Title: My Father's Son

Author: Takada Saiko

Disclaimers: I wonder sometimes why I even bother to make these anymore.....

A/N: Third in my series! Yay! Much thanks to JackFan2 aka Cap'n Julie for helpin' me out on coming up with some stuff for this! Greatly appreciated :)

Chapter One: Midnight Conversations of Dreams

"I'm home!" William Turner called as he stepped into the house, gazing around. Rebecca? Will?"

"Papa!" a young Will hollered as he launched himself at his father.

"I've got something for you, lad," William said as he held out a small package.

His son took it eagerly, tearing it open to find a gold piece with a chain attached to it. "What is it?"

"Aztec gold," William answered his son. "Keep it with you always, lad."

Will nodded.

His father looked up to see his wife walking into the room. "Run along and play, Will. I'll see you in a bit."

Rebecca watched her son run out of the room, fingering the gold in his hands. "You won't stay long, will you?"

William looked down. "Rebecca, love, something's happened and I don't know if I'll be coming back."

She looked at him, horrified. "William! But Jack promised he'd never take you away for good! He said...."

"Jack's not the captain any longer, Rebecca, something happened. Something terrible. I'm sorry to place this burden on you and Will, but.... I don't think I'll be returning any time soon." He leaned forward and kissed his wife. "I love you, Rebecca. You and Will... You're what I care about most, remember that."

Will came out of the dream with tears in his eyes. Dream... memory... something. He turned to see Elizabeth still sleeping peacefully beside him and he quietly got out of bed and made his way to another room. The moonlight poured into the house, reminding him of a curse that he'd much rather like to forget.

He hadn't remembered that day that his father had left in great detail until recently, but now the memory plagued him in the form of dreams. His father had left him the Aztec gold to protect, and he, Jack, and Elizabeth had just barely done it. He sighed heavily.

"Not sleepin' well, lad?"

Will spun around, his sleep-deprived mind not registering the voice. There was someone in his house that was not supposed to be there.

"I'sjus' me, Will," Jack's voice finally penetrated his mind. The pirate was standing in his dining room, moon lighting up half of his face to show a grin across his tan features. "How ya doin', lad?"

"I'm well," Will finally managed. "What are you doing here, Jack?"

"Can't a friend visit?"

"Can't a friend come in during the day like a normal person?" He glanced at the window across the room with curtains shifting in the breeze. "And through the door, perhaps?"

Jack grinned. "Pirate."

"Very true."

"Somethin' botherin' ye, Will?" Jack asked as he stepped closer.



Will cocked an eyebrow. "Must you know?"

"Just tryin' to 'elp, lad. If ye don' wan' it, ye don' have to accept it."

"Just leave it, all right?!" Will snapped.

Jack stepped back, a slightly hurt look in his eyes. "'m sorry, Will. Jus' wanted to drop by and say 'allo." He turned to leave.

"Jack, wait!" Will had to jog to keep up with the still leaving pirate. "Jack, please, I'm sorry."

"S'okay, Will, I just don' wanna get in the way, eh?"

"Jack, you're not in the way.... I'm sorry...." He grasped his friend's shoulder to keep him from walking further. "I've just been having these dreams that have kept me up and...."

Jack cocked his head to the side slightly, waiting for the blacksmith to finish.

"Jack, what was my father like?"

This caught the pirate slightly off his guard. "What do ye want to know about 'im?"

"I've been wondering for a while now.... I guess the past year since we talked about him."

Jack closed his eyes, straining his memory for what Will was talking about. Ah yes! Of course! Right before the Crimson Wave incident. How could he forget? "Wonderin' wha', Will?"

"Just about him... He came home, yes, but he never stayed long, so I don't really remember what he was like. I know you and Gibbs say he was a good man, but that's all I know."

"I've told ye 'e use to talk our 'ears off 'bout ye. 'e was loyal.....Most loyal man I knew."

"Yet he didn't stop the mutiny."

Jack froze. His hands had been moving as he spoke but now they stopped dead where they were, suspended in air and his eyes wide. He had tried to forget Barbossa's mutiny within the past year or so. The memories were too painful and threatened to make him judge his current crew on the actions of his former. The pirate captain swallowed. "Will, don' guess ye've snuck some rum in , 'ave ye?" he asked with a forced grin.

"Jack, please stay to the point."

"You're gonna 'ave to get me plenty drunk to talk about this, mate."

Will nodded. "All right."


