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Warning: DM/HP (and a little bit Snape). This is not a fan fiction for those who hates slash, are gay haters, don't like hot scenes etc. etc.

This is Harrys sixth year at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That means new experiences, new discovery, new love and a new LIFE.

Thought/Mind: &....& Speak/Talk: "...."


The beginning

Harry sat alone at King's Cross station and waited for his friends, Hermione and Ron. He was now 16 years old and was about to begin his sixth year at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This summer was a nightmare for Harry. The Dursleys were more terrible to Harry than before. He became thinner since the beginning of the summer holidays and messier, but he also became more muscular, that was because he hadn't much to do at the Dursleys so he used time on training. Uncle Vernon denied driving Harry to the train station saying that he will never return to that mad house, so Harry decided to escape and get to the train station with a bus. He packed during the night and escaped 6 o'clock in the morning. Before he left he walked around in the house checking if there was something he had forgot to pack. He saw Uncle Vernons MP3 player lying on the table, he walked over to the table and looked down on the MP3. &I will need some music while waiting for Ron and Hermione.& He took the MP3 player in his hand and wondered if uncle Vernon will be mad if he knew that Harry "borrowed" his MP3 player. Harry knew that uncle Vernon would killed him because of that, but without a thought he put the player into his pocket and walked out the door.

Now he sat at the train station listening to the mp3 player. Harry felt free for the first time since the beginning of summer holidays. He couldn't wait to see his friends, Hogwarts and Hangrid. He also looked really forward to quidditch. There were also bad sides of returning back to Hogwarts like Snape and Malfoy.

Harry sat alone, waiting when he suddenly saw a boy with silver white hair, pale face and grey cold eyes entering platform 9 3/4. It was Draco Malfoy with his gorillas Goyle and Crabbe. Harry quickly looked another way to avoid eye contact with Draco. Draco looked around and got his eye on Harry unfortunately. He went momentary to Harry ready to bug him.

"Waiting for mudblood and the Weasel?" Harry ignored Draco and continued to listen to the music. "So you're ignoring me? I bet your dear friends are sitting on the train not even thinking about you and flirting with each other." Draco glared at Harry expecting an answer. Harry finally looked up at Draco and said sarcastly, "What are you glaring at Malfoy, are you in love with me or something? As you can see, I am listening to music, so go and throw your precious time on someone else because I am not listening to you!"

Draco's eyes widened and the expression on his face showed impression and something like a horrified look. &I didn't expect Potter to answer me in that way. He never use to have good comments or to be sarcastic, but well I must say that I am impressed.& He looked at Harry and put on a smirk,

"Well, well, well, you are singing my sarcastic tone; I must say that I am impressed."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Oh, really? I am so proud that I am as sarcastic as you Malfoy." He said again in a sarcastly way.

"Well, I still can't see your friends. Mudblood and the Weasel give a shit in your existence. They are friends with you only because you're famous and they think that only because you're famous then the celebrity light will also fall over them."

Harry stood quickly up without thinking and now he was standing face to face with Draco and whispered in a treating tone, "Don't call my friends like that!"

Draco grinned, "Why not? What if I do call them like that? You won't hurt me, would you?"

"Back off Malfoy!" a familiar voice said. Harry could see Ron with his trolley walking towards Harry.

He was happy to see Ron. "Ah, the Weasel! I didn't know that you would come. I thought you and the Mudblood were together on the train, flirting" Draco said smiling.

Ron's ears turned red, "Well, you were wrong then. I'm here, standing next to Harry."

"Oh yes, so maybe you prefer to flirt with Potter then?" Harry glared at Malfoy as his hand turned into a fist, and then he just pushed him away saying, "I have no time to argue with you. I hope I don't hurt your feelings if I go away." Draco was shocked again of Harrys answer.

Harry and Ron walked together on the train and were looking after an empty compartment. They finally found one at the end of the corridor. "I wonder where Hermione is. She doesn't use to be that late." Harry said concerned.

"Don't worry she will show up." A second after Ron was done with his sentence, the compartment door went up.

A girl with big tooth and bushy brown hair stood there smiling, it was Hermione. "Hello there!" Hermione sat down next to Ron.

"Why are you so late?" said Ron.

"Oh, my dads' car is so old and we got problems on the road, but finally I got here." Both boys were smiling.

"So how was your summer?" she asked. Harry and Ron began to speak at the same time. They didn't stop either, they just kept talking.

"Guys! Take it easy. Can one of you talk instead of two?" Ron and Harry changed gaze and then Harry began to talk.

"Well, I escaped from the Dursleys..." Ron's smile faded a little while Hermione was opening and closing her mouth trying to say something and looking like a fish. Harry hurried to answer why he escaped before Hermione began to talk.

"Uncle Vernon denied me to go to Hogwarts and he also denied driving me to the train station, so I escaped." Hermione looked at him as he was mad while Ron smiled only.

"Take is easy Herm; Harry has escaped from them two times before so he is good at this. One of the escapes was with me." said Ron proudly.

Hermione shoot a sharp look at Ron. "I couldn't stand them more. They were horrible to me this summer."

