Rain, Rain, Go Away...

. . . . .

Gohan sighed as he rolled the four-star dragonball back and forth on the coffee table. He watched it as it went to once side, and would catch it before it fell to the floor, then roll it to the other side. His little brother, Goten, watched the ball roll back and forth as if hypnotized like a puppy, which waited for a treat to be given to them after a trick was performed. Gohan grabbed the dragonball and Goten was immediately snapped out of his dazed state. He looked up to his brother in awe and smiled.

"Gohan?" asked the chibi as his eyes went back to the orange sphere, which was now sitting in his older brother's palm. His grin remained as he looked into his brother's nervous stare.

"Yeah?" asked the teen as he plopped down on the couch throwing the dragonball in the air and catching it once again. Goten watched for a moment as the ball was thrown into the air, and fell back into his brother's grip, then into the air again.

"What is that?" asked the young boy as he continued to watch the orange sphere. His head was moving along with his eyes as he watched it. Gohan paused as he stopped tossing it in the air to look back at the object.

He grinned as he handed his brother the ball. "It's a dragonball," he stated cheerfully, "It is the only thing that we have of dad... He also thought this ball was his grandfather at a time. Can you believe that?" asked the teen as he held his hand out expecting his brother to give it back. Goten continued to stare at the ball and he looked to Gohan amazed.

"This is daddy?" he asked truly astonished. He looked to the orange ball grinning. "Hi Daddy!" he exclaimed using one of his hands to wave at the ball. He even looked into the transparent orb to see if he could find his father in it. However all he found were the four red stars. Gohan couldn't help but chuckle slightly as he took the ball back in his hands. The young boy slightly saddened as the ball was taken from him.

"Now... I should remind you again... What should you do when my friends come in a few minutes?" asked Gohan as he placed the dragonball in his pocket keeping it from view. His little brother's expression greatly brightened as he jumped up and down.

"Tackle them to the ground with a hug?" he replied with a huge grin. Gohan had a sweatdrop fall from his head and he nervously chuckled.

"Not exactly..." he stated rubbing the back of his head. He turned to his brother and stated the rules... again... for the twentieth time that hour... "Remember, when you see them greet them kindly, and don't knock them over... You might accidentally break one of their arms or legs..." Goten nodded cheerfully. Gohan could easily imagine the information he was telling Goten going in one ear... and out the other... like the other explanations he had given him earlier. He gave a small mental sigh before ruffling his brother's hair. A small smile was present on Gohan's face. "You're just like dad..." the teen muttered.

The two boys were home alone. Chichi had gone to the city to go shopping for more food... and made sure she didn't take the boys with her this time... It was still a wonder that she was able to return to that store due to the fact that her boys ate all the food in sight last time... Gohan's thoughts were interrupted with the sound of a deep rumbling. Both boys looked at their stomachs. Gohan looked to Goten and Goten looked to Gohan. Both eyed each other.

"Did your stomach rumble?" asked the older brother to his younger sibling. Goten shook his head as he looked to his brother. "No! I raided the fridge about five minutes ago..." Goten told him. The rumbling became louder. Gohan listened closely before he could make out where it came from. Goten began to cling to his brother's leg, obviously frightened as he looked up to his big brother. What the younger bother didn't realize was the fact that he was cutting off the circulation in Gohan's left leg.

"What WAS that?" asked Goten, "It sounded like a saiyan's tummy who hasn't eaten in a week!" Gohan looked down to his younger brother raising an eyebrow.

"Uh... yeah..." he muttered back. Then the noise came back, louder than ever as lighting struck not far away. Then it clicked. He gave a small smile, as he looked down to his startled brother kindly.

"Don't worry Goten," his grabbed his brother from his leg and carried him with one arm. "Its just thunder." The little boy clung to his brother's shirt as Gohan continued to explain. "It won't hurt you."

Goten looked to his brother with concern, "It won't hurt me?" he asked. Gohan shook his head.

"Not at all."

Goten gave a sigh of relief as he wiped 'sweat' from his brow. "That's good! Because I thought that might have been my daddy's tummy growling!" Gohan had a sweatdrop from the side of his head as he nervously chuckled.

