WE join our heroes while they battle the evil megatron!

'Oh geez big bot,. what's goin onnnnn?' screeches cheetor.
'well that's just prime!' quoth the optimus.
(shots fired)
(Rattrap parachutes in)
"hey hey hey, its you favorite neighborhood rat....trap!' says rattrap.
"Its about time rattrap, how was your reconnaissance mission to the enemy base." Asked optimus.
"oh geez, I saw the preds on their way to attacking the energon fields beneath the citadel." Reported rattrap
(tigatron maximizes)
"Grawrowr, I'll be back!!" yelled tigatron.
"go maximals!" yells rhinox
(shots fired)
(Meanwhile at the predacon base)

"damage report!" demanded megatron.
"so much damage!" waspinator said, "waspinator is afraid that the damage will continue!"
"DAMMIT!" TErrorsaur said, "We need more time!"
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" megatron dived out of the base just in time, and the base exploded!
(Just then tarantulas arrives!)
"Oh my goodness, the base!' interjected tarantulas.
"yes, Tarantulas, yes." Megatron pried.
(knocking sound!)
"who's that knocking?"
"It's US, YOU INGRATES!" shouted Airazor with every fiber of HER SOUL!
"it was you all along!" said waspinator who managed to escape the blasts!
(Airazor then exploded! )
"Who is responsible for this airazor bomb?" tarantulas questioned whilst being suspicious.
"who knows?" tarantulas answered, answering his own question, "who knows?"

we rejoin our heroes in their battle against megatron

"Well it seems our airazor bomb has worked, and with stunning success!" squealed cheetor.

"shut up "

"by the matrix!" says tigertron

"we should attack megatron while his base is weakened!!

"NEVer!!!!" screams Rhinox as he runs away

"dammit rhinox, I know it's tough dealing with your loss, but we will work through this....together" exclaims optimus as he comforts rhinox, patting him on the shoulder.

"I...I know..." sniffs rhinox.

"let's get 'em!!" screams Cheetor as he rushes into battle

cheetor dies

"excellent!" Megatron says very happily. "predacons, attack!"

"This is not prime, "sulks optimus.

(rattrap fires shots)

"Im hit!" Caws scorponok.

(scorponok fires his tail acid) (it hits the energon deposits)

'nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!," yells tigatron. "The forests!!!!!!"

(the forests light on fire)

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha, those forests will never be the same, "yells scorponok.

"We came here to protect the land, but now we have lost the trust of the forest," groans optimus.

"The assault is complete, and the citadel is ours!"

"That's what you think," yells the forest. "I love you all with open arms."


(Suddenly, from amongst the woodwork)

"anybody call for a dentist" dinobot asked.

"Dinobot!" everyone cheered.

Suddenly, dinobot arrived on the scene. He began shooting at the square.

"no!" megatron screeched to tarantulas, "if that square is hit, that means the end for this adventure!"

"but... but... what about... the fairy?" waspinator suggested, using tact.

"DAMN IT, 'Spinator! You know the dangers of love!"

Waspinator sighed, "You're right... I forgot about the dangers of love."

Suddenly there was a blast from the past!

"DO DODO DOODODODODODOODOD" silverbolt was in the shower, as he heard the siren's song?

"rhinox? Optimus? Anybody hear that siren's song?"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, silverbolt answered... It was rhinox, "PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!" he then went away, and silverbolt continued to shower... unaware that rattrap had planned it all along.

back at the now destroyed predacon base, the preds are cleaning up the mess from the battle

"dammit, now that the maximals have the love of the forests, it seems we're going to have to make drastic measures...."

"you...don't mean..." started Tarantulas

"yes!" fade out on megatron's smiling face "yes...."

back at the maximal base

"alright, I want rattrap and silverbolt to hold the fort at the citadel" exclaims optimus.

Silverbolt glares at rattrap as he chews on his hamburger.

"what about me??" asks dinobot.

"how many times do I have to tell you dinobot, money won't buy you love."

Dinobot hangs his head in shame "I know....I'm so sorry".

rattrap and silverbolt arrive at the citadel

"Oh no, the citadel has been torn apart by the Fairy....... Grawrowr." Grawrowred tigatron

"the love of the forest will save us from these terrible stallions," trusted rattrap.

(love of the forest saves them)

"thank god for the love of the forest," thanked dinobot.

"oh no, that stallion is going to hit the square," murmured the forest's love.

"hahahahahhahahahahhha, these roots shall set you free, "said megatron as he and his cronies attacked the citadel.

"oh no, the citadel!!!! We forgot about it, now it is all over and no one will be the same again, "Tigatron squealed in displeasure.

(everyone turns purple. But as we all know that's not enough to stop optimus!)


"GO BIG BOT!" the dead corpse of cheetor gas emissioned.

"SHOW'm WHO is a sexy piece of man candy1" silverbolt interjected.

But megatron's might was very might and he was gonna beat optimus until...

"OPTIMUS Evolve to.......... RAPIDASH!"

"the evolution to rapidash was enough to tip the scales, if you know what I mean!" rattrap said, he then digested scorponok.

"well, I guess that answers THAT question," rhinox said.

"but what of the citadel?" dinobot asked.

"I'm not really the citadel," said the citadel, "I'm blackarachnia!" she then started making passionate love.

"hahaa," said rapidash (formerly Optimus) "you just answered your own question!"

"by the matrix! It seems we've been swindled by black arachnia!!" squealed rapidash.

"that's it, in order to finish this, we challenge you to a race!" says rattrap.

"ha! Everyone knows that I am the fastest transformer this side of the dmv!" exclaims megatron with a sly grin.

"put your peaches where your mouth is, bucko!" says rattrap. Rattrap hops on rapidash, and the race begins!!!
Megatron is indeed a fast runner and it looks like he'll win!

"time to put the pedal to the medal big bot!" says rattrap.

"that's....huff just....huff prime!" says rapidash between breaths as he kicks it into high gear!
Megatron realizes that it's the crucial, deciding moment, and being the love struck fool that he is, he uses his oil slick!
"hahaha, fools I told you I was the best!"
"ah, but we just passed the dmv!"
"noooOo!" megatron screams as he loses the lead.

dramatic music; rapidash running in slow motion. Rattrap punching fist slowly in the air.

"yay! Thanks to the guile of rattrap and the classic good leaderness ofrapidash/optimus, the maximals have won the beast wars!!!" says rhinox wisely.

"indeed....indeed" tarantulas laughs maniacally as he backs away into the recesses of his doom-filled cavern.