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Note: Sequel to my Yu Yu Hakusho fic "Book of Shadows". If you haven't read it, you won't understand what's going on here. So head on over and read it! It's short.

Additional note: This is Card Captor Sakura. NOT Cardcaptors. The names are the original, Japanese names, and the relationships have not been sterilized and edited for Americans. If you don't know what the differences are... well, I'm not sure just how far they went when they butchered the series in the name of Not Offending American Parents. Go find the original series and find out.


Ch. 1 - A Beginning

The vines holding Sakura up vanished, and she fell heavily to the ground. Stunned, she stared up at the sky for a moment, hearing only her breathing and the odd, throbbing hum of magic.


She blinked. That was Kero-ch... no, Keroberos, the full-grown version. The lion's head filled her vision, eyes crinkled in worry. "Sakura," he repeated.

"Sakura-chan," Tomoyo murmured, her own face coming into Sakura's view.

"What...?" Sakura rolled onto her side and sat up, a bit dizzy. Then she raised her head, and her eyes fell on five familiar, flattened, rectangular shapes hovering in mid-air. "Cards...?" But she'd caught them all, hadn't she?

Keroberos turned his head, following her gaze. The five new Cards gave a last pulse of shimmering light, then faded to the ordinary, pink tones of Sakura Cards. But unlike Cards, they didn't float to her hand.

A faint rustle of feathers in the wind, and Yue landed on Sakura's other side. "Mistress," he murmured, lifting her from the ground. He settled her upright, leaning on Keroberos and Tomoyo-chan for support, then his eyes fell on the Cards.

"I thought... I thought I captured them all..." Sakura murmured.

"You did," Keroberos assured her.

"Then what are THOSE?" Sakura pointed.

Yue lifted a hand and beckoned at the five slips of paper. Slowly, they floated towards the little group, lining up at a height where Sakura could see them properly and sound out the romaji lettering.

The first picture was a fox-man of some sort, long-haired and posed facing front. His hands were cupped near his chest, wrists crossed. One hand contained a green-tinted gem; the other, a yellowing scroll. Even with the blank, sleeping face of an inactive Card, he had a faintly menacing expression. "Se Shiifu," Sakura read aloud. She couldn't remember if she knew that word. "Can somebody translate?"

Keroberos opened his mouth, but Yue beat him to it. "The Thief," he said, pointing towards the card. Then he must've decided to simply finish the row.

"The Mask," he said, his finger moving to the next Card. The image here was a face, no expression at all, androgynous and capped with a head of long, red-tinted hair. The body disintegrated into ribbons somewhere near the collarbones. Sakura couldn't tell if the face was supposed to be male or female, or -- most likely -- neither.

"The Sight." An eye, fitted lengthwise in the space, iris tinted violet. "The Swift." A small, muscular boy or man in profile, his hair wild and black and sticking nearly straight up. A shock of white formed a starlike shape near the front of his head. He held his hands cupped before him, a swirl of blue-black fire in them.

The last card showed a dragon of the same color fire, coiled to take up most of the space available. Yue paused for an instant before translating this one.

"The Destroy."

"How could Clow make Cards like these?!" Keroberos burst out Sakura looked at him, swaying as he nearly pulled out from under her in his yelling. "I mean, Thief and Destroy, those've got 'use me for evil!' stamped all over them!"

Yue drew himself up -- literally; he tended to hover a centimeter or so in the air, and now was a good two centimeters further from the ground. "They aren't Cards."

"Sure look like 'em to ME!"


"They are."

"They are not."


"Are n-- I'm not getting into this with you." Yue turned his head away, raising his chin haughtily.

Sakura turned to focus on the Cards, then tentatively beckoned them. They seemed to hesitate, then slowly floated towards her. They settled in a neat stack in her hand. "Warm..." she murmured. The edges of her vision were going fuzzy, but the Cards themselves weren't. She rubbed a thumb along the side of the top one, The Swift. "So warm..." And dark... was night falling? She hadn't thought it was that late yet...




An arm curled around her waist, and she knew nothing more.


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Sakura doesn't speak English. Her first pronunciation of "The Thief" is supposed to be that way.