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SEVERUS SNAPE, RELUCTANT LOVER Chapter One: Draco Malfoy, What's Your Problem?

"... and don't forget that your papers are due next class in preparation for the NEWTs. I'm all a-flutter with anticipation. Dismissed."

There was a rustle of robes and muffled moans as the class got up from their seats. Ron sighed and shoved his parchment into his bag.

"I hate papers for this class. I barely got in as it is." He frowned while throwing the strap over his shoulder. "I would pick a career path that required potions."

"I know what you mean," Harry said. "I hate-"

"Mister Potter, a word," Snape interrupted. Harry turned to Snape with a glare.


"Yes, what?"

Harry just stared with an indignantly raised eyebrow. The few students that were left started packing their things in haste. No one, but no one, dared to ignore Professor Snape.

"I believe I asked you a QUESTION.'" Snape's tone was very deadly. But still Harry stared. Soon the room was empty save Ron and Hermione, who were doing their best to look inconspicuous.

"Yes, sir," Harry said haughtily.

"Incorrect answer," Snape replied venomously.

Ron gave a worried look to Hermione, who grabbed him by the wrist and started to tug him out of the room. He struggled against her.

"Hermione, I think-"

"Too late for that," she said, pulling him out into the hall. The door slammed shut behind them and the two heard a noise that sounded like a bolt locking.

"Hermione," Ron huffed, crossing his arms, "Snape's a raving lun-"

"No he's not. He's just a very clever man who knows how to get what he wants."

"But- oooooooh," Ron exclaimed, suddenly coming to a realization.

"Yes," confirmed Hermione. "Men will do anything for a piece of ass."

Inside the classroom, Snape moved from the freshly slammed door, muttered a locking spell and grabbed Harry's wrist.

"Now... I asked you, 'Yes, what?'"

Harry smiled wickedly. "Yes, master."

Snape smirked back at the Gryffindor. "That is much better."

The potion master pulled Harry toward him, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss. Harry wrapped his free arm around Snape's waist, pushing the graceful body against his own. Snape ran a hand through his hair, pulling at the messy locks. Harry found that the roughness was strangely arousing. He tore his mouth from Snape's and pressed his nose against the other's.

"You certainly know how to clear a room."

Snape smirked again. "I have a way of getting things that I desire."

Harry was even more aroused at the sound of the word 'desire' being uttered in those sultry tones. "We must stop meeting like this," Harry quipped, regardless of it being their first encounter since their agreement. Snape cupped his bottom in reply. "Dear me," Harry said with faux innocence, "Did we allow for arse-grabbing in the by-rules?"

"Come now, Harry. You surely jest."

All he received in answer was a wet tongue sliding past his lips. Snape pressed Harry against the wall.

"Yes," Harry panted as Snape started on his neck. "We can meet like this whenever you want."

Harry stumbled into defense class five minutes late with pink cheeks and over-mussed hair, which he was trying desperately to flatten. Lupin looked over with concern.

"Are you quite alright, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, sir. I have a note."

"Bring it here," Lupin said with a gesture. The class began murmuring, and Harry could feel all eyes on him as he walked toward the professor. He handed over the note.

'Please excuse Mr. Potter's tardiness. I held him after class to discuss an outrageous display of audacity.

-S. Snape'

Lupin nodded, but still looked worried. He placed the note on his desk and turned to Harry with his back to the class.

"He wasn't too hard on you, was he?" The grey haired man whispered. "I know that Snape has been rather unfair to you in the past, and if this is the case now-"

"No, it's okay."

"Are you sure?"

Harry gave a reassuring smile. "I'm fine, Remus. I didn't get punished."

Lupin looked surprised at this information. "No punishment? Well, good. Good." Then, almost as an afterthoug, "Potter." It was always odd juggling the roles of guardian and teacher. Lupin patted Harry on the back paternally and smiled. "Have a seat, then."

Harry grinned back and walked quickly to his seat by Ron. Hermione leaned forward and smiled at him. He winked back, the action affirming her suspicions. Ron, on the other hand, was staring straight ahead, obviously trying to ignore the other two. When Hermione whispered, "Was it romantic?" Ron rolled his eyes.

"Really," he whispered furiously. "I'm trying to concentrate."

Hermione raised her eyebrow. "For the first time this semester," she retorted.

