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Harry Potter and his twin brother, Jayden, are two of the three candidates for the cause of the downfall of Lord Voldemort. When Jayden is believed to be the 'Boy Who Lived', Harry is neglected by all those around him. Seeing the boy's bleak future, one man takes matters into his own hands and takes the boy away to a place he will be loved and accepted, with no strings attached. A place called the Four Realms.

The years pass and Harry (Or Delian Harold as he is known to some) grows into a brave, handsome young man. He has four adoring sisters, a loving mother and a attentive father, and his best friend is a girl he met at the age of six, Ginny Weasley. He attends Beuxbatons, and keeps constant contact with Ginny, despite her being at Hogwarts for most of the year.

When Voldemort returns and threatens the Wizarding world, Harry knows that he must return to the world he was taken from as a baby, and finish what he started all those years ago when he was only an infant. But even with his family, Ginny, and new friends Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy by his side, will Harry be able to defeat the Dark Lord one final time? Especially when people still believe that Jayden Potter is the 'Boy who Lived', and that Harry Potter is six feet under?

Now, I warn you. They story starts out very differently, and it may confuse some of you. But never fear. Everything will be explained eventually, and it will all make sense! So enjoy the story and review to tell me what you think!

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by Daphne Li

Prologue, part 1.

Two figures, one much smaller than the other, wandered on the edge of a dense wood, their movements silent and deliberative. Their eyes were trained to the tops of the trees around them, as if seeing things beyond the reach of mortal eyes. They said nothing, but the silence between them was comfortable and loving.

The first was a domineering-looking man, with twinkling hazel eyes and waist-length black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He walked with an distinguished air that seemed to display a regal countenance. His eyes, however, revealed humor and kindness that could not be feigned.

Next to this man walked a boy of no older than four. He too, had sleek black hair that reached to his shoulders and possessed a princely disposition that would have made many a mortal person laugh and silently wonder if the boy wasn't just a bit over-pampered. His eyes, however, were a clear ice blue that shone with an awe and wonder that could only belong to a child who knew little about over-indulgence.

The older man wore tan breeches and a plain white undershirt that was left untied at the throat to allow the chilly air to touch his pale skin. The boy wore what looked to be shorts in an earth-green hue, and a short- sleeved green shirt of a darker color. Neither seemed effected by the cooler-than-normal weather, nor were they bothered by the gathering night. On they walked in silence, neither showing any signs of fatigue.

Until finally, the boy spoke.

"Papa, why do the birds sing?"

Anyone would think this a silly question, even for a young child. But the man looked sincerely thoughtful as he processed his son's question.

"They sing because they have lived for another wonderful day. They sing to cheer up the flowers and trees of the earth, and to give them hope of a bright future." He finally stated.

"Why do they stop at sundown?" Came his next innocent question.

"Because another day has passed. The life-giving sun has set on the earth, and the mysterious moon has taken its place. The bird does not understand the secrets of the moon, therefore, they have no reason to sing to it."

"Except for the nightingale." The boy pointed out. The man smiled.

"That, and the raven." He murmured, turning his eyes to the sky as a large black bird flew overhead. The boy also looked up, and smiled as well.

"And the raven. Like mother." He said softly. The man nodded and put a gentle arm around the boy as he leaned against him. They stood in silence, watching the sky darken above them through the boughs of the trees.

Moments later, the boy's attention was diverted by a sudden noise nearby. He pulled away from his father, ears straining to catch the sound again. There it was! A rustle in the bushes to their left.


"I heard. Stay here. It might not be safe." The man pushed his son behind him and moved closer to the source of the noise. The boy watched his father anxiously, straining to catch a glimpse of what lay just beyond the older man. With a cautious motion, the man parted the bushes and let out an quiet exclamation.

"What? What is it?" The boy whimpered, inching closer. His father said nothing, but stared into the bushes with a horrified look. Knowing that couldn't have been something dangerous because his father would have made him run, he moved to his father's side and peered into the bush.

There cowered a boy, no older than himself. This boy, however, was covered in bruises and traces of dry blood matted his shaggy, raven-colored hair. His skin glowed a sickly pale in the dusk and his face was hidden against his scrawny legs. The blue-eyed boy stared at this shocking vision, then looked up at his father who was gazing down at the injured boy with sorrow in his eyes.

