Chapter 2

Year 2 of the First Age

Findekáno listened to the reports, roughly sketching an outline of what was described to him in an effort to compile a map of their new home. The room suddenly went silent. Findekáno did not bother to look up, continuing to draw on the paper.

" What brings you here, Atar?"

Nolofinwë inspected the map silently over his son's shoulder. He glanced at the scouts and the Elves bowed before taking their leave. Findekáno sighed, putting his pencil down.

" Atar, again, I ask why you are here?"

Nolofinwë clucked his tongue.

" So impatient, Findekáno."

Findekáno chuckled.

" I got it from you."

Nolofinwë just laughed, crossing his arms before becoming silent again. Findekáno paused in washing his ink stained hands. He walked towards his father, drying his hands on a stained towel.

" Atar, you are scaring me. You have not been this serious since…" He trailed off with a headshake.

Nolofinwë put a hand on his son's shoulder.

" You have a guest."

Findekáno's face brightened as he exited the room hastily.

" Maitimo, Findaráto, Nerwen," He began.

Nolofinwë followed and steered his son from his cousins.

" They are not guests." Nolofinwë sent his nephews and niece a wink as he ushered his son away.

Findekáno glanced curiously at his cousins as he passed them by. The three followed, engaged in a lively banter.

" You had best not have gotten me into trouble." Findekáno called over his shoulder.

" You need no help getting into trouble." Nerwen retorted with a grin.

Nolofinw's lips twitched and he looked at his son.

" She has you there, Findekáno."

" Atar." He protested.

The playful conversation ended when they entered a highly ornate room, a tall silver haired lord staring out at the construction of Eithel Sirion. The Elf turned, hearing their footsteps, surprising them with the well-trimmed silver beard on his statuesque face. Findekáno glanced at his father questioningly, but Nolofinwë shrugged, having no answer for his son.

" I am Findekáno, my lord. My father says you asked to see me?"

The Teleri lord (for as Findekáno fully scrutinized him, he saw the familiar Teleri features) approached them with a sad smile. He inclined his head, bowing slightly, hand to his chest in respect.

" Lord Findekáno, I am lord Círdan, from the Coast. I bring you a message and present from the Valar across the Sundering Sea."

Findekáno's breath stopped and he could only stare at what was offered to him.

A silver circlet glimmered in the noonday light accompanied with a letter plainly marked with Arafinw's seal. Maitimo broke into a fit of coughing, using his good hand to smother his surprise. Nolofinwë looked at the two strangely.

" Findekáno, what is going on?"

" That is my father's seal on the letter." Findaráto stepped forward, his voice deathly quiet.

Maitimo managed a smile, putting a hand on Findaráto's arm.

" Cousin, I believe I heard you say something about being starved earlier? Let us allow Findekáno to finish his business. It is no affair of ours…"


The six Elves turned. A two-year-old replica of Findekáno danced and giggled in the sunbeams streaming into the room. The boy jumped up onto an unfinished ledge, teetering dangerously. Findekáno could only stare.

No…. It couldn't be…

He glanced back at the letter and circlet and then stuffed them into his pocket, striding towards the boy.

" Come down from there."

The boy glanced at him warily before his face lit up in a smile. He ran towards Findekáno, tripping off the ledge and into the Elf's arms. Findekáno held his breath, unsure of what to do with the thing in his arms. The little boy grinned up at him, reaching for Findekáno's pendent and yelping for joy. Findekáno felt an unsuspecting amount of pride well up in him and he hugged the boy to him, tears glimmering in his gray eyes.

" Findekáno," Maitimo began.

Findekáno turned, holding the beautiful curly haired toddler. Maitimo trailed off, glancing at the two bewildered children of Arafinwë.

" The mother named him Araninyo for both his mother and father name in keeping with Noldorin custom." Círdan looked down. "He had no father to name him."

Findekáno just nodded.

" Descendent of kings." He murmured, smiling softly. "The essi terceny is true."

Araninyo laid his head on Findekáno's shoulder with a small, content yawn. Nolofinwë had crossed his arms expectantly.

" Findekáno?" His voice was tinged in sheer disappointment.

Findekáno lifted his chin and walked towards his father confidently.

" This is your grandson, Araninyo, Atar."

Araninyo stared at Nolofinwë with liquid silver eyes that his mother and all the children of Arafinwë possessed. Nolofinwë sighed, shaking his head.

" If I did not know any better," Nolofinwë glanced at Nerwen and then at Findekáno and the boy. "I'd say-"

" Mayhaps such a proclamation should be done in private, between you two." Maitimo cut in with a charming smile, disarming his Uncle.

Nolofinwë just gazed for a moment at his son. Findekáno looked away, fingering the too-big necklace on his son's neck. Nolofinwë clasped his son's shoulder encouragingly, before ruffling Araninyo's curls.

" Welcome to Eithel Sirion, Araninyo." Nolofinwë chuckled. "Little star."

Findekáno lay on his bed, watching Araninyo sleep quietly, snuggled against his chest. He ran a gentle finger down the joyful countenance.

Days of Happiness. He has many of them ahead of him. Why could he not have stayed in Aman to live in happiness forever? This is no place for him. I am no father; I am a prince.

Araninyo yawned, burrowing further, raising his head before laying it back down, fully asleep. Findekáno could not help a small smile.

He is my son. He is my responsibility.

Just a responsibility?

His brow furrowed at the voice in his head.

What else is he?

Your son, the light in your life. Your star in this dark night.

Findekáno chuckled.

"And now I have become a poet also."

He blew out the lamp, curling an arm around his son and drifting off to sleep.

AN: Characters:

Quenya-Sindarin (lineage)

Findekáno- Fingon (son of Fingolfin)

Nolofinwë- Fingolfin (2nd son of Finwë, king of the Noldor in Beleriand)

Maitimo- Maedhros (eldest son of Fëanor)

Findaráto- Finrod (eldest son of Finarfin)

Nerwen- Galadriel (youngest of Finarfin)

Círdan (shipwright)

Arafinwë- Finarfin (younger brother of Fingolfin)

Araninyo- TBA- (son of Fingon and Eärwen)

essi tercenyë (name of insight)- This is the name that the mother gives their child sometime after birth that has something to do with their life. It normally would go after the name the father gives the child at birth. Since Fingon was absent, in this case, it serves also as the father-name.