"What ever you say Squirt..." There was a knocking on the front door just as rain was heard on the roof of the house. Goten gasped as he jumped out of his brother's arms and to the door screaming, "I GOT IT!" Gohan, wanting to get the door before his younger brother, fell over when he stepped on his left foot. His foot was still numb... really numb... To the extent where he couldn't walk... But he could get around if he dragged himself around the room with his arms or if he levitated around the house... That wouldn't be a good idea since he could feel his friends' ki's at the door... This was just great. Gohan used his arms, and his working leg, to pick himself onto the couch and wait...

. . . . . .

Goten ran as fast as he could to the door to open it. He noticed three random people at the door. They were all shadowed due to the lack of light in the house and from outside. Goten tilted his head as he looked to them. "Are you my brother's friends?" he asked them. What would a little boy say if he had never met his brother's school friends before? Videl blinked as he saw the mini Goku. Were they even at the right house? They might have taken a wrong turn due to the heavy rain, which blinded them for some of the trip to the mountains.

Erasra (spelling?) squealed as she pinched Goten's cheeks. "Oh! Aren't you a cutie!" exclaimed the blonde as she kneeled down to him. "You look so MUCH like Gohan!" When she released his cheeks the child rubbed them. How could a teenage girl pinch so hard?!

"Hi..." he muttered with a grin. "Come in!" he exclaimed allowing the three in the room. They all immediately looked around. The teenage boy crossed his arms and huffed as he looked down to the child.

"Where's Gohan?" Goten looked up to Sharpener and began to giggle as he tried to muffle them with his sleeve covered hands. The teen eyed the child. "What's your problem kid?" he asked. Goten pointed to his arms and Sharpener looked at them. He gave a smirk. "You like my muscles?" He began to flex them, "I work out... as you can see." Videl couldn't resist rolling her eyes as Erasa continued to give a friendly grin. Goten released his mouth and fell to the ground laughing. He began to roll around. The teenaged boy raised an eyebrow at the saiyan child.

"What's your problem kid?"

Goten's grin didn't leave his face as he stated, "You're muscles are so PUNY!" Sharpener's smirk fell. The child began to roll around laughing again. Fury began to boil in the teen's body as Videl tried to holdback a snicker. She walked over to Goten and waited till he calmed down... well... somewhat...

"Are you sure Gohan's your brother?" Videl asked as she crossed her arms. "You seem more... evil." Goten blinked up at Videl and tilted his head.

"What's 'evol?" he asked trying to pronounce the word back. The teens blinked. "Okay... never mind," muttered Videl. Goten jumped back up into his feet and ran down the halls to the living room. He screamed, "GOHAN!!!!!! They're HERE!" More lightning and thunder effects seemed to come into action as Goten came back in with the all-cheerful smile.

He motioned them to follow. "Come!" They all looked to each other, Videl leading the small group. They were then greeted by the all-cheerful smile of Gohan as he sat on the couch waving to them.

"Hey guys!" On the inside, Gohan was mentally gulping as he noticed his brother's hyper actions and his friends... Sharpener... looking as if he wanted to kill at the moment... although he couldn't do anything to harm him or his brother... Erasa... the female that always seemed to grin as if nothing was wrong... and Videl... that unnerving stare, and those eyes that easily told you that she was on to you for some reason or another... and that determination to find out... He inwardly chuckled as he looked to the sky for a few seconds.

'Dende... buddy ol' pal... Please let nothing wrong...' he mentally thought. Videl eyed Gohan more closely and rolled her eyes muttering something about men. Another lightning bolt flashed across the darkened sky and heavy rain could be heard pouring down on the roof. A sweatdrop fell from Gohan's head. 'Okay... I wasn't exactly expecting that...' He turned back to his friends with a grin, "So... what's up?"

. . . . .
Up in Kami's Look Out...

. . .

Dende looked down to earth with a smirk. "Sorry Gohan... You're on your own this time..." He looked to the main part of the look out. It was completely ruined. "Oh... you'll pay for it... you'll pay for it alright..." Anyone around would have thought the Namek had cracked, and crossed the bridge to insanity. Piccolo, meditating in the corner of the hideout by some plants looked up to the earth kami shaking his head.

"The earth is doomed..." he stated before going back to his schedual.