Looking back and forth between them, the boy finally made a decision. Moving forward, he crouched down next to the bush, reached out, and placed a warm hand on the bruised arm. The other boy recoiled violently, and turned terrified eyes toward them. His eyes glittered like obsidian, and it was obvious they were filled with tears.

"It is alright. We won't hurt you." The blue eyed child said in a comforting voice. The urchin stared at him with a untrusting gaze, and grew even more nervous when the tall man crouched down next to his son to stare into strange boy's eyes.

"We can help you. But you must trust us. We will not harm you." He said gently, holding a hand out to the cowering figure. The boy stared at his hand for a moment, then to the surprise of everyone (including himself), he took it. The tall man led him out of the bush and into the clearing, where he then sat the child on the ground and began to look over his wounds. It was obvious that the bruises were not self-inflicted, nor were they accidental.

The boy had been cruelly beaten.

"I am known as Aeolus. This is my son, Zephyr. He is your age, if my guess is correct." The man said, his hands now hovering a few inches above the boy's right leg. The blue-eyed boy knelt down and smiled at their new companion, who stared at him with slight discomfort.

"I'm Severus. Severus Snape." He finally muttered. Zephyr wrinkled his nose.

"That's a silly name." He commented boldly. His father sent him a stern look, but neither boy seemed to notice.

"Yours is funnier. Zebra. What name is that?"

"It's Zephyr! Zef-ur! Mommy named me." He added as an afterthought. Severus looked at the ground and frowned. Aeolus saw this and realization filled his eyes.

"Severus, where are your parents?"

"Dead." The boy answered dully.


"Daddy killed mummy. Then he killed himself. I hid. He was going to kill me, too." The boy sniffed. Aeolus stared at him in horror, and Zephyr scowled.

"That's bad." He stated. Then his look softened.

"My mother is gone, too. I miss her. She was a raven." He said proudly. Aeolus smothered a grin.

"You mean, her name was Raven." He corrected. His son shook his head.

"No. She was a raven." He insisted. Instead of arguing with him, his father turned his attention back to Severus, who was staring thoughtfully at Zephyr.

"Do you hurt anymore?" He asked softly. The boy looked up, startled, and then his eyes widened as he realized that his pain was gone. The bruises and hidden cuts had disappeared, leaving smooth pale skin.

"How'd you do that?" He asked in awe, holding out an arm to look it over. Aeolus smiled and held out a hand to help him up.

"We fairy folk can do many things you mortals cannot. Come. Let us show you."

Instead of letting go of Severus's hand, he began to lead the child into the deep darkness of the forest. Zephyr quickly caught up and took Severus's other hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

"Yes. Let us show you."

In the process of adoption in the muggle world, the muggle method is the only accepted way of adopting a child, be it a muggle, witch, or wizard. In the same way, magical adoptions tend to follow a straight and narrow path similar to that of the muggle adoptions.

When a Fairy, Elf, Veela, or other magical creature decided to adopt, the process is very different, however. Simple contracts and agreements do not suffice. Once adopted, the child belongs to that family, body, soul, and blood. To do this, a blood-bonding ceremony must take place.

In the blood-bonding ceremony, the adopting parent(s) will willingly cut the palm(s) of their power hand(s), then make a small cut in the palm of the child's hand. The parent(s) will then press their bleeding palm(s) to that of the said child. After five minutes, they will put their linked hands into a basin of purified water and wait for five more minutes, while their blood mingles together in the water. After this, they will take their hands from the water and let go of the child's hand. The adoption is complete.

The reasons for blood-bonding are numerous, and each as important as the last. A blood-bonding will allow the child to become blood-related to their family. It allows the child certain rights it would not receive if adopted under 'normal' circumstances, such as their parents inheritance (if they are the oldest or the only boy), or in rare cases, a ruling (royal) position. It also helps the child to avoid prejudice and hatred that they would normally face in similar situations. For example, Veelas use the blood-bond to make their children even more attractive than they would normally be. This is mainly because Veelas are widely renowned for their beauty, and it would be difficult on the child if they were surrounded by beauties greater than their own. Another example would be elves and fairies, who use the blood-bond to strengthen their new child and add to their power levels.

Once a blood-bond is completed, it is for life. Even if the child's biological parents are still alive, it is binding and unbreakable. The child belongs forever to their new parents.


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