Author's Note: Hey Everyone! I'm in the process of editing this entire story. This is the first thing I ever wrote and the grammar, punctuation and stuff is just...terrible. I have the first five chapters done now, and I hope to have the entire story edited within a couple of days. It still won't be perfect, by any means, but it will be SUCH an improvment. Thanks so much for all of the support!

Chapter One:
The Useless Tetsusaiga

'Damn, this thing is still too heavy for me to wield properly.' InuYasha thought to himself miserably. Tonight, like many recent nights, InuYasha left his sleeping companions to practice working his newly repaired Tetsusaiga. He suspected that the monk knew what he was doing, but was wise enough to leave him alone.

It was important that he gain control of his sword. Ever since his battle with Goshinki, which resulted in the Tetsusaiga breaking, nothing has been quite the same. InuYasha has had a horrible feeling of vulnerability, a feeling he despised more than almost any other.

Totosai had forged the Tetsusaiga from a fang belonging to InuYasha's father. Now the sword had been repaired with one of his own fangs, and InuYasha was virtually incapable of using it. To make matters worse he had begun to lose control. All of his life, he had strived to become a full fledged demon. But recently, when he became separated from Tetsusaiga during battles, his demon blood had been taking over him. The carnage that he left behind was indescribable. The idea that he could not control himself frightened InuYasha.

'What if next time I turn on Miroku, Sango or, God-forbid, Kagome?' The very thought sent a shiver down his spine. 'Stop thinking like that. I'll master this sword, just like I did the last time. Then I'll use it to cut out Naraku's heart.' He vowed to himself.

'It's time I head back to the others, if they wake to find me gone they'll worry and come looking for me. There is no way I want any of them to realize how serious the problem is. I can't defend them. Without the Tetsusaiga we are vulnerable to Naraku, and I'm sure by now he knows it.' InuYasha thought to himself and he walked back towards their little camp.

He looked at them there in a peaceful slumber, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. He knew that Miroku could be counted on to fight by his side. The only problem was that whenever Naraku sent his minion, he also sent his poisonous insects. Miroku was incapable of using his wind tunnel, and that left them vulnerable as well.

Then there was Sango, the beautiful and strong demon exterminator, who had more than enough reason to want Naraku dead. However, Naraku had possession of the only thing that mattered to Sango, her little brother, Kohaku. This too presented a problem because Sango loved her brother so much that it she would die herself before hurting him.

Then there was Kagome. It is true that she had the powers of the Priestess Kikyo but InuYasha didn't like bringing her into battle. He had already lost Kikyo to Naraku, he did not want to stand by and lose Kagome.

InuYasha's feelings for Kagome were mixed. He truly cared for her, and would do everything in his power to protect her. But every time he looked at her he saw Kikyo. This was not surprising as she was Kikyo's reincarnation.

She was certainly not Kikyo, but the similarities were there. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget his first love; the young Priestess that showed him love and kindness. For Kikyo, he was willing to give up his dreams to become a demon and live with her as a mortal. Then Naraku turned them against each other, making each think they had been betrayed by the other.

Before Kikyo's tragic death, she used a sacred arrow and pinned InuYasha to a tree, where he remained for 50 years. It was then that he met Kagome. Now Kagome had become a part of his life. He had to admit to himself that he felt similar feelings towards her. She had not treated him poorly as so many humans did. She had stuck by him, even during times any other person would have left him. Kagome had become a part of his life and he could not imagine his life without her by his side.

Having felt eyes upon her Kagome woke up to find InuYasha sitting across the fire staring at her.

"Is something the matter, InuYasha?" Being jolted from his deep thoughts, InuYasha began to blush.

"Nothing is wrong, go back to sleep," he growled at her. He didn't mean to sound harsh but he was embarrassed that she woke to find him staring like an idiot.

"Don't worry InuYasha, I know you're worried but we're all here to help you. Now try to get some sleep so maybe you won't be so grouchy in the morning," she said softly.

"I am not grouchy, and I don't need anyone's help! I could take on Naraku right here and now if I had too!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and thought to herself; 'If he isn't grouchy I would hate to see him when he is.' Just then Miroku turned over and spoke to her in a soothing voice

"Forgive InuYasha, Kagome, he doesn't mean to be such a clod. He is just insecure right now. Once he gains the full use of Tetsusaiga he will feel better. Then he will have to come up with new excuses for being a clod." Then a subdued laugh was heard from Sango. This only added fuel to the fire that was now burning in half demon's eyes.

"You got a problem with me monk? I don't need my Tetsusaiga to take you out."

"Calm yourself InuYasha; I have no wish to fight you. I am simply explaining to Kagome why you have been having troubles sleeping and been more testy than usual."

"Maybe the reason I'm so testy, is because you won't get off my back!"

"All right," Kagome broke in, "let's talk about this in the morning, right now why don't we all try to get some sleep?"