1Kagome's return chapter 26

The finale . . .

"Come on in." Kagome says as she leads him into her room. The moonlight shines through the window.

Inu-yasha follows behind her, licking his lips from nerves. He closes the door behind him.

Kagome spins to face Inu-yasha.

A small smile appears on her lips. "Inu-yasha, I wonder?"

He grunts. 'I'm going to watch what I say, tonight.' He thinks.

She sighs, "I thought about inviting you into the bathroom and you and I cleaning and washing each other."

Inu-yasha's eyes widen. He blushes. "AH. Kagome. Ah. I." He starts to try to speak.

Kagome reaches out and places her finger on his lips, quieting him. "But, I won't."

"Why?" he whispers.

Kagome steps close to Inu-yasha, her breasts lightly brushing against his chest. "Because, my love, we are not alone."

His ears twitch, as he listens, he can hear Mrs. h and Sota talking about Kohaku and Sango and Miroku talking in Mrs. h room. "And, other people will need the toilet." Kagome smiles. "And, I don't want our first bath together to be interrupted."

Inu-yasha swallows, hard.

Kagome slinks to her bed and sits down on it. She pats her bed and, with a sly smile, says, "inu-yasha, please, sit, boy."

Inu-yasha cringes, his arms instantly spread out to catch his body.

But, nothing happens . . . Inu-yasha, finally, remembers that the necklace is gone.

Kagome giggles.

He glares at her. "Bitch." He growls at her.

Her smile grows. "A joke, inu-yasha. Please, come and sit next to me."

He stands there, staring at her.

Kagome's face drops the smile and she looks at the ground. "I apologize, Inu-yasha. I just thought, well, that you might have found that funny. I'm sorry."

Inu-yasha nods his head. He then moves over and sits next to Kagome.

"Thank you, Inu-yasha." Kagome whispers. She moves her hand over and finds his.

She sighs, "you know, this is the first time, we've had a chance to talk, and not have the jewel hanging over us." Her head turns and she looks at him.

He is looking at her. "Yeah."

She softly grabs his hand and lifts it to her mouth. She kisses it.

Her soft lips caress his rough and calloused hands.

"How come?" Inu-yasha asks in a very quiet voice.

"What?" she asks, as she looks over his hand.

"Why do you love me?"

"Because I do."

A timeless pause as they look into each others eyes.

"I'm a half-demon. I'm a fucking worthless scumbag." Inu-yasha growls out. "Why?"

Kagome kisses his hand again. "I don't care about the fact that you are a half-demon." She smiles. "Truthfully, that makes you sexier. I've loved your ears from the first time that I spotted them."

His mouth drops open.

"And, whatever you were before I meet you, doesn't matter to me." She squeezes his hand. She smiles at him, "Oh, at times, I do wish that you'd control your temper better, and control your mouth more. But." She shrugs. "I can live with that."

Inu-yasha licks his lips, obviously wanting to speak, but, something is preventing him.

Kagome frowns, as she tries to determine what he is trying to ask. 'What is he thinking? I don't know' she thinks, 'maybe if I try that new power to feel emotions, I can figure it out.'

Inu-yasha thinks, 'How can I ask her, how do I compare to Sesshomaru? If I do, I'll sound like an idiot.'

"Inu-yasha?" Kagome asks, "What's wrong? Are you having second thoughts?" she frowns.

'I'm not feeling a lot of lust from him.' She thinks. 'Perhaps he does not want to have sex. He's refused my offers before. I always thought that he wanted to have sex, but that there were other reasons for him to say no. perhaps I was wrong.'

Inu-yasha shakes his head as he says, "second thoughts about us and Sesshomaru? No. not really. It's not what I would have done. But, I know you, Kagome. You never did like the fighting or the killing. I can live with it, I guess." He gives a small laugh, "hell, you would have probably dealt fairly and peacefully with Naraku."

Kagome's mouth shapes a small smile, "Yes. I would have." She sighs, "you may not believe this, but I once sought out Kikyo, by myself, in an attempt to settle things peaceably between us."

Inu-yasha's eyes narrow. He slowly nods. "I believe you. I don't remember when you could have had time to do it, but, I believe you did."

'If that's not it.' Kagome thinks, 'then, I'll try this...'

Kagome says in a quiet voice, "I know that I've pushed you into my room. I pushed you into this, so, if you don't want to have sex, tonight, Inu-yasha. I can understand." Her lips twitch into a smile, "it took a couple of weeks of living and fighting together before Sesshomaru and I made love, so, I can wait for you."

