Kagome's return: prolog

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This is a continuation and/or sequel to my story: Kagome! Where are you!?

Since this is continuation of that storyline, and since there will, hopefully, be new readers, and there may by readers that might not have read the entire story, (It is a huge story.), I will use the prolog of this story to bring new readers up to speed, and to refresh the memory of older readers.

In my story "Kagome! Where are you?!"... Kagome and Sesshomaru were sent on a trip through various different worlds.

A magical cube, created by Cthulhu, sends them on the trip. It does so at the direction of an, as yet, unknown god, and Cthulhu, who thought it would be fun . . .

To them the journey took about two months, but since the device that was sending them from world to world, was able to bend TIME and space, so only about one month has passed for Inu-yasha and the rest of the gang.

During those two months, a bond, a very strong bond, has developed between Kagome and Sesshomaru.

They were sent to an ice world, where to save themselves from the cold, they had to ignore their strong personal modesty. They learned that they needed each other. Sesshomaru began to acquire some respect for Kagome, since she did not immediately try to have sex with him. Kagome begins to trust him. Kagome acquires the sword Jaa Kalpa.

They, next, were sent to a world full of dinosaurs. Both acknowledge, at least some, respect for each other. Kagome learns how to empower the spirits within her clothes, allowing them to repair and change themselves. But . . . Kagome and Sesshomaru's basic disagreement over when it is appropriate to kill, does cause problems. Sesshomaru begins to train Kagome with weapons (and to a lesser degree, magic.)

In the next world, They have a major battle with Aliens and Predators. Kagome shows a new trick with her arrows. And, wakes up Jaa Kalpa's powers. The sword can generate an intense (absolute zero) cold wave. She saves Sesshomaru's life when he loses the fight against the Aliens.

However, the wounds from the fight with the aliens weakened Sesshomaru. He is possessed by the cube. Kagome saves him from the cube, and in the process, she learns about his childhood. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, comes to the decision that he likes/respects/ and possibly loves her. They acknowledge the bond between them, and their new found friendship.

They spend a couple of days in Iron Age Japan (approx. 225 BC). Kagome almost marries the emperor, and she does acknowledge that she is engaged to him.

Sesshomaru, due to the actions of the Emperor's jealous wife, further tells Kagome about his family. And, how jealousy has destroyed the family. His horrible relationship with his mother is revealed. Sesshomaru's hatred of the emotion jealousy is explained.

His father, like most nobles, had multiple wives. The jealousy between Sesshomaru's mother and Inu-yasha's mother destroyed the family.

By the end of his story, both internally acknowledge the love that they feel for each other. But, Sesshomaru wants to control his jealousy, and Kagome still loves Inu-yasha, so neither of them acts on their feelings.

The next world is Middle Earth. But, in the first age, not the third age of the movies. Massive battles . . . Sesshomaru vs. Sauron. Kagome vs. Sauron. Sesshomaru & Kagome vs. a Balrog. Kagome & Sesshomaru vs. the Good Gods of middle earth. Sesshomaru stabs' Sauron through the heart & curses him.

They have a few hours of private time . . . Which they use to talk about their relationship. Both acknowledge that they feel love for each other. To Sesshomaru, Kagome is the first person in all his long life that he feels like he can trust, totally. He has, for him, fallen for her and is heads over heels in love with her.

Kagome, on the other hand, still has strong feelings for Inu-yasha, so, even though she acknowledges that she likes/loves Sesshomaru, she is not going to betray Inu-yasha.

Sesshomaru comes to the conclusion that trying to force Kagome to love only him, is not a good option, Kagome has to stop caring/loving for Inu-yasha, but he knows that trying to force that will not win her heart.

Sesshomaru manages to con Kagome into letting him begin a dog demon courtship. And, during their bathe . . . The sexual side of their relationship changes, as they masturbate each other.

The next world is a world in which Dracula conquered the world. Kagome is captured and seduced by Dracula. Sesshomaru vs. Dracula (massive battle of destruction) She uses her newfound love of Sesshomaru to break Dracula's hold on her.

This causes a crisis with Kagome's love and feelings . . . (her love of Inu-yasha wasn't able to break the hold that Dracula had on her.)

Sesshomaru, after a great deal of thought, comes up with a plan. Neither one of them really thinks that it'll work, but, it's the only plan that doesn't involve fighting/killing, which, of course, is needed for Kagome to approve of it. The plan: using Kagome's thoughts. A man could have two or more wives in feudal japan. So . . . couldn't a woman have two husbands? Kagome & Sesshomaru/Inu-yasha Triangle.

It's a rationalization that allows Kagome and Sesshomaru to advance their relationship. Both know it depends on Inu-yasha behaving rationally, so neither has much faith in it, but the only alternates are worse. (Involving the death, or massive physical/emotion hurt, of at least one member of the triangle. Something that Kagome does NOT want to happen.)

Kagome summons the Goddess Uzume (goddess of pleasure) to find out some information. In the process, Kagome and Sesshomaru's relationship advances sexually. Kagome confirms that this journey is a test for her and Sesshomaru. But, she doesn't find out who started them on this trip. (Uzume also curses Kagome . . . so that she can't wear underwear . . . )

They are about to make love, fully, but are interrupted and they go to the next world. This is a world without magic. It is a world in which Germany won World War II. Kagome and Sesshomaru are forced to hide from a German patrol . . . they both come very close to death. Kagome & Sesshomaru is forced into very abusive positions by the Germans . . .

Kagome learns the about the death of Inu-yasha's mother . . .

