A/N: I thought it would be suiting if the girls could get some revenge on a few Hentai. I would love some feedback, if anyone can think of some good vengeance for them! LOL For now this is what I've got.


Naraku, Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Miroku, and InuYasha were enjoying the hot spring after the shoot. All of them quickly covered themselves as Sango and Kagome walked in. "What the hell are you doing?! Get out of here!" An angered and blushing InuYasha yelled. A sly look swept over Miroku's face as he quipped "Ah, did you girls come to join us?" Kagome gave the men an impish look as she and Sango lunged for the towels, leaving only one.

Naraku got out of the water first and wrapped the towel around his waist. He thrust the door open and was confronted with the sight of Kagome, Sango, Kagura and Kikyo waving the guys clothing madly, taunting him to come out. He slammed the door shut and returned to the others. "They took our clothes, and I'm pretty sure they all have cameras!"

Ok, here is my first thought on the payback. It is open to suggestions, if anyone else can think of a better one!

The guys sat around the spring listening to the giggling and taunting of the girls. Finally, Sango approached the door and called to Kouga.

"You can come to the door and get your clothes, you haven't done anything to us...so we will let you leave." He quickly went to the door and she stuck her arm through. He put his clothes on and fled the building.

Next they called to Naraku, who they also had no reason to punish. He too was given his clothes and he left.

The other three sat there nervously, not knowing what they girls had in store for them. Suddenly they heard Kagome calling to them in a sweet voice.

"Come to the door you guys, we will give you clothes to wear." Not trusting her, Miroku quickly wrapped himself in the towel Naraku had left.

She handed him some clothes and turned back to the girls. They giggled at the guy's reaction, and waited to see if they would come out or not.

Suddenly the door burst open and Miroku and InuYasha ran out, dressed in women's lacy lingerie. InuYasha in red, Miroku in Black. The girls began laughing and taking pictures of the fleeing men.

They waited for a moment, and finally Sesshoumaru appeared before them. He was also in the sexy clothes, only he didn't seem bothered by it. They began taking pictures and he only stood there posing for them. They all began to laugh at this, for they should have realized that he of all people would not be bothered by such a thing.

He then looked at the girls and said, "You're very lucky, I seriously thought about just walking out her naked." He walked through the village with the girls, getting some very odd looks. He began waving and blowing kisses at men as he passed. This also sent the girls into laughter. At least they had gotten revenge on two of the perverts...