At lunch, the trio sat down under their favourite tree and Hermione pounced.

"Give me all the juicy details!"

Ron looked appalled. "Hermione! Haven't you ever heard of respecting someone's pri-"

"He was so sexy," interrupted Harry. Ron let out a frustrated exhalation.

"I give up," he said. "Tell us all about it, Harry."



Harry grinned and flopped over onto his stomach, resting his chin in his hands.

"So, we just snogged for a bit, talked for a bit. He pressed me up against the wall at one point. I love it when he does that. Nothing else much. But it was so...so-" Harry trailed off and sighed contentedly.

"No need for words, mate. We understand," Ron told him. He grabbed hold of Hermione's hand and gave it a squeeze. "No feeling quiet like it, when you're with someone you care about."

"The best part is that he tries to act so unemotional in public but he lets me see a bit more than he lets anyone else see."

"He must think you're special or something," Hermione said dryly. "Not that he's the only one."

Harry blew a strand of hair out of his eyes before replying. "It's not like everyone else. Not many people think I'm special for anything but living. There's you two, of course, and your families, and Dumbledore and Remus have always watched out for me. But Snape thinking that there's something special about me is the weirdest thing. He's always made a point of how not special I am."

"That's why I trust him with you," Hermione said, surprising both the boys. "Anyone else would have me worried."

Harry smiled at this display of protective feelings. "Thanks, Hermione. It means a lot to me that you approve. Both of you," he said, adding in Ron.

"I approve," the redhead told him, "But if he ever hurts you, he'll find out the meaning of pain. Mind you, it would take years of training, but I'd get him eventually."

Harry and Hermione laughed at this.

"What did you talk about," Hermione asked as an after thought.

Harry rolled onto his back and put his hands under his head. "It was just as I was leaving. I told him I was late for class and that it wouldn't be good considering how close to NEWTs we are. But he stopped me before I went out. He's still worried that he's taking advantage of me."

"He told you he was worried?" Ron looked shocked.

"No, not out and out. But I could tell. He just asked me if I was sure I wanted his advances. I said yes, and not to be so freaked out about it. He clamed up at that. Shouldn't have said it, probably. He doesn't like people reading into his feelings."

"He doesn't have feelings," Ron said jokingly. Hermione playfully punched his arm.

"Snape's just not ready to be open yet," she said. "I'm surprised he's opened up to you as much as he has."

"By the way," Ron said, taking a bite of his ham sandwich, then continuing through a mouthful of food. "You mentioned before that you had an agreement. Just what is it, if you don't mind my prying?"

"Well," Harry began, "Things allowed are: kissing, hugging, cuddling-" at this Hermione and Ron exchanged looks "-arse-grabbing, neck-biting, and talking."

"Talking," said Hermione.

"Cuddling?" That was Ron.

"Well, I doubt that will ever happen, as well," Harry admitted, "But it's not forbidden."

"Talking?" Hermione asked again. "You had to add talking to the list of things you're allowed to do."

Harry looked momentarily flustered and then recovered. "I had to put that on the list to overcome his carnal desire for my body."

Ron rolled his eyes. "So everything else is forbidden?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, unfortunately."

"Why," Hermione asked. "I thought it was okay as long as you really cared for each other. And it's not like you have to worry about...getting someone preggers."

Harry laughed. "He wants to wait until I'm not his student. After graduation, anything goes. We're already breaking enough rules by kissing, anyway."

Hermione was the first to agree to this. "But I suppose we've broken plenty of rules over the years...and one more doesn't hurt," she added.

There was a few moments of comfortable silence. Hermione leaned against Ron's chest and brushed the hair out of Harry's eyes with her free hand. One after the other, the three friends sighed with contentment.

"Potter looks far too happy," muttered Draco Malfoy, as he watched the wonder trio sitting under the tree. He snatched an apple out of Goyle's hands and took a big bite. "I can't stand it."

Crabbe and Goyle nodded their agreement with fierce enthusiasm.

"We have to put an end to this, don't you think? Purely hypothetical, by the way. I know you don't."

"Hypothetical?" Crabbe looked stumped, but shrugged and shoved a muffin into his gob.

Draco ignored him, but Crabbe continued after he swallowed. "We should take something important and hold it hostage."

"Mudblood Granger," Goyle said, rather suddenly. Draco narrowed his eyes in thought, but then shook his head.

