The Weeks Beyond Tomorrow

Rated PG-13 for: intense descriptive feelings, extreme situations of peril and devastation, some sexual humor & situations, drug references & abuse, alcohol consumption, mild to moderate profanity, and violent fighting scenes.

Author's Note:  Knowing how all disaster movies do not have a sequel (assuming also this movie, Day After Tomorrow, won't have one) I wanted to write a sequel to this movie because I don't think that the action and drama would have just ended when the storms did.  The ending of the actual movie may have had an optimistic feeling at the end, but it still begs the question of what would happen afterward?  (The ending was left kind of open.)

In this story, you will have to suspend your disbelief on the chaotic weather as with the movie, but then again we are dealing with apocalyptic weather so who knows what to expect?  Don't worry this story will contain action/adventure, suspense, thrills, science fiction, drama, romance, and more just like the original Day After Tomorrow movie except it's a little more in depth with the characters.

I do not own The Day After Tomorrow characters nor anything related to The Day After Tomorrow movie.  These fanfiction stories are for simple non-profit reading enjoyment for all Day After Tomorrow fans.  No copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred.  I only "own" the plot of this sequel story and any new characters added onto this story.  (Sorry for all the legal talk, but I had to just in case.)

Summary:  Sequel to (The Day After Tomorrow).  Just when the world thought the worst was over, humanity's desperation in the aftermath pushes themselves to political, social, and environmental extremes that NO ONE ON EARTH could foresee.  Humanity's decisions continue to wreck havoc with the environment, which in turn, reflect their destruction back to themselves.  The main characters soon find themselves in a physically and politically changing world which tests their determination, feelings toward one another, and all the while…trying to search for solace in their futures.

Chapter 1:  The Days After Tomorrow...

The helicopter flew past the frozen, painful-looking New York City skyline.  It was serene, yet bleak...the city that symbolized humanity's dominance and power over the Earth was now dead, empty, and abandon.  The life and vitality of not only a city but of the world seem extinguished by the oppressing, bone-chilling cold temperatures, yet somehow the dawning of new day created a small sense hope.  It indicated that life would go on....and there would be another day...despite the chaos and destruction they and the world had endured.

Jack and Sam gave each other a deep smile feeling relieved that they were alright, but deep inside they knew that life now would be no way near to what they were used to.  Sam glanced over and looked at Brian, J.D., Judith (the female Librarian), Luther (the homeless man), the strange old man clutching the Guttenberg Bible, Elsa (the girl with the cousin in Memphis), and the others, and he could easily sense the worry and almost dread in knowing about their family members by just momentary eye contact.

Sam looked down at his right shoulder, and warmly spoke to Laura to make sure she was feeling okay, after the entire blood poisoning ordeal, "'re okay?"

Laura gave a small smirk, in response, and answered being half-asleep, "I'm fine Sam....and thanks again.... for saving me...really..."  She continued to fall asleep onto Sam's chest as she started to lose herself in the warmth that Sam provided.

Sam was relived hearing that she was okay since he feared seeing her in that lifeless, clammy condition again.  It was an unforgettable sight seeing her eyes looking bruised, her hands cold as the ice outside, her lips that looked unusually waxy, and a body that seemed to endlessly struggle and become weak.

Laura could hear Jack Hall and Tom Gomez (Jack's supervisor) talking with each other about the massive evacuation plan that had occurred.  Laura was dozing in and out and before she could try to get any type of rest, she glanced upon the Statue of Liberty.  The appearance of the statue made it seem as if she was some powerful ice, sculpture queen.  Laura focused on it for a few moments, a combination of mixed feelings of sadness and relief filled her mind.  She was downcast seeing that the Statue of Liberty, symbolizing freedom and opportunity, was encased in an ice tomb; reflecting over her own life on how her preparations for college and perseverance for success seemed deathly calm as the ice that surrounding the statue.  Her relief, was in knowing that, the destruction had ended...and wouldn't have to be subjected to the merciless forces of nature.  She then sank into a deep sleep....dreaming away from the conditions of her physical body.

Immediately, after sleeping for an unknown amount of hours...she is violently woken up to the turbulence of the helicopter.  She quickly sits up and cries out to anyone, "WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

What Laura and the rest had least expected was that another superstorm was created, and was barreling down toward them!  Judith would scream randomly now and then to the sudden drops and rattles of the helicopter.  Luther held onto his dog tight while Brian, J.D., and Sam braced themselves on their helicopter seats.  All three of the guys were holding onto their seats similarly to how Sam held on back on that turbulent flight to New York.

Tom Gomez, shouted authoritatively to the pilots in front, "GUYS!  GET THIS HELICOPTER'S ASS MOVIN'!  THE EYE IS ABOUT TO APPROACH US!"

Laura looked around behind her, and through the windows, to see a fortress wall of clouds that rose thousands of feet high signifying the magnitude of their destructive power.  Sam held onto Laura tightly, tried to reassure her despite the panicky beating of his pulse, "Laura!  Just hold on!  We'll make it!"