Inu-yasha, instinctively growls.

Kagome looks at him. Her eyes sharpen. 'I felt a sudden jolt of irritation, embarrassments, envy, fear? I know he doesn't like Sesshomaru and I making love. Is that it?'

Kagome clears her throat, in perpetration for a question, but.

"How can you love me, when I'm nothing compared to Sesshomaru?" Hisses through Inu-yasha's lips. He looks, almost as surprised as Kagome, that the question left his lips.

"Because you're not him." Kagome replies. She wiggles next to him and places her arm on his thigh. "You care for people more than he does. You'll go the extra step and save people. He'll make a calculation, and if the price is more than he cares to pay, he'll make the pragmatic logical decision." She smiles. "And, I simply, love you. Love doesn't have to logical, Inu-yasha."

Inu-yasha blinks. "Caring? You think that I'm caring?"

Kagome nods.

"And that's important? Not how I look? Not how I act?" he asks. Kagome nods, yes, at each question.

Inu-yasha's eyes flick to the bed, than to Kagome's breasts.

'I felt a flash of lust.' Kagome thinks. 'But, was that from inu-yasha, or is that from Sango and Miroku?'

She blinks, and before she can stop and think about it, asks, "are you afraid that I'm going to compare yours and Sesshomaru's love making techniques?"

Inu-yasha growls, deeply and loudly. Then, he slumps, staring at the floor.

Kagome, just barely, stops herself from cringing. 'Such a surge of anger and fear!'

"You are." She breathes. She reaches out and grabs him, lifting and turning his head. She stares into his eyes. "I want you to be different from him. I want to make you happy. I want you to make me happy. How" She shrug. "How, I do not care." She pauses. "But, Inu-yasha I will tell you this . I will promise you this. I will not compare the two of you in bed."

"You're not?" He whispers.

She shakes her head, no. "I want the two of us to be happy, Inu-yasha." She pauses. "If that means waiting a couple of days, until we are truly alone, and then making love, so be it." A small smile appears on her lips, "If that means you ripping off my clothes, throwing me on the floor and violently fucking me, I'll love that."

Inu-yasha takes a deep breath, "you mean that?"

Kagome bends over and kisses him on the lips, just a quick peck. "Yes." She reaches out and grabs his rough, clawed hand and rises it to her cheek. His calluses scrap across her baby-smooth cheek. She kisses the palm on his hand.

His eyes widen.

"You know, Inu-yasha." Kagome whispers. "I daydreamed, a lot, about the two of us making love."

"Yeah. I know." He whispers, as they look each other in the eyes. "The smell of your lust was, at times, hard to ignore."

Kagome's lips twitch. "You know, Inu-yasha, it wasn't until Sango and I started talking about her, you, Miroku and sex, that she told me about how much you could smell." She giggles. "I knew that your nose was powerful. I just never thought about you smelling that on me."

Inu-yasha snorts. "I thought so. After she showed up, you were a lot more careful about it."

Kagome nods. "But, Inu-yasha, do you know exactly what I was dreaming of, as I masturbated?"

Inu-yasha, blushing, shakes his head, no.

"At first, to be honest, it was pretty much like you'd expect. We'd win. And, then, on our wedding night, you'd spend all night making long, gentle love to me." She looks at Inu-yasha.

He looks away. 'There's no way. I can do that.' He thinks.

"But, then, my dream did change, some. Oh, I have, still, occasionally had that dream. But, I'd also dream of you, just one day out of the blue, grabbing me, jumping off into the woods, ripping my clothes off, ripping your clothes off, and then, in the middle of some clearing, perhaps even among the branches of some tree," She pauses; "we'd fuck each other senseless."

"You mean that?!" Inu-yasha blurts out.

Kagome smiles as she nods. "I'm sure that you've smelled me, on occasion, as I rode your back, that is what I was thinking of."

"I just run off and take you." Inu-yasha says in a dazed voice.

Kagome nods.

"Do you, fucking! Know how many times I thought about doing that." Inu-yasha growls. "hell, the reason that half the time, more than half the time, when we landed, that I shook you off my back so violently, it was to disguise the fact that I had a hardon."

Kagome giggles. "And here I thought that you didn't want me on you."

"Oh I did. I just wanted to be on top." Inu-yasha replies, quickly.

Kagome smiles. Their eyes catch and she leans back down on the bed, dragging her hand between her breasts and to her stomach.

"Well?" She purrs.

Inu-yasha leans over her. Then he shakes himself, his hair twisting violently. "No" he sits back.