Half an hour later Jack was on his second jug of rum. They'd been mostly silent – he did not have a moment to say anything while chugging rum - up until this point. Finally Jack set the bottle down, raising a hand in a sweeping motion as he began to speak. "Yer father," he began, "was my closest friend on the Pearl. 'e was one of the few who 'ad a family back 'ome and some men looked down on 'im for it, specially since 'e cared about 'is family. 'ol William warned me about the possibility of mutiny many times before it 'appened. 'Bloodthirsty and ready for a good killin', they are,' 'e'd say. 'They're sayin' yer too young, Jack.'" Jack stopped and looked away for a moment.

"How old were you when you became captain?"

"I was fourteen when I came aboard 'er - Yer father picked me up outa Tortuga – and I was captain by the time I was nearly eighteen."

"You were young."

"But I was good, lad, an' tha's all tha' counts in my business. But I wasn' quite as calloused as the rest of 'em. William and I were the only ones who weren't ready to kill everyone onboard if we didn' 'ave to. Barbossa came aboard about a year before the mutiny and led everyone but yer father down 'ill from there. But not 'ol Bootstrap Bill. Good man, William was. Stupid, bloody William..."

"What do you mean?"

"Sendin' tha' piece away.... Always 'ad to do wha' 'e deemed right, 'e did. Good man."

"So are you."

Jack smiled slightly. "So you keep tellin' me, lad. But I guess it all turned out, eh? You and 'Lizabeth got together, yer lad's gettin' bigger and bigger – 'ow's 'e doin' anyway? – and I got me Pearl back. Things turned out well enough."

"Where was he the night of the mutiny, Jack?"

"Who? William? On deck, with everyone else."

"And he did nothing?"

"What can one man do against a crew?"

Will nodded slowly. "I suppose. I'm sorry he died before meeting his grandson. You think we did right calling him Bill?"

"I think William'd 'ave been honored, lad."

Will reached forward to the bottle of rum Jack had been drinking and poured a bit into a glass. "So you've forgiven him?" he asked as he took a sip.

"Don' s'pose 'ere was ever anythin' to forgive. Wasn't 'is idea."

Will nodded. "I wish he'd lived."

"And who's to say 'e didn'?"

The blacksmith choked on his rum. "What?!" he asked in a hushed tone, but still forceful.

Jack waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

"Don't you back out of this one now, Jack Sparrow, you finish what you started to say."

"I said what I was gonna say, lad. Tha's all."

"But what did you MEAN by it?"

Jack frowned slightly and took another swig of rum. "Yer father was cursed when 'ey sent 'im to the depths. 'e COULDN' die, Will. Unless 'e died sometime after the curse was lifted – within the past year – then 'e's out there somewhere."

Will sat stunned. "And you didn't think it was worth mentioning before?"

"Never really thought about it much before...."

"Were you planning on telling me all this when you came tonight?"


"But you'd thought it through?"


Will resisted the urge to slam his head – or better yet Jack's – against the table in frustration.

"Well I didn' wanna get yer 'opes up," Jack continued.

Will glared. "What if I were to know your father was alive and didn't tell you, how well would you take to that, hmm?"

Jack's face became more serious than Will had seen before. "I watched my father drop and 'eard 'is neck break. Neither of us saw yer father die. False hope can break a man, Will, an' I didn' wanna do tha' to ya."

Will sat stunned. He hadn't meant to mention Jack's father. He was having enough trouble seeing Marie and Richard every time he entered Port Royal without the subject being thrown in his face. Stupid Will..... Bloody stupid Will....


"'m goin' to look for 'im soon," Jack said quietly. "If ye'd like to come, I 'ave no objection to it."

Will nodded. "Aye. I'd very much like that."


A/N: Okay! This is the third in my group of stories! Hope it's a good beginning to those who've been following or just those who've jumped in! (Welcome to those!) Just to clear things up, b/c the names are bound to confuse people, this is my attempt to clear it up.

William is Bootstrap Bill. People will refer to him as either Bootstrap or William, but I don't think I'll ever refer to him as Bill b/c of Will's son.

Will is our lovely Will Turner, blacksmith/pirate! He's so pretty.....

Bill is the name I chose to use for Will's son. I had been throwing that idea around in my head as it is (and it echoed, so it was getting slightly annoying....) and JackFan2 was the one that suggested using Bill for the name, so I'm going to go ahead and give credit to her! Yay! Thanks very much :) And also thank you to those who gave me names to use! I might use them for other people just because they were such cool names