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Brushing her hair off of her face, Hermione Granger made her way to the Potions classroom. It was a rather hot Monday afternoon of the first week of school and she was starting her 6th year. This was only her second Potions class of the year and already she was sick of Snape and his bitch, Malfoy.

"Get out of my way, mudblood." Malfoy spat at Hermione as she entered the dark classroom.

"Go to hell, Malfoy."

"Watch your mouth, Miss Granger." Snape drawled as he came into the room. "10 points from Gryffindor."

Hermione sat down and Snape's lesson started. Once he gave out instructions, the class began to work on their potion.

"Bloody hell." Hermione cast a spell to right her potion once again.

"Having troubles?" The blonde sitting next to her said.

"No, thanks."

"Whatever." Malfoy continued to work but kept sneaking a glance at Hermione. Potions ended and Hermione went to the library. She sat down and suddenly had a feeling that someone was watching her. Looking around, Hermione didn't see anyone or anything suspicious. Thinking nothing of it, she continued to study and fell asleep at a table; her head resting on her book.

"Where's Hermione?" Ron asked the next morning. "I haven't seen her since Potions yesterday."

"I don't know," Harry replied worriedly. Just then Dumbledore appeared at the front of the Great Hall.

"I am afraid I have some rather upsetting news. One of our students has been taken from the castle. This student's whereabouts are unknown and the culprit is being looked into. I would like to warn everyone of you to please stay inside the castle at all times, and the rules that applied in your 3rd year will apply now until further noted. Please see the bulletin board for further information. Thank you and may you have an educational day." Dumbledore left the podium with a solemn look on his face.

"I wonder who the student is," Ron said worried. Harry gave Ron a look of worry. "No. You don't think...?" Ron said getting anxious.

"Well she isn't here and we haven't seen her since yesterday." Harry got up and hurried to Dumbledore's office. Ron followed at his tail. Saying the password and proceeding up the staircase, Harry entered the headmaster's office to find the wizard sitting at his desk.

"Hello Harry. What might I help you with today?" The old man asked kindly.

"Who is the missing student? Is it Hermione? Is she ok??" Harry started asking questions at a very fast pace; yet Dumbledore's expression did not change.

"I am afraid that the missing student is indeed Miss Granger. I am not entirely sure where she is but we have every wizard from the Order out looking for her. We have an inkling that she may be in the hands of the Dark Lord himself."

Harry swallowed hard and Ron looked as though he was going to pass out.

"Other than that I don't think that you have anymore questions for me that could be answered fully at this time. So will you please go back to your class – Prof. Sprout is waiting."

"But how could she be in the hands of You-Know-Who? Why would he want her?" Ron spoke quickly as they made their way to the greenhouse.

"I don't know. I thought he was after me."

"I did too. Harry, we have to find her. What if she's hurt? Or worse-"

"Dead." Harry said quietly. Ron gulped.

Harry and Ron went inside the greenhouse to find it empty.

"Where is everyone?" Ron asked, looking around. He spied a note on the door Prof. Sprout's Class On Excursion. Any late students report to Hagrid's hut.

"How did we miss that?" Harry asked. Ron shrugged. The boys went to Hagrid's in search of their class. They found them in Hagrid's garden, looking at various plants.

"Well ello, 'Arry!" Hagrid greeted them cheerfully. "An' Ron too. How are ya's?"

"Fine, Hagrid."

"Boys, where have you been? You are late." Professor Sprout appeared from the crowd of students.

"We were with the Headmaster." Professor Sprout raised an eyebrow. "Fine then, join the group."

"Harry," Ron whispered, "Lets talk to Hagrid after, alright?" Harry nodded and they joined the group of students in the garden.

"No.... Don't..." Hermione's eyes flittered open. She looked around the room, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark setting. Her head hurt, and she could feel dry blood on her cheek.

Just then a dark figure walked into the room, unidentifiable my Hermione.

"Ah, I see you are awake. Good, good." The voice drawled in the shadows. Hermione tried to sit up but realized she was in a partial body bind, and was unable to move.

"Just a safety precaution. Wouldn't want you to run away on us, now would we?" Chuckling evilly, the figure moved towards the girl. It muttered a spell and Hermione sat up, her eyes still unable to recognize the person in the darkness.

"Who are you?"

"Why, you don't know?"

"No." The person muttered 'Lumos' and lifted its wand to its face. Hermione gasped slightly at the sight of Lucius Malfoy.

"Hello, Miss Granger. Or shall I say, Miss Riddle?"
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