"As satisfying as that would be, it's not worth the trouble we'd get in. There has to be some other way to draw him out and make him miserable."

At that moment, the bell tolled for the next class. Reluctantly, Draco stood up to go inside, his goons trailing behind him.

TheMaster: what are you up to?

4eyes: Just finished the paper for your class.

TheMaster: already? can't be very thorough

4eyes: I assure you it is. I have a heightened desire to do well in potions.

TheMaster: you do, do you?

4eyes: Say that ten times fast...

4eyes: Yes, you see...I have a crush on the professor.

4eyes: Don't tell anyone.

TheMaster: not a soul

TheMaster: so...how'd you like to bring that paper by my office for a professional opinion tomorrow evening? very hush-hush

4eyes: Sounds good.

TheMaster: we wouldn't want anyone getting the idea that I favoured you

4eyes: Of course not. What a dreadful idea.

4eyes: Perhaps I should set up some extra potions tutoring with you. You know, for the newts.

4eyes: I want to do my best.

TheMaster: very tempting idea. we'll see.

4eyes: We'll see?

TheMaster: don't push it

The next evening, Harry was fidgeting impatiently throughout dinner.

"What is wrong with you," Hermione finally asked with exasperation. "Do you have ants in your knickers?"

"Nothing's up," Harry said, stuffing a roll into his mouth. "Just in a hurry."

"What's so important that you can't take time for food," Ron said, eyeing the leg of chicken that Harry hadn't started on yet. Harry gave him a suspicious look.

"Just wanted to go study for the NEWTs," he lied. Hermione seemed unsatisfied by this, but didn't have time to say so as Harry plopped his chicken onto Ron's plate and dashed out the hall with a final wave.

"Much obliged, mate," Ron shouted after him.

"Studying my arse," Hermione said.

"Who is?" Ron demanded to know angrily.

"Did you send the letter to Potter?" Pansy was leaning close to Draco, who didn't look too happy about her attentions.

"What's it to you," he snarled. "It doesn't concern you."

"Anything that makes Potter miserable is enough to interest me," Pansy replied. Draco rolled his eyes and scooted away from her.

"Yes, yes. But you can't come along. The more people involved in this the harder it is to do it without getting caught. I suppose one of the dunderheads told you about it."

"If you mean, Goyle, he did."

"I'll give that thick-headed oaf something to talk about," Draco muttered under his breath. He shoved his plate away and stood up. "Crabbe, Goyle."

The two Slytherins got up hastily and followed Draco out of the hall.

Harry knocked on the door to Snape's office. There wasn't a reply. Harry frowned and raised his hand to knock again, but as he swung his fist towards the door it opened and he nearly toppled forward. He awkwardly regained his balance and Snape snorted at the sight.

"Try not to break an appendage in my doorway, Potter."

Harry smiled and followed Snape inside, closing the door.

"Did you bring your paper?"

Harry looked surprised. "You mean you actually want to read it?"

Snape raised his eyebrows. "You didn't bring it. First rule of a cover story is to make it look realistic," he said. "I'm mildly disappointed."

"Don't be," Harry replied, producing the parchment. "I had given some thought to that. I was just surprised that you actually meant to read it."

Snape looked impressed. "You're sharper than I thought." Harry blushed at the backhanded compliment. "Hand it over."

The parchment was passed over the desk and Snape sat down while Harry stood quite unsure of what to do with himself. Snape looked up from the paper.

"If you'd like to occupy yourself, Harry...I have this crick in my neck that doesn't want to go away..."

Harry was standing behind Snape in a flash, a goofy grin on his face from the usage of his name, and he began kneading the flesh through Snape's robe. The potion master sighed appreciatively and continued his reading. As he massaged, Harry was looking over Snape's shoulder, trying to figure out where he was in the paper. A few minutes later, the latter put the paper down on his desk.

"You weren't lying," Snape said as he rolled his head forward. Harry's fingers moved along the slender neck. "It is very thorough. A few spelling mistakes, but I'll let you figure those out on your own."

"Thank you," said Harry. He slowed his motions and Snape twisted to look at him.

"You're an excellent student when you apply yourself. And thank you."

At that moment, Harry's stomach growled. The Gryffindor blushed furiously with embarrassment as Snape raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't eat much dinner," he confessed. Snape looked as if he were considering something and then stood abruptly.

