The Raven II

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling (JKR), various publishers of the Harry Potter (HP) series. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: Yes, it's a sequel - Harry becomes The Raven and gets bonded to Snape as his familiar. This time Harry gets to learn about Severus and his world. Hedwig takes him under her wing.

No slash, just some light hearted entertainment and a little adventure.

Chapter 1 (uploaded 6/17/04)

Draco Malfoy sprinkled the chopped black feathers into the steaming cauldron while reciting the incantation, then waited until the smoke cleared.

"Is it done?" Crabbe asked and rubbed his palms together.

"All done," Theodore Nott answered. "Who are you going to try it on?"

"Who else?" Draco smirked, "Harry Potter, of course." The Slytherin gang cackled so loudly that it caught the attention of their Head of House, Professor Severus Snape, who happened to be next door in his office marking papers.

Draco, Nott and Pansy Parkinson had just finished filling the vials when the Potions Master quietly swept through the doors. "What's this? Revising for NEWTs already?"

While Crabbe and Goyle trembled in their boots, Blaise Zambini's head jerked up so quickly he gave himself a whiplash. Blaise moaned as he grabbed the back of his neck. Draco managed to slip a vial into his secret sleeve pocket and answered for the group, "Yes, Professor, we were practicing a transformation potion."

"Very good, I'd say 5 points to Slytherin for your diligence. Each!" Snape smiled slightly. "Tell me, did you test it before you packaged it?"

Nott answered, "No sir, not yet."

"Good," he said darkly, "because I see you have not brewed an antidote." Snape picked up the rack of vials. "For your safety, I'll just hang on to these until I see a satisfactory antidote. Notify me any time you're ready. And next time, brew the antidote first. Carry on." Knowing the Slytherin mind as he did, he was out the door in two strides and on his way to lock up what was probably meant as a prank.

Goyle slapped his fat hands to his face and pulled down, "There goes the plan." He was immediately shushed by everybody in the room.

From the doorway, Zambini watched Professor Snape disappear around the corner without so much of a clink of the vials he carried away. When he signaled the 'all clear,' Draco pulled out the small vial from his sleeve. "Not exactly, Goyle. Now we just have to find the right moment to slip this into Potter's pumpkin juice."

"Draco, you're da bomb!" Crabbe gasped.

"What the hell does that mean?" Malfoy sneered.

The big oaf shrugged his shoulders, "Dunno, I heard one of the first year Hufflepuffs say that to his team seeker after they won the game."

"I've heard it before," Nott chimed in, "it's a Mudblood expression, so don't you dare use it again, you arse."

----- ooOoo -----

Harry laid awake on his bed, listening to Ron's snoring and Neville's mumbling from behind his bed curtains. He tried clearing his mind and relaxation techniques he'd been taught in Occlumency lessons, but his restless body turned from one position, to another, to yet another. Finally, he decided to risk a venture to the kitchens for a snack. He slipped out of his covers and carefully opened his trunk to retrieve his invisibility cloak.

When Harry reached the portrait to the kitchens, he removed his cloak and bundled it under his arm. He didn't want to scare the house elves into a panic since the first time he entered invisibly and started making a sandwich. The elves had set off the alarm and called the Bloody Baron for help with what they thought was a new ghost. Fortunately, Nearly-Headless Nick answered the alarm too, and with Nick's help, Harry was able to convince the Baron not to report the incident to Professor Snape.

Draco couldn't sleep either. His brain was working overtime on a plan to prank Potter, so he decided to take a walk under the guise of patrol duties as Slytherin prefect. He had just turned the corner to see his target enter the kitchens. "Potter," Draco whispered hoarsely, "I knew I'd catch up to you eventually." The blonde prefect peeked from behind the doorway to watch his nemesis prepare a sandwich and pour himself a glass of pumpkin juice. Potter opened his potions textbook to the page he wanted to read, then walked away to put away the jug. While Potter's back was turned, Malfoy kept his head low and under the counter until he could reach the juice and empty his vial into it. Potter was already reading the text as he turned to sit on the stool with his sandwich in hand. 'Ha! You make this so easy, Potter,' Draco thought to himself. Before Harry's bum touched the stool, Draco tipped it away from him in order to make a distraction for his getaway. With one foot out of the portrait, Draco snickered as he heard the crash and cursing which followed.

Upon finishing his snack, Harry yawned as he finally felt sleepy. Unfortunately, he was too sleepy to return to Gryffindor tower. Still propped on the stool, he pushed his plate and glass away with his arm and pulled his cloak bundle and textbook closer to lay his head. Dobby returned from cleaning Gryffindor tower to find Harry fast asleep on the counter. "Mr. Potter!" Dobby poked and shook the young wizard to wake him. "Sir must wake up and return to his tower!" the little elf squeaked. After several minutes Dobby gave up trying to awaken Harry. Using his own magic, he returned Harry to his bed and put his cloak and book away in his trunk for him.

Harry's eyes flew open when Ron yelled for him to get up. He looked around and thought he was still in a dream because everything seemed so much bigger. As dark as it was from behind the curtains, Harry was surprised how much detail he could take in at once, especially without his glasses. His pajamas were laid on the bed as if the person in them had deflated. Where he was sitting was so soft and warm, it was like he was sitting on a feather pillow.

"HARRY!" Ron yelled as he threw open the bed curtains. "C'mon, mate, we're late for breakfast! Harry?"

