This is a poem I made up. I'm not great at poems so bear with me. Its
about Seto Kaiba and his tragic love life. It's kind of sad. Anyway, I do
not own YuGiOh. Hope u enjoy this poem. The words in parenthesis are those
creepy background whispers.

Just You and Me

As I look around, I cannot find you
Why did you disappear?
Whoever killed you, let them kill me too
I can't live without you here.

I hear you calling out my name,
I see your face but it's not the same
You look so much happier than me
You don' seem to care that you died; nobody does, but me

You drift into the twilight once more
With a parting kiss to my ear
Why do you leave me, why do you go, when I had you in my arms so near?
Do you not care for me? Is that what love's about?

As I remember that night
When I watched your life go,
I remember your last words
'Do not forget me, I will come back to you'
Now I believe your words, I believe they're true!
I will always wait my life for you

Are you here? Are you there?
You aren't anywhere.
But you're in my heart, as you'll always be
Just both of us, just you and me

Forever and ever no boundaries to break
And no death to separate
(Just you and me)
Until I find you please wait for me
(Just you and me)
Then it'll be
(Just you and me)
Just you and me.