"Follow me," he said and moved toward a shelf of books. Harry seemed confused, but it was soon explained as Snape stroked the spines of several different books and a passageway opened up in the wall. Snape swept through and Harry followed. The walls looked damp and soon they could not be seen at all as the passageway closed up behind them. A few seconds later, he bumped into Snape's back.


"No need," Snape replied. "My chambers..."

Harry squinted as a door opened and light flooded out. Why was Snape bringing him to his personal chambers?

"I have some leftovers from dinner," Snape told him, as if reading his thoughts. "They should be edible."

Inside was a small entryway with a coat rack. The arms on the rack were all snakes with their bodies wrapped around the base. Ahead of them were two doors. One, he discovered, opened upon a kitchen and dining table. Harry supposed the other led to Snape's bedroom. The thought made him feel a bit excited.

"Sit," commanded Snape. Harry pulled out a chair and did as he was told. A moment later a bowl of chicken chowder was placed in front of him. Snape sat down opposite him and sipped at a glass of water. "Go ahead."

Harry smiled gratefully and dug in. It was delicious.

"I should have known that you of all people would be a great cook," Harry said between spoonfuls. "With making potions and all."

"I enjoy the activity," Snape stated simply. There were a few moments of silence as Harry finished the blow and dabbed at his mouth with a napkin.

"Thank you," Harry said politely. Snape levitated the bowl into the sink and leaned back in his chair.

"Anything else?"

Harry shook his head. "That was plenty. I should live until breakfast."

"Good," Snape replied curtly. After a more awkward silence Snape realized two things. Firstly, that it had been so long since he'd had company that he'd forgotten how to make small talk. Secondly, he realized that Harry was too nervous to think of anything to say, either. He cleared his throat. "Ahem... It doesn't make you uncomfortable being here," he began, trying to look unconcerned.

"No," Harry said with a bit too much emphasis. "No, it doesn't. It's just...I didn't expect to see where you lived so...er, soon."

"Well, it's not much, but it is home."

"Could I have a tour?" Harry asked, trying not to let the sentence sound like, 'Can you take me to your bedroom?' Snape sat blankly for a second and then rose.

"Of course..."

Harry stood as well.

"Obviously...this is the kitchen and dining area-" They moved back into the entry way. "-and the entry, you saw earlier-" Snape paused before opening the other door. Inside, Harry could see a desk with a computer on it, two green leather chairs, and a wall with a bookcase and fireplace. Snape lit the fire as they entered. "-and this is my study."

Harry's face fell a bit and Snape noticed. "Don't look so disappointed. I do have a bedroom."

Harry did his best to look shocked. "I don't know what you mean," he said, and Snape had to hold back a laugh. He stepped up to his bookcase and switched four of the books around. The case slid aside and it was Harry's turn to hold back laughter.

"How many passages do you have to have?"

"I like to feel secure," was the reply. They stepped through the wall into a modestly, but elegantly, decorated bedchamber. Harry looked around, wondering briefly how many people had been in there before him. The fireplace seemed to be the same as the one in the study, and there were more books in a case, but there was something strange about the room. He couldn't seem to put his finger on it.

"My bedroom," Snape said grandly. He turned to face the other. "The toilette is-"

"Through the bookcase?"

Snape pursed his lips before answering. "No, that one leads to my torture chamber. The toilette is through that door behind you."

Harry turned with a chuckle and then suddenly realized what was so strange about the room. There weren't any photos. In fact, he didn't recall there being any photos in the quarters at all. It seemed a bit sad, but he knew not to mention it.

"So," he started without turning around. "It seems very-"

He cut off as Snape's hands slipped under his arms and took hold of his waist. He automatically leaned back against the taller man's chest and sighed as the soft lips pressed against his neck.

"-Nice," he finished, closing his eyes. Snape trailed small bites down the smooth, fair skin, tightening his grip on Harry.

"You taste good." The length of Snape's body was flush against Harry's back. Without breaking contact, he turned to face the other man. He gazed for a moment at Snape's lips through heavy lidded eyes before breaching the space between their mouths. Tonight, Snape was being tender, a stark difference from all their previous, heated encounters. This time he was softer, although not devoid of passion. Harry fleetingly wondered if the professor was just tired. Then he decided that perhaps Snape could simply be tender sometimes. This thought was far nicer. Harry liked to think that Snape was a mixture of everything.