They, then, arrive on the world of Gilligan's island . . .

They spend a week on that island, basically peacefully. (Gilligan and the others do cause some humorous problems, but nothing life-threatening.)

They do, during this week, consummate their love for each other. Sesshomaru also spends hours each day teaching/training with Kagome in combat situations. Kagome and the Professor spend hours each day teaching Sesshomaru about the future.

They also spend a great deal of time talking about each other, their plans, etc. Their relationship stabilizes.

They begin to travel to a series of worlds, starting with the moon of Endor from Star Wars. (Kagome meets and takes pictures of Luke, Leia, Han, the others, even Darth Vader.) Sesshomaru & Kagome learns the JEDI mind trick (these are not the 'droids that you're looking for.)

Kagome and Sesshomaru then visit, briefly, a series of worlds.

They appear on a world where sex is openly talked/acted on. (Based on a couple Hentai animes) Sesshomaru and Kagome confront, to a degree, some of their potential jealousy problems.

They visit a world in which Kagome became Evil. They fight her and Inu- yasha. Inu-yasha kills Kagome. Sesshomaru kills Inu-yasha. Kagome uses the Jewel to change the world. (It does, but, in the process her wish is twisted so a version of Kagome dies . . . )

They then visit a world full of Anime characters. Project A-ko, Yu-Yu Hakusho, tenchi Muyo, cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Sailor moon, love hina, And Oh! My Goddess!

Belldandy, from OMG, asks for and is given the cube. She returns it to its creator Cthulhu. Urd opens a portal for Kagome and Sesshomaru.

The portal drops them off on Kagome's world, but not at her house . . .

While Kagome and Sesshomaru were on their trip, Inu-yasha and the gang made several attempts to find Kagome and bring her home. None of those attempts succeeded. But, during those attempts, Naraku found out that Kagome is missing. He decides that this is a perfect time to attack Inu-yasha and the rest of the group.

During this epic journey Kagome and Sesshomaru did change their personalities to a degree.

Sesshomaru has accepted Kagome as his mate.

While he still dislikes humans and just about everyone else, he does not want to upset Kagome, so he does treat humans better. (Ie. He doesn't kill them. Too often.) He has decided to try to convince Inu-yasha that the triangle plan will work. He is old enough, though, too know that plans might look great on paper, but, it may not work in real life. But, He cares enough about Kagome to make an honest effort.

Kagome has accepted Sesshomaru as her husband.

(They have created a pair of wristbands from their hair. Those wristbands are their, unofficial, wedding band.)

But. She still has intense feelings for Inu-yasha. She does want the triangle plan to work. But. She knows that it depends on Inu-yasha listening and thinking . . . which are not Inu-yasha's strong points. Since Sesshomaru has made a couple of "I can't live without you"-type statements, she has decided, at least for the moment, if it comes to choice between Sesshomaru and Inu-yasha. Sesshomaru will be her choice. (Inu-yasha can survive without her. Sesshomaru . . . she doesn't know.)

Kagome has also been exposed to a great deal of warfare during this trip. While she still dislikes killing . . . she will kill, if necessary. (And, she will release Sesshomaru, and let him attack freely, if needed)

Sesshomaru, during his long lifetime, has been around a lot of female demons. He is very experienced in the bedroom. And, he's been enjoying teaching Kagome's bedroom skills.

Kagome has accepted that her ancestor is Uzume, goddess of pleasure, and she has accepted, at least, somewhat some of the behaviors that she's been exposed to. (See my Spring Fertility Festival stories)

They have developed a strong and varied sex life between them.

From the end of Chapter 66 . . .

She points between a couple of large buildings. "That, Sesshomaru, is the Empire State Building." She swallows, "We must be in New York City."

"Hey!" A group of young men, with a couple of young women approach. "You two going to some sort of costume party!" one of the calls out.

Kagome and Sesshomaru look at each other. He raises an eyebrow. Their backpack is on his back.

"Just follow along, please," Kagome whispers.

"Yes!" Kagome smiles, "An anime costume party!"

"Cool!" one of the young women replies. The group of about a dozen young people gathers around Kagome and Sesshomaru.

"Where!" another says.

"Well . . . " Kagome replies, "That seems to be the problem. I've gotten lost." She smiles, "Could I borrow a cell phone. I've seemed to have lost mine."

A couple of them look at each other. One of the boys, smiling as his eyes search Kagome's legs. "What's your name?" he asks.

"Higurashi Kagome." Kagome replies, smiling. "Please, I'll only need it for a couple of minutes."

The boy hands Kagome his phone.

"Just a minute." Kagome smiles. She flips the phone open and dials . . .

The phone rings . . . The answering machine picks up.

"If someone is there, please pick up!"

"Kagome!" Sota yells.

"Sota!" relief colors Kagome's voice. "I need to talk to mother."

"Yes. She's in the well house. I think that Inu-yasha is there!" Sota replies.

"Hurry!" Kagome calls, "Get him or mom on the phone!"

As she can hear Sota run to the well house, Kagome thinks, 'we're in the states. Neither Sesshomaru nor myself has any identity papers. Nor, do we have any money. And we've got to get to Tokyo . . . '

end prolog...

Authors' note: I am not planning on this to be as long of a story at Kagome! Where are you?!

I am not planning to include much in the way of lemons/limes in this story. (At the end of the story, once I've resolved the triangle, then, I'll probably include some) The story will be rated R, for the eventual lemon, and graphic violence, which will be starting soon . . .

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