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New Look:
Chapter Five

After his training with Kakashi, Naruto was walking down the street, with no ramen, and thinking, Why him!? This is so unfair... I can't stand the idea of them going out! Maybe I should follow them? No, Sakura has a good sense for those things she would know I was there and she would kill me... hmmm, but if I was on a date too then she wouldn't know. Where can I find a girl? Just then he bumped into one.

"Na-na-naruto..." The girl stuttered out looking away.

"Oh sorry, Hinata, I wasn't paying attention. Hey, you wouldn't happen to want to go out to dinner with me tonight would you?" Naruto said with a smile.

Hinata turned tomato color and froze.

"Umm... hello? Hinata? ...oh well..." Naruto started to walk away. What a weird girl.

Just then Hinata snapped out of it. "Naruto! Wait! I... I would like to go to dinner with you."

Naruto turned around, "Alright, I will pick you up at..." shit, I don't know what time they are going... I will have to find out. "Sometime tonight, I am not sure yet... most likely after five."

Hinata just nodded and ran off to get ready - it was already four. Naruto went to find Gai, which wasn't too hard. He found him at Ichiraku. Why do all the Jounins hang out at the ramen shop?

"Hey Gai! I need some help with a date; I heard you gave good advice to Lee." Naruto blurted out. He had no time to play around with this.

"Wow! Naruto you too? This is great! Aww... love is in the air-" Gai began to rant.

Naruto cut him off. "Yes yes... well do you know of any good places to eat?"

"Well I told Lee Hiros was good place. Maybe you guys could go on a double date! Hmm... but they are going at six so I don't know if you would be ready by then..." Gai looked up and Naruto was gone. "Hmm, strange... oh well."

Naruto had the information he wanted and he did not want to waste his time with Gai so he ran off to get ready.


Lee stopped in front of Sakura's house, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. This is it. He tried to remember all the things Gai had told him earlier that day. Sakura opened the door and Lee froze. She looked stunning. She was wearing a pink knee length dress with thick straps and a u-shaped neckline, deep enough to be sexy yet still conservative. The main color of the dress was a light pink almost the same color as her hair. It was a silky material with tiny flowers and leaves embroidered on it. The flowers were a darker shade of pink then the dress and the leaves were a beautiful shade of green which brought out the color of her eyes. Her hair was done up in a bun with curls and some strands hanging down around her face. Sakura smiled at Lee's staring, taking it as a compliment.

Lee snapped out of it then. "Sakura-san, you look beautiful." He handed her the rose.

Sakura smiled in appreciation. "Thank you, Lee, its lovely."

He reached out to take her hand to go to dinner but she headed back into the house. Oh no what went wrong, why is she going back inside. Sakura saw the look of worry on his face.

"I need to put this in water so it stays nice" she informed him.

"oh" was all Lee said.

Sakura soon came back out and Lee attempted once more to take her hand, this time with success. They walked in slightly awkward silence to the restaurant, both in thought. Wow Lee said to himself. I can't believe this is finally happening! Hard work pays off! He thought back to the pain of having his eyebrows and lower lashed plucked and twitched. Sakura also had her thoughts hehe his hand is sweaty...and he just twitched. He must be really nervous... he is so cute when he is nervous... A startled look crossed her face as she realized what she'd just thought, and then she realized they were at Hiros.


Naruto was running late; he really hoped Hinata was ready. He knocked on her door lost in thought. She answered and he was floored. She was wearing tight fitting, knee length, navy blue dress. The material had little sparkles it that reminded him of the night sky. With that big coat she always wore Naruto had never noticed the nice body she had. Hinata blushed deeply - she didn't normally wear things like this but she had gone for it since she really didn't want to blow this chance to get Naruto to notice her.

"Uh... you look good, Hinata... lets go." He paused and wondered if he should hold her hand. Wow... just to touch wait I like Sakura! That's the reason I am going! He decided against it and they just walked in silence side by side to the restaurant. Regardless of his mental battling he couldn't help but steal a glance at her every so often. When they finally got there Naruto spotted Lee and Sakura and requested a table nearby.

When Lee got to the restaurant he did as Gai said and pulled out her chair; unfortunately, Sakura didn't realize he was about to do that and when she went to sit down she fell on her butt. Lee was so embarrassed and begged forgiveness. Sakura just laughed; he might look different but he was still goofy on the inside. They both took their seats and began to look at the menu. Lee was extremely nervous at this point. Ok, conversation, conversation... what can I talk about...uh. Just then Sakura broke the silence.

"Hey isn't that Naruto? AND HINATA! Wow... She looks so pretty." Sakura said in amazement.

"Not as pretty as you." Lee said gazing at her.

Sakura blushed slightly; Lee thought she was even more beautiful when she blushed. She was a pink angel... his pink angel?

"You're not bad-looking yourself, Lee. I really like your new hair," she said, reaching across the table to run her fingers though it. But the hair didn't move, there was too much gel. ::sweat drop::

"Uh... I guess I went a little overboard on the gel..." Lee said.

"It's alright, next time just don't use any gel, then your hair will be soft." Sakura said with a smile.

Next time? She said next time! That means she wants to go out again... even with everything that has gone wrong so far!

