she walked towards him, her hips swaying. She leaned

down next to him and said, "Would you mind helping me with my bags?"

At hearing the sugary voice, Ron looked up to see her standing there with an

innocent smile. He quickly straightened up and replied, "N-No problem, I-I just finished

with mine," He stuttered.

She giggled slightly and held out her hand for him to shake, "I'm Jacqueline, but

you can call me Jacqui. Those are my bags over there." She said pointing at the pile.

"Wow," he said, surveying her luggage. "Well my name is Ron. I've never seen

you around Hogwarts before. What year are you?" He said as they started to walk

towards her bags.

"I just transferred here and I'm going into my sixth year. What year are you going

into?" She asked as they reached her bags and he started to heave them into another


"Well...ugghh...I'm going into my sixth year too." He said struggling with the last

trunk, "Do you want to sit with my friends and I?" He asked straightening up, it wasn't

normal for him to feel this comfortable around a girl, but Jacqui had an aura around her

that made him feel at ease.

"Ron! There you are. We've been looking all over for you." He turned around to

find Hermione running towards him, waving her arm enthusiastically in the air. Harry

and Ginny followed at a slower pace. "Guess what? Malfoy got in a potions accident

over the break and his hair is bright pink." She turned to Jacqueline. "Who are you?"

she promptly blurted out.

Ron, used to his friend's less than subtle nature, didn't seem to notice the

hostility in her voice. "Hermione, this is Jacqui. She's just transferred. Jacqui this is

Hermione, she's one my friends. And that's Harry and my sister Ginny." If Hermione

had been worried a second ago she was practically in a state a panic when the

bombshell barely glanced at their famous friend before turning back to Ron. In the past

most girls had dropped Ron faster than you could say Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes

when they had found out that he was friends with Harry Potter.

"Well it's nice to meet you all. And, Ron, I'll take you up on the train seat, but I've

got to find a teacher first." She smiled at them before bouncing off. Hermione had to

suppress a growl as she watched Ron's gaze follow the new girl.

"I forgot to ask her where she was from." Ron said turning back to his friends

and sister.

"The United States obviously. Or did something distract from the sweet sound of

her voice?" Hermione stated causing Harry to snort; Ron seemed not to hear the

second part of her sentence.

They got on the train and found an empty compartment. Harry and Ginny sat

down next to each other, while Ron and Hermione took the parallel seat. They talked

about trivial subjects until the door opened and Jacqui came in.

Seeing Jacqui, Ron pushed Hermione off the seat and said, "Sit here Jacqui!"

"Thank you Ron." She said smiling at him, as Hermione picked herself up off the

ground and went over to sit next to Ginny.

"So what house do you want to be in?" Harry asked, trying to prevent Hermione

from spitting some scathing comment.

Jacqui turned away from Ron, "Oh I don't know...probably Gryffindor."

Hermione leaned toward Ginny and whispered, "She'll end up in Slytherin,"

causing Ginny to giggle.

The rest of the group ignored them and continued their conversation about the

school as they sped towards their sixth year at Hogwarts.

Hermione felt her spirits lift considerably when the castle came into view.

Pressing her face against the fogged window she smiled when the train finally stopped,

glad to be home. Her mood fell considerably when they approached the carriages that

would carry them to the great hall. She turned to Ginny who grimaced knowingly. It

was the first time that either one of them were able to see the Thestrals that pulled

them. Hermione couldn't help but wish that she had remained ignorant of their skeletal


Before Ginny could climb into the carriage that Harry, Ron, and Jacqui had

already gotten into, Hermione dragged her over to another.

"We need to talk," she said, sitting down on the plush seat. "Did you see how

close that American hussy was sitting next to your brother?" Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Honestly Hermione. I hadn't figured you for the jealous type."

"I'm not jealous...well I am. But with good reason! She's so skinny. And did you

get a look at her figure? Why would she go for Ron? I mean she could get any guy she

wanted, why Ron?" She motioned in emphasis. Ginny slapped her hands down as

Neville and Luna sat down across from them. She pointedly lowered their voices. "And

I mean she's obviously more of his intellectual equal."

"Did you ever think it might be easier to get my brother to notice you if you

stopped insulting him? I know it's your twisted interpretation of sexual tension, but..."

"Ginny!" Both Neville and Luna stopped talking to each other and stared at them.

Hermione just smiled in an apologetic fashion.

"Look, he's known her for a couple of hours. Give it a day and he'll have already

of moved on." Ginny said to calm Hermione down.

"You really think so?" She asked hopefully.

"I'm sure. So you might want to try being nice to her, because you're going to

have to deal with her for a while if you want to or not."

"You're right. I know you're right." Hermione replied shaking her head.




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