Second time round


5 years later

Mary and Carlos watched their children play happily in the backyard. Last week they had moved into their new 5 bedroom home, with a big backyard which much to the pleasure of Charlie, Kyle and Jordan. Now was big enough to have their very own jungle gym.

They laughed at their stunned faces when Jemma unexpectedly threw water bombs right at their heads. The boys stood up and chased after their sister.

Mary giggled "Chaos"

Carlos agreed "We wouldn't have it any other way" he wrapped his arms around her. She stared up him, grinning.

"Ready for more? She asked mischievously

Carlos raised a brow "And what's that supposed to mean"?

"Answer my question first, are you ready for another challenge"?

Carlos smirked "Aren't I always?"

Mary smiled "just as well" She cupped her hands around her mouth "Kids"

The four of them ran over to their parents, Carlos knowing smile soon disappeared when Mary instructed Charlie to retrieve something from the tool shed.

A moment later the 7 year old appeared with a small spotted puppy

Carlos folded his arms "Mary"?

"Well since we had a house and all "............ she trailed off

Jemma tugged at her father's sweatshirt her little brown eyes concerned "Can we keep her daddy"?

Carlos nodded and the kids squealed in delight

"Why don't you go and name the puppy ok"?

The kids nodded and scurried off to the sand pit.

Carlos advanced towards Mary


"You little sneak"

He leant forward and his lips captured hers "I thought you were pregnant"

Marry shrugged her shoulders and tried hard not to grin

"Who's to say I'm not"?

The End

A/n well this is the end everyone :) , Thank you too all who read and reviewed. As for continuing this, when I get a chance I might write a companion piece, but right now. I have many other stories I need to complete first. Thanks again for your time. I'm so glad you liked it.