Beginning notes

                  Greetings from the author and first of all, let me point out my non-canon deviations so that there is no confusion that I am just doing this as a Mary Sue (though there are no Mary-Sue's in the story to my knowledge).

                  First of all, what goes on in the Prologue is highly unlikely according to Tolkien canon.  I know this.  I have read the "Laws and Customs of the Eldar" in Morgoth's Ring.  This is my interpretation of what I think really happened in respect to Ereinion Gil-galad's true parents.  Tolkien seems to have first put him as a descendent of Finarfin, but then it is stated in The Silmarillion that Ereinion is Fingon's son.  So, with a little creative licensing and plot from a friend, this is what happened.

                  This story also will keep the names in Quenya, until the time when the Noldor had to change their names to Sindarin.  Until then, I will keep a list of characters at the bottom of each chapter for reference.

                  I hope you enjoy.