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Warnings: yaoi, ncs, angst, plus Duo in various pairings.


Author: Bane's Desire

Prologue: News Report


The Sanq Courier

A surprising announcement was made today by the United Earth and Colony's Vice Foreign Minister, Relena Peacecraft, that the six individuals who piloted gundams during the two previous wars between the U.E.C. governing branch on earth and those in the colonies, have consented to the controversial procedure referred to within law enforcement circles as Integration.

Recent debates and heated arguments between the governments on Earth and the Colonies concerning the fate of the six is the deciding factor of this decision for the pilots known to the public as 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and Colonel Zech Marquis, pilot of the gundam Epyon. Six months after these six thwarted Diekum Barton's attempted coup, many governments on Earth have petitioned to the newly formed U.E.C. Government to arrest and bring to trial the pilots who caused so much destruction and death to their countrymen, most of whom were members of the Alliance or OZ military organizations. The colonies have taken an exception to those petitions, sending their own representatives to argue on behalf of the gundam pilots, boldly declaring that if the pilots currently under house arrest in the palace of the Sanq Kingdom are brought to trial and imprisoned, that such action will bring them to the brink of war with Earth once again.

Developed in the United States by Doctors Abraham Harding and Rowan McBride, the Integration procedure was developed on the theory that if a hardened criminal's memories could be erased and replaced with false memories of having a more normal upbringing, coupled with an implanted desire to be a law-abiding citizen, the prisons could be emptied when the former criminals would be set free to become productive citizens. This theory was made into a viable treatment with the development of the drug, animoxidol which is used in conjunction with sodium amitol, a drug often used in mental health circles to restore repressed memories. The drugs are used in tandem with sodium amitol lowering the mind's resistance and then the animoxidol is administered as an aid to erase past identities, or undesirable parts of one's past without eliminating basic knowledge the subject has acquired. Hypnosis and visual stimuli are both implemented to implant the fabricated identities.

The procedure was developed by Harding and McBride as a way to counteract the rise in crime within the U.S., leading to an overwhelming number of convicted inmates being housed within the prison system, taxing the American economy more heavily with each passing year.

The first prisoner to volunteer for the treatment did so in AC 194, his identity was withheld from public records, but the reports made public regarding the procedure stated that the integration was a success. The American Civil Liberties Union was quick to file a complaint in the thirteenth Circuit Court of San Francisco a month later, stating the procedure to be unconstitutional, violating the man's civil rights and citing that the subject was put through the Integration process only after being coerced to do so. The court responded by putting a block on future treatments until an official decision was rendered. Two years later, the case was settled with a judgment that the state of California was at fault for not having proper documentation stating the subject's expressed permission to undertake the procedure. That ruling resulted in the mandatory filing of legal papers, drawn up in behalf of the subject undergoing the procedure, requiring said person to sign an 'Agreement For Treatment' document with no less than two witnesses present, stating that the individual agreed to the Integration without coercion.

The young Vice Foreign Minister stood looking calm and composed before a room filled with dignitaries from Earth's governments and the Colonies, dressed in an off-white suit as she spoke highly of the six young men, stating that the young gundam pilots would once more be making a sacrifice for the cause of peace between the Earth and Colonies. She stated that the six did not want the peace they'd fought so hard for in the past to be shattered for their own sakes. Miss Peacecraft also put forward that the Integration procedure, though controversial and never before utilized in Sanq, was agreed to by the Earth Sphere's government who also announced that it would immediately drop all criminal charges against the six. The colonies also agreed to the procedure, albeit reluctantly, with the condition that one of their representatives be given the opportunity to speak with the six former pilots to assure the colonists that they were agreeing to the procedure of their own free will.

News of this announcement has spread quickly and is received as welcomed news from those living on the Earth and in the Colonies, fearing the impasse concerning the six pilots would cause yet another costly and deadly war.

Miss Peacecraft added that the procedure would take several weeks to complete, after which the six would remain anonymous, allowed to live their lives as law abiding, tax paying citizens, ignorant of their violent pasts. No date was announced as to when the Integration procedure will begin, though Miss Peacecraft hinted that it would be within a very short period of time.

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