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"No,no,no, Pip. It goes like this," Merry said showing his cousin a different move of the game 'Rocks' he had invented to keep themselves preoccupied.

"Merry!" Pip said sounding exasperated, "you're changing the rules again!" Pippin wanted to play and keep his mind off the perils of this journey, but he just could not keep up with the increasingly changing of rules every five minutes when Merry found that it was not in his favor.

"Why do you not play that game 'Tig,Tog'?" Frodo suggested, tiring of hearing his cousins bicker.

"Yes, Merry, we have not played that since we told cousin Frodo we made that one up, too. It was too funny when we kept changing the rules on him," Pip explained.

"Yes, very funny," Frodo smirked trying to concentrate on his meat and potatoes which seemed to be swimming in front of his eyes. He decided to put the plate aside and lay down.

"What is wrong, Mr.Frodo," Sam asked as usual when he'd seen his master lay down for the fourth time in a row without touching his food.

"Nothing, Sam. I am just not hungry," he tried to explain. He knew he would catch grief for it if he kept it up. Sam would tell Strider, then Strider would poke and prod, then mix up some concoction that he would have to drink making him feel worse than before. He knew deep down inside what it was. He just kept telling himself if just did not accept it, the feeling would go away. The Ring was pulling him in.

At least that is what he had hoped, and once he got rid of it, his tiredness would go away. One thing for certain now, he mused, Strider is off hunting and will not be back anytime soon. So, he still had a chance to escape the Ranger's potions. With that, Frodo closed his eyes and the last thing he heard before drifting off was how Pippin was going to invent a game and change all the rules when Merry started winning.