Inevitability by Electric Spyro

A.n. Hi people! I'm very happy to say that I have written (and finished!) another clana fic. It's not really based on any specific movie or show or anything. It's actually kind of dedicated to my freshmen year at highschool which has been over for almost a month now! yay! i'm pretty artistic, so i connect with Clark alot in this story. cept for the whole alien from krypton thing. lol

okiedokie. enjoy!

Lana sat on the rough cement steps leading up to the back entrance of Smallville High. She looked out onto the lush grass of the football field with extreme boredom and tiredness. Her P.E. class had just ran four laps around the field and were now resting to catch their breath before the bell rang signaling their next class.

Lana hated P.E. Especially the days when they had to run in the blazing hot sun. The gym wasn't any cooler - in fact, it was probably warmer - so she and a couple friends decided to wait outside in the shade of the school.

"Sh-t, we have that physics test today don't we?" Michael cursed talking to no one imparticular.

Lana smirked and shook her head. She couldn't believe how unprepared Michael always was. He was laying on the ground just below the stairs rubbing his palms in his face with frustration. His light brown hair was matted and wet due to the strenuous running he'd just done. He was the only one still wearing P.E. clothes - a old gray shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pair of blue basketball shorts.

"Well, you've got about...two minutes to study for it," Erica informed looking at her watch. Erica was a friend of Lana as well as the captain of the cheerleading squad. Her tanned skin and deep brown wavy hair showed that she was very Mexican. She sat crossed-legged next to Michael who grew even more uncomfortable from the information Erica had just given him.

"Don't feel too bad, Mike. I doubt anyone is going to pass it," Lana said honestly from her spot on the steps.

"Yeah," Michael agreed sitting up revealing his bright blue eyes and red face sprinkled with sweat, "except for that new kid - Clark."

"Who?" Lana asked curious.

"Clark Kent - the guy who came four days ago. He's over there," Michael explained knodding over to the bleachers.

Lana turned her head in this direction and saw a dark-haired boy hunched over on the uppermost bleacher drawing something on a notebook. His face was pained with a frown as he tried to get the picture he was creating just right.

"Oh, I see him all the time. I didn't know that was his name," Lana said still looking at Clark.

"How come I didn't see him running out there with us? He's not even sweating." Erica stated also eyeing the new kid.

"Because he" - Michael used his fingers to make quote marks in the air - "'has a severe breathing condition.' I think he just forged his doctor's signature on a note. I mean the dude sits around all day with that notebook. He's probably praticing his mom's signature now so he can skip school. He's like an art freak or something. He hasn't made one friend yet."

Lana turned to Michael with confusion. "You don't know that. He's probably just shy."

"And f-cking smart. If he's not drawing a whole frigin' comic book, he's studying. The guy has no life," Michael admited.


"And you have no time to study." Erica stood and smiled at Michael as he rushed into the school to change before his next class.

Lana laughed also, but she then looked back at the bleachers. Clark was trying hurriedly to stuff his drawings and other supplies in his bag. She couldn't imagine how he couldn't have any friends. Maybe she could find a way to befriend him.

Clark dropped his lunch tray down onto the empty table and sat down sighing. School sucked, but he didn't care. He figured that if he didn't make any friends, he wouldn't have anyone to miss when he graduated. All the people staring and wondering why he never did anything - he was tired of it. Why couldn't they accept him for who he was? He's just a closed off guy with no special talents - or at least none they could know about. That was the other problem - his secret. He knew if he got close to anyone, that they would only push him away when he told them what he really was - an alien.

Clark grabbed his notebook from his bookbag and opened it to the picture he'd been drawing earlier in class. It was a sketch of his biological mother...actually, it was more a portriat of what he thought she looked like. Her fine hair was flowing and swirling around her soft, round face. Her eyes were dark, but loving. A smile played on her beautiful lips. Clark shoved a potato chip into his mouth as he picked up his pencil and began to deepen the shadowing.

"Hey, Clarky."

Clark looked up to see two guys he recognized, but wasn't sure what their names were. A bit baffled by their action, Clark replied, "Um..hi."

"Mind if I look at your stuff?" one of them asked grabbing Clark's notebook before Clark could even answer.

"Actually I do," Clark protested trying to remain calm.

"Oooo who is this?" the other guy asked looking at the picture Clark was working on. "She's hot!"

Clark stared at them angrily. "I suggest you give it back now."

"Why? I want to see some more stuff. You draw so well," the first guy exclaimed smiling as he turned the page.

The next image was a drawing of a younger version of Clark sitting on the ground of a wood floor kissing a girl. Clark's face blushed nervously while the two guys broke out in laughter.

"HAHAHAhahaha! Who - is - this?!" the first one asked through his laughing.

"Whoever she is, she must be stoned!"

"Or blind!"

The two were now practically doubled-over with laughter. Clark reached for his notebook, but the first guy snatched it back. "Hey, I'm not finished looking at it!"

"I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't give it back I will," Clark said shakingly preparing himself to throw the table over and use his heat vision to fry the nearest object.

"Oh! Okay, I'm scared now," the first one said sarcastically before breaking out into another fit of laughter. He began to turn the page and Clark grabbed the edge of the table ready to wing it at any second...

"Michael, I swear you are an idiot."

Clark looked bewildered as a girl with dark shining hair and an annoyed expression walked over to their table and took the notebook away from the two guys laughing hysterically. She handed it back to Clark who thanked her weakly.

"Yeah yeah, okay. I guess we'll see you around, Clarky," the guy called Michael said as he stood up and walked away with his friend still trying to fight off their laughter.

"I'm sorry Mike and his friend are such boneheads. Sometimes I don't know why I even hang out with him." She sat down opposite Clark and smiled politely. "I'm Lana by the way. You're Clark, right?"

"Yeah," Clark muttered flipping his notebook shut and putting it back in his bookbag. He made sure Lana didn't see the picture of the kiss or his mother. He had suffered enough embarassment.

"I couldn't help but notice you're by yourself alot," Lana said trying to be as friendly as possible.

"Yeah, I like it," Clark explained poking at his lunch pointlessly. He didn't want to be rude, but he also didn't want to be too nice to her.

"Why? It's sounds lonely to me," Lana stated curiously.

"I don't plan on being here long, so why take the time to create relationships that aren't going to last?" Clark said looking up at her questionably.

Lana stared back into his eyes. 'On the surface he comes off as being a shut-off person,' she thought in her head, 'but you can tell in his eyes that he's just striving for a friend.'


Clark quickly stood up grabbing his things and swinging his bookbag over his shoulder. He muttered a quiet "See ya." and shuffled quickly out of the cafetaria dropping his uneaten lunch into the garbage.

Lana sighed. 'I know he wants to be able to talk to somebody, and I'm going to figure out how.'

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