"Why?" she says painfully.

He reaches down. His rough clawed hands brush against her cheeks. "because. That's what I want to do."

"Huh?" Kagome says. Then, after a very slight pause. "Oh, that's what you mean. You want the first time that we make love to be like that."

Inu-yasha nods. "Yeah. I know it won't be the first time we've fucked, but."

"You never did like what happened during the spring festival or the trip to Kyoto. You were forced into fucking me. And now, I'm forcing you, as well."

He nods.

Kagome nods. She smiles. "Ok, Inu-yasha, I can wait. I would like our first time, alone, together to be unforgettable."

He tries to conceal his sigh of relief.

She giggles again. "But, we are still sleeping together in my bed tonight."

"But, but." He sputters.

Kagome pats the bed, "we'll undress and sleep together, Inu-yasha. Nothing more, I promise."


"Because, I want to sleep next to you. I want to go to sleep in your arms. I want your face to be the first thing that I see in the morning."

He smiles, and taps the bed. His strength causes the springs in the bed to moan.

Kagome smiles, "And if you want to sleep on the floor, I'll do that. Or are you afraid of my bed?" She whispers.

He growls and leans over her. His body drapes itself over her body. He breathes, "I'm not afraid of anything."

She reaches up and hugs him, dragging him down and pressing him against her body. "I know, My love. That's why I love you. You're not afraid of falling in love with me." She kisses him.

He kisses her back. Her tongue slides out of her mouth and taps his teeth, wanting in. He opens his mouth, her tongue invades it, as his tongue invades her mouth. His body begins to grind itself into hers.

His hands slide down her body, his claws ripping her clothes.

Her hands slide between their bodies, and untie his clothes, as they go under them.

"No!" Inu-yasha gasps as he sits up. He quickly grabs his clothes and wraps them around him.

"Inu-yasha?" Kagome whimpers, as she lays on the bed, she makes no attempt to cover herself. "Come back." She purrs, her eyes wide with pleasure.

He shakes his head. "Kagome. We just promised not to do this, and now, we're jumping each others bones?"

Kagome blinks. 'I am feeling good. Very good.' She thinks.

Kagome moans in pleasure and stiffens.

Inu-yasha moans in pleasure. His pants darken as he ejaculates his seed.

"Miroku." Kagome moans.

"Miroku!" Inu-yasha hisses in anger.

She blinks. "Damn." She hisses. She places her hands on her forehead and concentrates.

"Miroku?" Inu-yasha says again. "You were dreaming of him? Now? I'll kill him!"

Kagome reaches out and grabs him, dragging him down. She grabs his ear and hisses into it. "No inu-yasha, don't!"

"Then why did you just say Miroku?" Inu-yasha hisses back.

"I did something stupid, Inu-yasha."

"Like that's new." Scorn fills his voice.

"Shush, anyway, remember that power I had to show you my emotions?"

"Yeah." Inu-yasha frowns. "You were feeling Sango's?"

"And Miroku's, I am sure." Kagome shivers in pleasure.

Inu-yasha growls, deep in his chest. His pants tent as his manhood stirs. "I felt that."

"Yeah. That was Sango. She just had another orgasm." Kagome says in a distracted voice. Her eyes appear to be focused inward, as she concentrates.

A pause. "There. I think I've turned it off." She, finally. "I definitely going to have to be careful about that power, I think."

"Yeah." Inu-yasha says. He frowns. "Kagome?"

"Yes, Inu-yasha?"

"You were feeling their lust and giving it to me and you." She nods, following his line of thinking. "If we had fucked each other, would you still be giving those emotions to other people?"

"I hope not!" Kagome replies. "But, maybe, yes."

"But, if you could feel the monk and Sango, surely they could feel you."

"Yes." Kagome hisses. "I see what you're getting at, now, Inu-yasha. If we make love, and I'm broadcasting our emotions, then the people around me will feel them. Then, as they make love, under that influence, I'll pick up that lust and broadcast it, reinforcing the lust. It will turn into a positive feedback loop that will increase the lust of anybody around me."

Inu-yasha nods.

Kagome thinks for a second and then shivers. She sits up, holding out her arms. "Hug me, please."

Inu-yasha hugs her, gently.

"What just frightened you?" He whispers.

"Is that power still working?" Kagome asks, frightened.

"No. I could smell your fear."

"If that power works like that." Kagome pauses, swallowing hard. "It will also work with anger, envy, the negative emotions as well."

