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Needless to say, Dumbledore shouted to Fawkes to follow them, and the phoenix dissapeared with a burst of flame and an amused squawk.

Fawkes re-appeared in the lifestream, where the two teens were just coming to realize they weren't in Hogwarts anymore.

The first thing Harry noticed was that the brilliance which Marion had shown before wasn't there, and somehow he knew it was not because she was suppressing it this time. Hermione was just in shock.

"Harry, I'm sorry for calling you back so soon, but it seems the Planet is rejecting me now, and I'm losing my power. Judging from the look of you two, I think I know why. I have to do this quickly, before I lose everything. Harry, I changed your body earlier so can't transfer all the power to you. But I have to pass it on, otherwise the planet will almost certainly call up its naturaldefences again, something which no one can stand against. Mankind would be wiped out if they were awakened. I can give you both some powers now, but the rest you will have to find on your own if you're going to save this world. They will be hidden in many places all over the planet, but I can tell you that there is still a cache of them hidden beneath the school. It's the reason why the magic flows so freely in this area, probably why the castle was built over it. But enough of that, I haven't got enough time. Will you both accept this responsibility?"

Marion looked at them, pleeding with her eyes.

"Please. I'm dying, and everything will be destroyed..." she said sadly.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other, and both knew what the other would answer. They walked, hand in hand, over to Marion, and took her hand in theirs, forming a triangle.

"If what you say is true then we have no choice. And I trust you. If it weren't for you and Fawkes I wouldn't still be here."

She smiled. "Thank you, Harry." She turned to face Hermione, who was beginning to recover from her shock. "And thank you, Hermione. If not for you, then I never could have passed on the power in time. Take care of him for me."

Hermione smiled, and nodded.

Then, a blinding white light flared where Harry and Marion's hands were clasped, which only faded after a few minutes.

Marion let out a very relieved sigh. "Thank you. Now I can rest, and see my husband again. I'll look forward to meeting you two there as well, but not for a while, okay? Goodbye, I'll be watching over you two..." and with that, she slowly faded into the lifestream.

Harry and Hermione stood for a time, numb at everything that had happened, and Marion's departure.

"I don't feel any different really." said Hermione. "Well, I am a bit stronger than before, but I guess that could just be from the healing she did before." said Harry. "And how do we get out of here?"

In answer, Fawkes landed on his shoulder. "Fawkes! Can you help us to Dumbledore? He's probably worried about us." he trilled in the affirmative and they reappeared in the Headmaster's Office.

After they left, however, the usually green lifestream began to change color at the point where Marion had departed. It was becoming a bright red, and slowly forming itself into the shape of a man. The man was tall, muscular, with long silver hair,
and blazing green eyes, almost as bright as Marion's. The eyes narrowed, and the man took in his surroundings. 'Things are definitely different', he thought to himself, as he looked down at himself. 'Well, first thing's first. Need some clothes...' And with a loud crack he promptly dissapeared.


"Harry, what just happened, and how did you two teleport with no portkey and without Fawkes' help?"

"Well, sir, It was Marion's doing. She claimed to be the Earth itself, or at least the goddess over it. And she transferred the power to us now, because she was dying. I still don't feel that much different yet though. I guess I'll figure it out eventually..."

Hermione spoke up. "Sir, we were in the lifestream...it was real! I thought that was just an old fairy tale!"

Comprehension seemed to dawn in the headmaster's eyes. "Ah, I see. This is most interesting... According to the legends, there has not been a God living among mankind for several millenia. But if she did transfer her power to you, then you should have complete control over them already."

"She said that some of them had scattered across the planet, and if we plan to save the world, then we'll have to go find them. She also said that some of them had been hidden beneath the school, so that's a start, at least." A thought suddenly occured to Harry. "Do you think they could be somewhere in the chamber of secrets? She mentioned a vault before."

"It is entirely possible that they are in the Chamber of Secrets, but if so I should think that Salazar would have flaunted such great power, and there is no mention of such a thing. No, I suspect that it is deeper in the earth, Harry, somewhere that has not been disturbed for several thousand years." Dumbledore smiled, surveying Harry and Hermione. "I think now, that the two of you together truly do have the power to vanquish the Dark Lord. We shall search the Chamber tomorrow. For now, some rest would be good for both of you. You can go up to Gryffindor Common Room if you wish, the password is Jinn."

And with that he returned to his office, leaving Harry and Hermione shellshocked behind him.

"I can't believe what just happened..." said Hermione, staring off into space, as they made their way to the common room.
"...Neither can I actually." said Harry. But then he smiled. "But for the first time, I understand. Marion isn't really gone. I can still feel her with us. It's the same with Sirius, I just was too blind to notice it before now. It's probably true of my parents as well, only I was too young to remember what their presense really feels like." He turned to Hermione, who smiled, and leaned into him as they walked up to the portait hole.

It wasn't really a consious decision, once they reached the stairs to the dormitories, that they both climbed the boys stairs,and soon they fell asleep curled up together in Harry's bed, content with nothing but each other's presence, for now.