Chapter 1 - Trapped

Summer, 2003

"Oi! George!" A hasty whisper from his twin brought George Weasley running back into the dark passage of the tomb. Ron was chatting happily with Ginny about something, and Bill was giving what sounded like a formal tour lecture. Their parents were listening raptly. The only one who might have seen him was Charlie, and he wasn't worried about that. Charlie was not the sort to ruin a good prank, which is exactly what he knew Fred was about to begin.

When he reached him, Fred gestured into another passageway. Percy, torch in hand, was running his fingers over the pictures Bill had just explained, his back to them. Sniggering wickedly into their fists, the boys drew their wands and quickly began making illusory blocks. When the chamber Percy was in was, for all intents and purposes, completely sealed, they ran to catch up with the rest of the family.

At 14 years of age, the Weasley twins were well known for their pranks, and their uncontrollable sniggering gave them away, even though Charlie hadn't told. Mrs. Weasley turned around in fury, counting red heads faster than anyone would have expected.

"Where's Percy!" she asked, her tone bypassing alarm entirely and settling firmly on accusation. After several indecent snorts to try and stop laughing, George managed to point toward the pyramid they'd just left.

Narrowing her eyes angrily, Mrs. Weasley huffed past them, her strides long and purposeful for such a short, stout witch. "Honestly! Less than a week and you two are already – "

A hoarse shout followed by piercing screams cut her off. Instantly, the entire Weasley family was running back into the pyramid, wands drawn. The twins and Bill made it first, and Fred removed the illusions.

As soon as the doorway was apparent, several things happened at once. The screaming turned into hysterical sobs as a flash of shiny, dark hair flew out the door and collided with George, who had to take a quick step back to keep from tumbling over.

Bill jumped past the girl to find that the chamber held more than just Percy, who was deathly white and casting hexes at the other occupants. Two moldy mummies, seemingly impervious to useful hexes like the full body bind and the impedimenta curse, were bearing down on him. Bill quickly used his wand to create a line of fire between his brother and the mummies, knowing from experience that it was the only thing that held them at bay.

Percy, breathing rapidly, followed him back out of the room, glaring angrily at the twins, one of whom was still being held tightly by a hysterical girl no more than 16 years old. Her hair was falling inelegantly over George's shoulder and he looked extremely uncomfortable, but was unwilling to make things worse by pushing her away. Fred, on the other hand, would have been laughing at his brother's discomfort if it hadn't been for the glare Mrs. Weasley had fixed on him.

"Of all the – scaring a muggle like that! Ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" Mrs. Weasley was beside herself with anger, and it didn't look like Mr. Weasley was in much more indulgent a mood.

"She wasn't in there when we did it, honest," George said, the now quieting girl in his arms making his voice a little more gentle than his usual protests of innocence. For once, his mother took a moment to think about that before simply exploding at the boys again. George unconsciously tightened his arms around the girl as she quieted further.

With a grin, Fred filed that tone of voice away in his head for later use. It did sound more sincere than how he'd have said it. He looked over at Charlie, who grinned and winked at him, only to wipe the look from his face a moment later when Percy began to speak.

"That's not the point," he snapped irritably. "You're on holiday and shouldn't be using your wands at all. Not to mention that I'll likely be in trouble as well, since I had to defend myself!" He adjusted his prefect badge self-importantly as Mrs. Weasley's face fell into anger again.

"Alright, Weasleys, get out of here! Hurry up, now," she said, shooing Ginny away from the doorway, where she'd been trying to catch a glimpse of the mummies.

"A minute, Mum," Bill said. "I need to deal with those so no one else runs into them. I'll handle that, too," he added, gesturing toward George and the girl.

Everyone followed Mrs. Weasley back out of the pyramid, except Bill and George. Bill gave them an odd sort of look as he dodged back into the chamber. With a few very strange sounding hexes, he convinced the mummies to fall asleep again and levitated them back down the corridor toward their sepulchre. "Wait there, George, I'll be right back," he called over his shoulder.