"Get out, ya stupid bird!" Ron swatted at the young black raven sitting on his friend's pillow. The bird fluttered to the floor and looked up in shock. "You heard me, get out!" Ron grabbed the nearest broom and chased the black bird to the open window. When it didn't fly away, he closed the window and left it sitting on the ledge.

"Damn it, Harry!" Ron yelled at the empty bed, "You could have at least awaken me!" Ron grabbed his book bag and rushed down the staircase to the Great Hall.

'Merlin's beard! I'm a bloody bird!' Harry sat on the ledge, nearly hyperventilating. 'Okay, what happened last night. I couldn't sleep. I went to the kitchen for a bite to eat. Geez, I can't remember how I got back to bed. Now I'm stuck on this ledge and I can't get back in.' He watched as a flock of owls passed him carrying packages and letters. Out of the hundreds of owls, he spotted her, "HEDWIG!"

Without thinking Harry hopped off the ledge and flapped his wings, "Whoa! What am I doing? I don't know how to fly!" Fortunately he was caught in an air current which caught him as he opened his wings. He spread his tail feathers and discovered he could steady himself and catch more air. Within minutes, he was flying like he had done it all his life. 'Yes, go me!'

'Okay, where's the Great Hall? Just follow the owls, dummy.' Harry circled high above the castle, much like he'd do in a Quidditch match when he would look for the snitch. 'There!' Harry dove and maneuvered into the open windows into Hogwart's Great Hall. Ron was easily spotted at the Gryffindor table by his red hair. Harry landed on the table next to him with a thud. 'Ouch, note to self: work on landing softly.'

"RON!" he squawked. 'Have you seen Hedwig?'

"Stupid bird, why are you following me?" The tall, lanky Weasley picked up the young bird to look for a message. "Wuzzamatter? Lose the letter you were going to deliver?"

"Hello little bird," Hermione ran her fingers down Harry's back. "Would you like a bit of toast?" Harry hopped to her thumb and nibbled crumbs from her palm. "What pretty green eyes you have. That's quite unusual, Ron. Speaking of green eyes, where's Harry?"

"Dunno," Ron muttered with another mouthful of bacon. "I thought he'd be here. He was already gone when I looked in on him this morning." Harry stood up and flapped his wings, 'I AM right here!'

"There you are, Potter!" Draco snatched the black bird from her hand.

"You've got your bird spying on me, Malfoy. No doubt to steal the Gryffindor play book, eh?" Ron pointed accusingly.

"Shut up, Weasley. You haven't a clue about anything."

"Is that right? Then why are you calling your bird 'Potter?' You've got a secret crush on him, haven't you?" Ron lead the Gryffindor table in laughter.

"Like I said, Weasley." Draco held the bird firmly as it struggled to get free. "You haven't a clue about anything." He walked back to the snickering Slytherin table, cradling Harry in his arms.

"It worked!" Pansy squealed softly.

"Of course it worked," Draco answered smuggly, "I didn't make prefect on just my charming personality and natural good looks."

'You did this!' Harry angered and bit Draco's finger.

"OW! I have a mind to break your neck right here and now, Potter. But I want you to squirm a bit longer. Theodore (Nott), how about transfiguring a cage for me. Everyone give him your fork."

Harry was unceremoniously thrown into the cage. 'Malfoy! You know something! You know how I ended up this way! Return me at once!' Harry squawked and beat his wings. As he protested verbally, Pansy did a quick 'silencio' spell. They quietly congratulated each other on a successful prank.

"Let's go, don't want to be late for NEWT Potions, do we? Crabbe, get the cage." Draco ordered as the group split up.

As they filed toward the dungeons, Ron bumped into the cage as he walked behind Hermione. "Watch it, Muggle-lover," Crabbe growled and failed to notice that a note was now attached to the top of the cage. Students trickled into the classroom, as it was the first potions class of the day.

Crabbe set the cage on Snape's desk while Draco chatted with a small collection of girls and left. Draco had his hand on the cage when the Potions Master strode in. "Settle down. Take your seats. Crabbe, out. Anyone else who isn't in this class would do well to get out now, especially you, Weasley."

Ron put Hermione's books on her desk and left. Draco was about to take the cage to his desk when Snape quietly read note, "To Severus, with my love. Draco." Malfoy's eyes widened and shot daggers at the snickering red head outside the classroom door. He turned on his heel and took his seat, leaving the caged Harry on his desk.

Ron ran back to the students who lingered in the Great Hall. "Dean! Shhh, pass it around. Snape has a new pet. If you see him walking around with a black bird, smile and say 'Hi Harry.' "

"Oi, Ginny! Luna!" he lowered his voice to a whisper, "Snape has a new pet. If you see him walking around with a black bird, smile and say 'Hi Harry.' Pass it around."

"Harry?" Luna looked perplexed.

"Yeh, address the bird as Harry. It'll drive Snape crazy!" Ron snickered. Ginny grinned widely and shook her head slowly.

After class, Draco lingered behind. Snape looked up from his desk, "Thank you, Draco. It's a lovely gesture."

"For all you've done for me, Godfather," Draco forced a smile. "I've been calling him Harry Potter, but feel free to retrain him."

"You can be sure I will." Snape sounded menacing to Harry and looked especially scary from where he was sitting. He hid his head under his wing with his little chest feathers puffed out.

To be continued!

----- ooOoo -----

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