Buffy is slowly getting bigger, I mean really, her stomach is bulging. And the sad thing about it is Riley isn't even here. He's off on a mission, he should really quit, if something happened.... Buffy could be a single parent to this kid.

She read a dusty demonology volume while Will and Spike "The Pest" did a mini-patrol. Buffy was restlessly trying to get back to full Slayage but Giles and Riley warned her about the hazards off fighting while with child, so now we have to do it all. She studies and does some small spells, nothing major, Will does those.

Riley wasn't here the other day when the baby kicked, Buffy was squealing and glowing and all happy. I was here playing video games with Dawn. Riley hasn't been here since last Thursday when he packed up his things for the trip and gave Buffy a big hug and kissed her. He's coming back tomorrow and then he'll get the news. I was scared for them for awhile, she wasn't including him much, but since her Mom is better she's been with him a lot lately. So much they've got a baby on the way, they're engaged to be married in May. I'm one of Riley's groomsmen, or so I've been told.

Buffy picked the book up and put it in the pile that we'll have to straighten up before Giles gets back.

"Buffy?" I asked softly. She turned to me and smiled.

"Yes, Xand?"

"Are you really happy about the baby?"

"Of course."

"I mean your goldfish...."

"Poseidon died of food overdose when Willow took care of him. Not my fault."

"Okay... Hey, Buffy?"


"Can I be an uncle?"

"Sure." She smiled and on her way back to her seat she gave me a peck on the head. I heard a key entering the door and opening it, Riley came in, he's early and looks worn out. He looked at me and put a finger to his lips and slowly tiptoed to the opening of the living room.

"What're you looking at?" Buffy saw me looking in the distance. Suddenly she looked the same way and smiled. She got up and walked to him and kissed him lovingly.

"I love you." She whispered, but I could here it. Riley stared at her and finally replied the same. It finally hit me that he didn't know. But everyone else did.