Harry sighed again as one of the strong hands brushed up his back and moved to his head, the fingers digging into the soft tufts of hair.

"Hey, what's this?"

Hermione looked up to see what Ron was talking about. He was holding up a piece of parchment he'd picked up from the floor between his and Harry's bed.

"It looks like something for Harry," she said. Ron observed it a moment and proceeded to open it.

"It's not sealed...and it was lying out," Ron said as she gave him a look. Hermione's curiosity finally took over.

"Well, what is it?"

"It's from Malfoy," Ron said with disgust. "It says, 'I know your secret. Come to the owlry at 8.00 o'clock if you want to deal.' What the bloody hell does he mean?"

Hermione frowned. "We could go see," she suggested. "Seeing we have no idea where Harry actually is...and it's five minutes to. We aren't exactly defenseless against him."

Ron looked as if he wanted to say no. "He's probably just bluffing."

"But what if he isn't," Hermione asked.

Ron nodded. "Alright, let's go."

The hand moved around to Harry's chest and slid slowly downwards. Harry could feel his whole body throbbing in anticipation. As Snape moved his hand past the other's waist, he paused briefly at the hollow of Harry's hip before tentatively brushing his fingers against the bulge in Harry's pants. Harry took in a sharp breath of air as his lips broke away from Snape's and an 'oh' fell out of his mouth along with his exhalation. At the sudden sound, Snape's hand disappeared and he moved away from Harry.

"It's late," he said huskily. "You should go back before your friends miss you."

Harry started to object, "But-"

"I shouldn't have brought you to my room," Snape said. "Out...I'll walk you out."

"We could just talk-"

But Snape's look cut him off. He walked through the bookcase passage and into the study, a disappointed Harry following. Snape sighed.

"Here," he said, handing Harry an envelope, "I was going to ask if you could take this to the owlry for me. My raven's out and it's a very important letter."

Right, Snape, just give him something else to do and it'll distract him from the fact that you're kicking him out of your living chambers, he said sarcastically to himself. You're such an idiot.

Harry took the letter from Snape, smiling as their fingers brushed.

"I'm sorry for putting you in this situation, and sorry for acting like a pouting brat," Harry said. "I just like spending time with you. So don't worry about it...I know what you're risking in bringing me here."

Snape looked relieved. Harry understood. He shouldn't underestimate him so much.

"Right," Snape said. "I'll lead you out."

"Come on, Ron," Hermione said, "We're late."

Ron tried to keep up with Hermione's brisk walk down the hall. As they reached the stairs to the owlry, they ran into Malfoy and Professor Lupin. They seemed to be heading to the owlry, as well. As they entered the room, they saw Harry standing over the unconscious form of Goyle.

"There he is, Professor." Malfoy crossed his arms. "I managed to sneak away before Harry knew I saw him."

Lupin looked flustered and confused, as did Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Malfoy," Harry said. "I just got here."

"Attacked him right in front of me," Malfoy went on. "Never has liked Goyle. Hates Slytherins, don't you Potter?"

"I didn't attack anyone," Harry shouted.

"Don't act innocent. You always think you can get away with anything because you're Dumbledore's favourite. Just wait until my father hears about this."

"Don't listen to him, Professor," Ron interjected. "I found a letter to Harry from Malfoy trying to get him to come up here. He probably planned the whole thing to get Harry in trouble."

Lupin looked between the boys. His face was calm again, but it was obvious that he was still confused.

"Mr. Malfoy, please take Goyle to the infirmary and tell Madam Pomfrey what happened. Then bring your head of house to my office. Mr. Potter, come with me."

"What about us," Ron asked.

Lupin paused. "Were you here when this happened?"

"No," said Hermione truthfully. Lupin shrugged.

"Then go back to your common room... but give me that letter."

Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out the parchment. He handed it over to Lupin, who opened it, looked, and then refolded it.

"That paper is blank," he said, handing it back. "Run along."

"But-" started Ron.

"I won't tell you again, Mr. Weasley," Lupin said tiredly. Ron's face turned red, but he and Hermione did as they were told.

With that, he led Harry through the halls to his office. Most of the way was spent in silence, but Lupin glanced at him as they neared the door. "I'm not saying that I believe him, but this doesn't look good for you, Harry. I wish you had a dispute with anyone in this school but a Malfoy."

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