Laura looked at the corner of her right eye and saw the French woman trying to hold and comfort her child as tightly as her soul could.  Laura breathed heavily and her mind rushed on thinking, 'This isn't supposed to happen!  It can't happen!  Why!?!?  WHY!?!'  Laura started to cry and close her eyes as she fully pressed her back against the back rest.  The yelling, shouting, and wailing filled the deathly, silent weather outside.  As the first couple of tears fell, she felt a cold rush of ice following them.  The third tear immediately turned into a ice drop.  She looked up and right before her eyes, she was seeing the cold temperatures smother everyone on the helicopter.  Everyone was perfectly quiet.  She was witnessing instantaneous death before her eyes and when she turned to see Sam, she saw his life-deprived body that showed concern toward her.  Her mind was drowning in chaotic thoughts of death and hopelessness; she was seeing whatever was left of her life, being taken away from her.

Her fingers became numb, and she saw the ice crystals spread over to her hands.  She was no longer terrified of what was happening around, but her heart continued to fall endlessly as she felt her life and everything of it, was being taken away from her.  In a few moments, the helicopter engines failed and the helicopter started to plummet toward the unforgiving, callous ice.  She was frozen completely and felt 'trapped' in her own ice covered body.  She could see death stare right in front of her as the helicopter accelerated more and more into the ground.  She didn't want to see the impact but her eyelids were frozen open.  Her soul began the ice-covered helicopter tore through the a few seconds...she would be...

"LAURA!  LAURA!", Sam forcibly shook Laura up seeing her in her extreme, emotional condition.

Laura wildly woke up and she tried to recognize what was happening to her and her surroundings.  She took a few seconds and looked around herself and the weather outside.  Ironically, they were almost at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico and Laura never felt such warmth on her skin and in her lungs.  She quickly calmed herself down and felt her face several times.

Brian commented, "Whoa!  Hey, a... what happened to you Laura?"  Everyone was staring at her behavior strangely, but with the utmost concern.

Laura noticed the stares and she realized that she was sweating and crying all throughout her entire nightmare of reliving a superstorm.  Her cheeks were soaked with her tears and her eyes were blood shot.  She was embarrassed, and felt slightly sheepish because of her emotional reaction to a dream....a dream they had no idea of.   Laura rolled her eyes, and playfully said trying to ward off attention to her, "Sorry guys...just some strange dream I guess..."

Brian slightly teased with his eyes bulged out, "You guess?..."

Sam with deep interest and concern, said softly, "Are you sure everything is okay?"

Judith had took her medical text with her from the New York Public Library, just in case, and looked at Laura suspiciously as if she was still ill or something.

Jack Hall, questioned, "Are you sure?"

Laura dismissed their concerns, with a nod, "Yeah....I'm fine..."  It was an almost traumatic dream that penetrated the depths of her heart, and she realized with the chaos going around in the world...the least thing people needed to be concerned with was some irrational dream.

The co-pilot announced to the group, "Guys!  We're almost there...."

Everyone noticed the seemingly thousands of tents around the U.S. Embassy that provided relief and aid.  In the sky, they saw how everyone was rushing back and forth, quickly attending to one matter and another as if it was a large ant colony.  Everyone was relieved seeing and feeling the warmth, and just noticing the abundance of people, after coming from such a desolate icy wasteland.

As the helicopter began to land, Sam and Jack were excited seeing Lucy waiting by for them while Jason smiled happily, like a schoolboy, seeing Janet there as well.  Laura, Brian, J.D., and the others who were from the library smiled seeing a heart-felt anticipation of the Hall family seeing each other.  When the helicopter barely landed on the ground, and the engines were turned off, Jack and Sam rushed toward Lucy.  Lucy just stood there, smiling in tears, seeing her son run up to her and feeling grateful to see her son again; she just visualized how similar this scene looked back when he was in elementary school and how he would rush to see her after school ended.  When Sam started to hug Lucy, Lucy responded by quickly latching onto her son tight as if she never wanted to let him out of her sight again; Jack quickly joined the two by giving the both of them a huge bear hug.  The Halls continued hugging each other tightly as the tears continued to pour...

Just though as the Hall's were embracing and tearfully happy to see each other, the others from the library quickly realized and wondered about their own families.  Could they have made it?  Laura, Brian, J.D., Elsa, Judith, and the rest were torn between not wanting to know and needing to know about the fate of their families.  Laura, Brian, and J.D. just glanced at each other...all being anxious.  They all were having flashbacks of the enormous storm surge wave back in Manhattan, the snow, the superstorms, just everything...they just couldn't emotionally visualize their family members in being something like that.  Hearing the shrieks and cries of the suffering made their souls shiver; deeply hoping and longing that their families hadn't experienced nature's wrath and terror.  As they slowly got off the helicopter, and the sun was freshly glowing on them,  J.D. (carefully walking with his injured leg), Laura, Brian, Elsa, the French woman and her child quickly all held each other's hand (for emotional support) and took a deep breath.  They carefully made their way around the joyous Hall family scene (which they courteously did not want to disturb) and toward the U.S. Embassy to hear about their families' fates...  They all walked toward the embassy with determination and inner fear...

To Be Continued…