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Chapter 5 - Control

Summer, 2003

George sat sullenly in the room he and Fred shared with Ron, while Bill whispered outside the door with their dad. He didn't have to be present to know what they were saying. 'Keep him here. Keep her there. Maybe it will go away.'

Mrs. Weasley had already fussed over him as much as he could stand. Bill had obviously not told her what the exact affect of the gem was, for which George was eternally grateful. At least only one of his brothers had seen him kiss her. Or had she kissed him? He couldn't quite remember.

He dressed for bed and took the couch without complaining. Fred and Ron stayed silent, worried. There hadn't been a single prank since the incident in the pyramid four hours ago, which was about four hours longer than the twins had ever gone. Nevertheless, they fell asleep quickly, tired from a day of exploring in the oppressive heat.

George lay awake, amazed at how clearly he could hear them breathing. Soon the sound of soft snores came from outside the door as well. Sounded like Charlie had been standing guard. Charlie's snores were the softest of all the Weasley brothers, since his nose hair had been singed by dragon fire so often. George decided that Bill was probably standing outside the door to Jamila's room, making sure she didn't leave. That's when the idea came to him. The balcony. He could surely find her room, it was only three doors back down the hallway from this one. He crept silently to the glass door and opened it. Percy was snoring loudly from a plastic chair that had long since yellowed in the hot sun. George closed the door softly behind him. Percy didn't move.

He could see her balcony from here; no one was there. He climbed to it carefully and pulled on the door. Locked. He grinned in the darkness, taking his lock picking kit from his pocket and working the lock for a few short moments. When that didn't work he pulled out his wand. No reprimand had come from the ministry for his other spells today, so he guessed he was far enough out of their jurisdiction to be safe. A moment later he was inside and casting a privacy charm on the room.

She looked up, her eyes puffy in the lamplight. How many hours had passed, and she'd never turned out the light? "Nox," he muttered, waving his wand that direction. The room fell dark.

"Who are you?" she whispered in awe. He felt rather than saw her get up from the bed and come towards him. Before he could answer, her lips were on his again. He dropped his wand and held her, kissing her roughly. He'd never thought of doing with a girl what he was imagining now, and he was more than a little afraid. Yet he was more afraid to try and stop, in case he should find that he couldn't.

She let him pull her shirt over her head, his lips waiting for hers as soon as the fabric was out of their way. She wore nothing under it, and he closed his eyes, though it was far too dark to see her. Instead he ran his hands over her breasts, still kissing her hungrily. She backed away, and he stopped, letting her pull her mouth out of his reach, giving her a chance to stop if she wanted. The thought flashed through his mind that he was too young for this, that he didn't want it. Then the darkness melted into purple as her hand found his and she pulled him forward.

They landed on the bed heavily. She didn't giggle as Alicia had done when he'd kissed her cheek at King's Cross last month, but then, he wasn't kissing her cheek, either. She pulled off his jumper, her hands hot against his shoulders, pulling him down onto her. There was a moment of inaction, then -

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "We can't do this." Her voice was firm. After all she'd been through, she would not be forced again, not even by magic. And she wouldn't let George be forced either.

As if in answer to her declaration, the purple faded from her vision abruptly, and she could tell that the same was true for him. "Oh bloody, bloody hell!" he murmured. "I'm sorry."

"It was the gem," she whispered back. "It's not your fault, but we can't let this happen." She put her arms protectively around his shoulders as he rolled away, and planted a kiss on his neck.

George lay there for as long as he dared, struggling with his own desires even as she held him. When his eyelids began to feel heavy, he disentangled himself from her arms. "I should go." She was still awake, he could feel it, but she didn't answer. He found his shirt quickly and was nearly to the balcony when he heard her sniff. After a moment's hesitation, he crossed the room again and sat on the bed. "I'm sorry. I'm a bastard." His still-changing voice betrayed him, and squeaked the slightest bit, bringing a sob from the girl who'd already pulled the blanket up to cover herself.

"No. I should have known better. You're – we're too young." She wasn't ready for him to realize that this wouldn't have been her first time.

George reached out hesitatingly in the darkness and his hand found her tearstained cheek. Then he did the one thing she least expected. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, gently, the way he'd once imagined kissing Alicia, whose face he couldn't recall at the moment.

"Go," she said, when he pulled away. "You'll be caught and your mum will have a fit." He smiled, then, knowing she was right.

"They probably won't let me see you again. But I'll never forget you. When I'm done with school, I'll come back and find you."

She nodded silently, unwilling to tell him that she wouldn't be here a single day after Bill brought her the money from Gringotts and took that wretched gem away. Then his hand slipped from her face and he was gone.

She dressed carefully, then headed back to bed, knowing that Bill would arrive in a scant few hours to pay her for the artifact. She hadn't brought any pajamas, so he would have expected her to sleep in clothes. Her toes grazed a bit of stray wood as she felt her way across the room in search of her shirt, and she bent to pick it up. George's – whatever it was. The thing he'd used to knock out Mikal. She tucked it into her satchel with the few other artifacts she'd scavenged in the last week. She'd give them all to Bill in the morning. Then she lay down again and let the tears come, crying until the knock came at her door, accompanied by the first light of dawn.

George looked forward to sleeping late that morning. Alas, he had a brother named Fred. The sun was barely up when Fred and Ron transfigured the cushions of his couch into chalk, forcing him to roll off the uncomfortable things and onto the equally uncomfortable floor. They had obviously reached the same conclusion about the ministry's magic detecting ability as he had: it didn't stretch as far as Egypt. He reached for his wand to get back at the still-laughing forms of his brothers and felt a moment of panic. It was gone.

He was saved by a knock at the door. Bill came in, eyeing George's panicky face knowingly. "Gringott's bought the gem, but they didn't want this muggle stuff, so I bought it." He tossed Jamila's satchel to George, who caught it, his eyes widening in understanding.

Fred and Ron stopped laughing abruptly. "She isn't going to remember any of this, is she?" George asked tensely. Bill shook his head. There was a heavy moment of silence before George grinned impishly. "Good! That was the most embarrassing thing that's EVER happened to me!" He tossed the satchel down on the chalk couch and headed for the shower, hoping his act had been enough to fool at least Fred and Ron. Then he remembered his wand, and raced back into the room. He snatched the leather bag back up and took it with him to the bathroom, locking the door behind him as Fred and Ron started laughing at him again. He dug for his wand. Sure enough, it was in there, along with a note.

[George, Bill says I won't remember you after today, but I think he's wrong. I think everywhere I go I will look for red hair and freckles. Don't come back to Cairo for me. I won't be here, and I'm not worth the trip. Save your love for someone deserving. Jamila]

He charmed the note to read as directions to the Burrow when anyone else saw it, and put it back in the satchel reverently. It was too much to hope that she would remember, but he knew he always would. That would have to be enough.


AN: They kissed, and he felt breasts. They managed to stop themselves before it went any further, which is quite impressive, considering their respective ages, and the compulsion spell on them. I hope that no one was particularly offended. Rest assured that I do not think of 14 year olds as sexual beings. (In fact, I sure hope they aren't! Merlin knows I wasn't at that age.) This has been my attempt to explain why Fred would make a date while all the common room was watching, but George wouldn't do any such thing. Hope you enjoyed.