Lee ordered the food and they sat and chatted about random things. As they ate they began to talk about their pasts and family and more personal things. Before dessert, Lee decided to take a trip to the men's room.


Naruto sat down with Hinata and ordered some food. She tried to start conversation, but mostly Naruto was just watching Sakura and Lee. Is that why he took me out? So he could spy on them? He must like Sakura... This hurt Hinata but she decided to make the most of it. This was probably the only time she would ever get to go out with him. She was going to tell him.

"Naruto... I... I...I like-" just then Lee stood up.

"Hinata, hold that thought, I have to go to the bathroom" Naruto interrupted. This is the perfect opportunity. I will just tie Lee up and transform, just like I did with Sasuke long ago.

Hinata sighed. She had tried, she had even gotten all dressed up so he would notice.

Lee had finished up and was washing his hands when all of a sudden he was attacked by four Narutos.

"What are you doing?" He said while fighting back.

A few minutes later a messed and very wet Lee came out of the bathroom.

"What the hell happened to you?" Sakura asked confused.

"Uh... nothing. Maybe we should go now," Lee said looking down.


Hinata waited for Naruto but he never came back. She wondered if he had left her. Naruto lay on the floor in the bathroom tied up. His plan had failed. They fought for a while and the both of them had fallen in a toilet or two. Then when he tried to tie Lee up, somehow Lee had moved extremely fast and switched spots with Naruto. Is it even possible for me to tie myself up like this... arg... his thoughts drifted... Poor Hinata must think I ran out on her... wait, why am I thinking about Hinata? My plan was to get Sakura... she is who I like, right? But Hinata did look really pretty tonight. And I totally ignored her. Damnit, why am I so stupid? If I really liked Sakura I would want her to be happy and she is happy with Lee. Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Naruto? Are you in there? I think I am going to go home now," Hinata said in a sad voice. She turned to walk away.

"Hey Hinata! Can you help me!? Please come in here." Naruto said struggling.

Hinata blushed deeply. What could he want help with? She couldn't go in the men's bathroom.

"Pleeeeeeease Hinata, I'm tied up and I can't move!" Naruto pleaded, hoping she was still there.

"Naruto, I can't go in there! It's the men's room!" Hinata yelled.

People in the restaurant had started to stare. This was becoming very embarrassing. Hinata finally built up some courage and went in. The bathroom was a mess! Stalls were destroyed, water was everywhere; it looked like a battle had taken place. And there in the corner was Naruto tied up in a ball struggling to get free.

"What happened!?" Hinata asked shocked.

"It's a long story. I will tell you on the walk home." Naruto said.


As Lee and Sakura walked, every two minutes Lee would pull out chapstick and put it on. Sakura found it rather amusing and wondered if he was going to try to kiss her.

"So... what happened in the bathroom?" Sakura asked very curious as to why he smelled like a toilet.

"Well, I am not really sure why but Naruto attacked me and we got into a fight and then he tried to tie me up but I moved out of the way and he tied himself up," Lee said in a confused rush.

"Only Naruto could be clumsy enough to tie himself up..." Sakura said shaking her head. "Did you fall into a toilet or something during the fight?"

"Do I smell?" Lee asked, unable to notice anymore since he had gotten used to it.

"Well ya... but it's ok." Sakura didn't want him feel bad. Although there were a lot of mess-ups during the date, it was fun. Lee was really sweet and she had enjoyed herself. They were already at her house. She stopped and turned to him.

"Thank you Lee, I had a good time." She leaned in and kissed him. She got a mouth full of chapstick. Heh... at least it's cherry flavored. She smiled and walked inside leaving a very bewildered Lee standing in front of her door. All of a sudden he jump up in the air and started to dance around. The date was a success.


Naruto walked Hinata home and explained the whole story. He felt she needed to know the truth. By the time he finished they were at her house.

"Good night," Hinata said, turning to go inside. She didn't want to start crying in front of him.

"Wait, Hinata!" Naruto said grabbing her wrist and turning her to face him "I realized something tonight. I don't think Sakura and I are good for each other. She is much happier with Lee. And I... well... I think you're beautiful." With that, he kissed her.

Hinata thought she was dreaming. She felt like she was going to melt. When Naruto pulled away she blushed deeply and looked at him finally ready to say the words she'd always hesitated over.

"Naruto... I like you. I have ever since we were in the academy together." She felt so relieved. Finally, she was able to get that out and it felt great.

"Wow Hinata... I can't believe I never realized that. Why didn't you tell me before?" Naruto asked. He couldn't believe the gorgeous girl in front of him had had a crush on him for so long.

"I guess it was because I was too shy" Hinata said.

"Well I am glad you told me now. Maybe we can do something tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

"I would really like that," Hinata replied with a blush.

Naruto stood there a couple minutes, longer not knowing what else to say. "Uh... good night Hinata."

"Good night Naruto" Hinata said then turned to go inside.

As soon as she got inside she fell back against the door. Naruto kissed me... She was in such a daze that she forgot to get up and ended up falling asleep there. Naruto walked home thinking of everything that had happened. He was really happy. He couldn't wait to see Hinata again.


Elsewhere in the village Iruka was woken up by a phone call from Hiros. It seemed one of his former students had left without paying and they wanted him to cover the bill. Damnit! Why does this always happen to me!