"I can see that! You look like a (pinnedyr)..." said Ron. "And so messy, but escaping from the Dursleys weren't a good idea. I don't know if they will have you back at their home after you have escaped for the third time. Where will you live now?" Hermione asked worried.

Harry said immediately, "With Sirius at Godric Hollow."

Hermione's eyes widened, "No way Harry! You can't! That will be too dangerous. You know very well that he has escaped from a prison and people are looking after him. If they find you at his home with him, well, what do you think people will think about this? There are enough rumours about you out in the wizard world."

"I don't care, as long as I can be with Sirius." Ron agreed, "I support Harry. Would you like to live with a mad family considering a big hairy tomato, an arrogant thin spy and a fat pig? I don't think so. They have been horrible to Harry whole his life and they still are." Hermione looked dejected. Then Ron grinned at her, "Anyway, you make it sound like Harry and Sirius are lovers or something." Hermione shoot him an annoyed look.

Harry took up "his" MP3 player and his wand, and then he muttered a spell and pointed the wand at the MP3 player. Sparks shoot out from the wand and the MP3 player was surrounded by blue light.

Ron looked at Harry and the MP3 player, "What exactly is that?" he asked curiously. "It's a Muggle thing which plays music." Harry said proudly. "I "borrowed" it from uncle Vernon. Now I can listen to it instead of listen to Malfoy." Everybody laughed until Hermione said.

"But Harry, this MP3 player is a Muggle thing. Muggle things don't work in the wizard world." Harry smiled in a sly way and said, "I have fixed that. Didn't you see that a few minutes ago?" Hermione was about to answer, but suddenly they could hear a crunchy sound and Fred and George appeared in they compartment. A mysterious squeal sound escaped from Ron's mouth and his face went red.

"Hello Harry! Hello Hermione" Hello little brother! By the way, why are you so red Ron? Is it because of Hermione?" grin George. Hermione blushed.

"You are ssstaandiing ooon my ffffoot!" George looked down, "Oh sorry Ron, I didn't mean to." He got off Ron's foot.

"So how is it going?" Fred asked. "Very well, how is it going with you two then?" Hermione asked. "Well, we have made a new candy that can make you laugh in about one hour. You can give some of these to Snape and maybe he will smile at last." Everybody began to laugh again.

About one hour later with laughing and kidding the lady with the trolley slid the compartment door open, "Something from the trolley dears?" Everybody began to mess in their pockets after money. Harry bought about five chocolate frogs and one Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans box.

It was getting darker outside and the excitement before Hogwarts grew. "Well, I think it's time to change into our robes." said Hermione. She took down her trunk and took out her robe and school uniform. So did Ron and Harry while Fred and George returned to their compartment.

"Hermione?" asked Harry. Hermione turned around and looked at him, "Yes?" "Did you remember to buy school books for me?" Ron looked at Harry in question. "I asked Herm if she could buy me school books, because uncle Vernon won't let me go to Diagon Alley." Harry explained to Ron. "Yes, I remembered. Here they are." She handed Harry a handful of school books. "Thank you. I owe you one." "No problem Harry, that's what friends are for." Hermione said smiling.

The train started to slow down and the train corridors began to be filled with students. "Finally we are at Hogwarts!" Harry said. The trio stood up and took their luggage except Hermione who muttered a spell and her trunk floated out of the compartment. "Wow! I need to learn this one!" said Ron while Hermione gave him a proud look. Harry held the cage with Hedwig inside. She howled happily.

Finally the train stopped at last. Students began to walk out. Harry, Ron and Hermione walked out and began to walk towards the carriages. Harry could see a big shape of Hagrid a bit from him shouting, "Firs'- years! Firs' - years over here!" Harry smiled happily at Hagrid's sight and ran over to him, "Hello Hagrid! It's so nice to see you again!" Hagrid's hairy face turned into a big smile as he said, "Oh, hello there Harry! It's nice ter se yeh too!" Ron and Hermione said their "Hello" to Hagrid and now they were on their way to the carriages.

Finally they found an empty carriage and they settled down. Harry's excitement grew higher and higher. It was like the first year at
Hogwarts. Then he turned to Hermione, "How was your summer then?" Hermione closed her eyes and opened them again like she had feared this question for a long time.

"Oh well, Victor Krumm visited me and we were hanging around." She blushed slightly.

"Just hanging around!" said Ron. "I bet there was more than just hanging around!"

"Shhhh....Don't talk that loud." Hermione said blushing even more.

"I am not talking loud! I talk like usual!"

"No, you don't! You are almost yelling!"

"Ha! You better listen to yourself! You are the only one yelling right now!"

And the ride continued like that. Ron yelling at Hermione and Hermione yelling at Ron. Harry tried to stop the fight, but they both ignored him, so he gave up and listened to his MP3.

When the carriages arrived to Hogwarts, the trio went out. Ron was mad at Hermione and so was Hermione at him. Harry forgot almost how gigantic Hogwarts was. He looked up at the castle and could hardly see the main tower.

The big oak door swung open and the students entered Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry was glad to be back at school. He stood in front of the door that led to the Entrance Hall. Now his excitement had reached the highest point. Finally the trio entered.