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Chapter 30- The Torture Ends... Or does it...?


Gohan slowly walked down the streets of Satan City. He had a few scrapes and a cast on his arm... not looking very good for a certain hybrid saiyan.

Yes, he was back in the town where his school was. The senior trip had ended tragic.

It turned out that Trunks had leaded the girls to where the saiyans were peacefully sleeping. The dark clouds had also followed the girls and thus making it darker than it really should have been when they woke up. But the ending results to this disaster were terrible news for the saiyans and for Videl.

Let's start off with Videl; she was very fortunate. She was able to escape the crazy girls with a few scratches... but had to run for her life when she noticed Bulma, Chichi, and Erasa after her screaming something about how they needed to shop for new clothes. The word 'shopping' alone brought shivers down the teen's spine. That was one experience that he wished to forget.

Gohan thought back to his dad and to Vegeta.

The poor, poor saiyans... you would think after they fought Frieza, the Androids, and Cell that they would be able to handle a few hundred muscle crazy teen girls.


The saiyan warriors were still traumatized by all the hearts in the girl's eyes and the freshly manicured nails of the teen girls as they tried to take and steal away the men from each other like ravenous wolves. They were fortunate to have gotten away with a few broken limbs... Actually, both had to be put in body casts. But the thing that was most horrific for the men was the experience of having to be the prey of these evil girls. They were still scared of coming near their wives in fear of them turning into one of the evil teen girls! Oh! The Horror!

It's sad to say, that young Goten had to be caught up in this chaotic mess. It was a shame... he still couldn't be found today. Gohan still went on searches for his young brother, but no traces of the young chibi were found. Thoughts were made that one of those muscle crazy girls had taken him and turned him into a shrine, hoping that one day he would become as muscular as his brother and father... Or maybe they would have wanted to put little bows in his hair and treat him as a baby giving him all the food he would want to content his never full tummy. That could have been one way of keeping the chibi with them.

Now... onto Gohan's damage.

He was lucky to have gotten out alive!

He remembered being smothered by dozens of hands and being piled upon just so another girl couldn't get their hands on him... It was really disturbing to even THINK that... nevertheless experience it...

He was still shaken up!

But by the time he was able to escape from the girls, by crawling from under them, he began running as fast as he could, and in the direction he escaped from. Yes... many girls did try to chase him... but many ended up sinking into the water, which he seemed to be walking upon. Yes... Gohan unconsciously used his powers to walk on water. It wasn't till he reached about five miles into the ocean that he noticed something missing.

It so happened to be the boxer shorts that he was wearing to sleep in...

But after he arrived home... with much trouble involved and his dignity dwindling, he finally was able to make it to his home. But it was about that time that he realized that he had a broken arm... and many scratches from the fingernails of the girls as they tried to roughly grab him away from others.

Even though school had started back up for the seniors two days ago, it was his first day of school back from the trip... and Gohan was trying his best to not let the evil girls, from his school, ruin his chances of getting a diploma.

Gohan was fortunate to not have the fear of EVERY girl alive. His mother was one of the few who he seemed to cling to when he went out into public. And he was able to speak with Videl. She gave her story to him shortly after he arrived home, and he told her his... it was very fortunate though that she immediately came over to his house and tended to his injuries, even though they were worse than hers.

She tended to his every need until his parents arrived home.

Videl was the only TEEN girl who he didn't seem to fear, and now he was going to be meeting her at the school gates. It was extremely early, and it was a time that no one, except the teachers, came to school.

Gohan noticed Videl standing by the gates as he quickly walked towards her. Yes, she had a few bandages and a patch over her eye... even though the patch was completely unnecessary... she just had it on for show.

Only for a brief moment or two, the teens embraced. Gohan placed a small, but gentle kiss on Videl's forehead before they both dashed into the school.

They looked up and down the halls for any students.

So far, none were noticed.

That was an extremely good sign for the two.

They both dashed down the halls of the school. And they ran down the rows of lockers.

A loud rumble was noticed coming from inside a locker they dashed by.

Freezing in mid-step, both boyfriend and girlfriend looked back to each other before turning to the locker in wonder.

Another growl was noticed. A child like voice whining, "I'm Hungry!" later followed. The teen's eyes widened as Gohan ran up to the locker lightly knocking against the metal.

"Goten?" softly questioned Gohan.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"BROTHER!" wailed the voice as someone began banging against the inside of the locker. "GET ME OUT!"

Gohan sighed in relief; Goten was alive!


Gohan grasped the handle and combination of the locker between his fingers and massive palm before crushing both and yanking the door off of its hinges. Immediately the chibi form of his brother slammed into his cut up chest, and a sobbing Goten clung to his brother for dear life.


Gohan began rubbing his brother's back in a soothing manner, as did Videl as they sympathetically gazed at the scarred child.

The chibi raised his eyes up, the childish naïveness long gone with a new sense or horror and paranoia. "GOHAN! The girl... the girl... she grabbed me from daddy when he tried to protect me! And... and... she put little pink bows in my hair... and... and... and..."

Goten started to sob as he buried his head into his brother's shoulder.

Gohan looked down to his bother... now having a sense of revenge in his system now. "Don't worry Goten. I'll take care of those scary girls." Goten looked up, now a new hope in his shining eyes. "I just... don't exactly know when that time will be..."

But in truth be told, Gohan was just as afraid of those girls as Goten was... if not, worse. But he wouldn't let his brother know that fact as of yet.

And it was that instant that noises were picked up in the halls. It almost sounded like... girlish chatter. The room became darker, even with the lights on in the halls, and the sound of rain began to pelt down on the building. Time also seemed to slow; as the heartbeats became the only thing the three heard when they noticed the senior girls walking down the halls in all their preppiness.

The girls stopped their stride as they noticed the two saiyans and female crime fighter. The three turned back, their faces now completely drained of all color.

There was a moment of silence.

One of the girls, obviously one in charge of this rather large group, pointed her finger over to the three warriors.


And the girls, in their shirt mini skirt and high heel glory, ran as fast as they could as their heels clicked down the tiled halls rather loudly.

The three didn't have time to think as they quickly zoomed in the opposite direction they were coming from. Gohan clung onto his younger brother, and Videl ran as fast as her two feet could carry her.

They ran down a hall before turning left, and then they ran up a staircase and turned right. And it turned up that the two soon-to-be-mates came up to a closed door. Gohan hastily opened it and Videl ran though as did Gohan.

In using his powers, Gohan melted the metal of the doors together so no one could go out or enter the room... which now came known to them as the gym. The teens began panting heavily as they leaned against the door hearing the banging of fists and squeals of the girls on the other side.

Gohan and Videl could only laugh at their attempts of trying to threat them.

Gohan felt a small tug on his shirt.

He turned his attention to his brother. He noticed the ghastly appearance of his brother's face as his vision turned to the inside of the gym.

Some giggles were noticed.

Gohan and Videl's eyes widened in horror as they turned their heads to look at each other.

They were terrified of what to find...

They turned their eyes over once again painfully slow; their eyes turned to tiny dots.

The smirking lips of about a hundred or more senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman girls were noticed as they surrounded the three completely ruining the chances of survival of the three.

The loud screams of two teens and one child were heard all around the school... as well as over to West City and to the Mountain Area. Only one could wonder what caused the pitiful creatures such torture and horror... only one could wonder.




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