Inu-yasha stiffens. "So, just as a flare of lust, might make you and anybody next to you very horny, a flare of anger, could lead to a nasty fight."

Kagome nods. "I'm going to have to be very careful with that power."


As they are still hugging, They move their heads, turning their cheek against each other. They stare into each others eyes. "Hold me." Kagome whispers.

Inu-yasha hugs her tighter. "I will. I'll protect you, no matter what."

"I just want to go to sleep in your arms." Kagome whispers.

Inu-yasha picks her up and lays her down on her bed. He opens his shirt and covers her with it. "You know that's what the blankets for." She whispers.

"fuck the blanket. I'm covering you."

Kagome snuggles closer to Inu-yasha. "good."

"Go to sleep. It's been a long day, Kagome. I'll protect you."

"I love you, Inu-yasha." Kagome whispers.

"I love you, Kagome." He whispers back.

Kagome wiggles against him, then, falls asleep, a peaceful expression on her face.

Inu-yasha looks at face and whispers, "I'll protect you against anything, Kagome. Myself, Sesshomaru, even your own powers."

The next morning.

In Kagome's mother bedroom.

Sango opens her eyes. They flick over to Miroku, who is still sleeping against her. They are both sleeping under the covers in the middle of Mrs. h bed. The sheets are a mess . . .

She stiffens, involuntarily. 'It's ok.' She thinks, as she opens her fist. 'He can live.'

She relaxes, and subtly moves away from him. She looks at Miroku. Her hand reaches out and touches his face, softly. 'Last night . . . ' she smiles. 'Last night was unforgettable. But, then again, his ability in the bedroom, I never doubted.'

Her hand leaves his face and travels to her stomach. 'Am I with child? He certainly did everything humanly possible to make me pregnant. If I am, I am. I will, sooner or later, become pregnant, and with Naraku dead, and Kohaku to live on this of the well, then, I must have children.'

She sighs, 'I'd like to wait. But, the ghosts of my family, my clan, and he demands children, so.'

Her eyes flick to the window. 'Dawn, I think, or soon after. Time to get up and see if I can help my new mother.'

She smiles again. "A new mother." She whispers. "And family."

"I certainly hope so." Miroku whispers.

Her head turns to look at him. He is staring at her.

"I didn't think that you were awake?" Sango whispers.

His hand appears from under the covers and touches her cheek. "I never fell asleep. The thought of laying next to you kept me awake."

"I was, by the way, thinking about our new mother and family."

"Oh." Disappointment fills his voice.

Her hand catches his. "But, I will pray that last night we were fertile."

He smiles. "Thank you." He whispers. He brushes a tear from one of his eyes.

His eyes change. "Yes. Our new mother, sister, and brother are unique, fine, and honorable people." He looks at her, "I am, we are, honored to be part of Kagome's family."

Sango nods. "Of course." She sighs, "we do need to get up, Monk. Ah Miroku. Yesterday, our mother told me that she is planning on having Kagome use her powers, or the power of Tenseiga to make it appear that Kagome's grandfather died in his sleep last night."

He nods. "Yes, that is what I understood."

"And, from listening to Chika, Kagome and our mother talk, we'll have to be gone, while our mother and Kagome deal with the authorities. I believe that Kagome's friends are supposed to show up and give us, including Shippo and Rin, a tour of the city, or whatever a mall is."

He nods.

Sango flips off the covers and swings her legs off the bed as she sits up. Miroku sighs as he watches her breasts bounce as she moves.

"Pervert." She whispers.

He sits up, moving his legs into a lotus position, his erect manhood is very visible. "Did you doubt it?"

Sango snorts.

"I would have thought." He starts to speak, but, Sango interrupts.

"Just because, I've agreed to marry you, doesn't change you. If anything, it makes me a pervert, like you." She sighs. She glares at him. "Just don't expect me to do everything that you want."

"Ah." Miroku starts to speak, than he stops, as he thinks about what she just said. As he pauses, Sango stands up, and reaches for her clothes, as she starts to dress.

"As much as I'm going to hate it, I'm going to have to knock on Kagome's door." Sango says, "She promised to show me how that bathroom works. And, from all of the times she's praised her modern bathroom, I want to try it out."

"Inu-yasha is not going to like you." Miroku says in a dry voice.

"He'll get used to it." Sango replies. She sighs, "Of course, interrupting her when she's with Sesshomaru. That will take some getting used to."

"Yes." Miroku hisses. "That will take getting used to."

"Do you think that he did something to her?" Sango whispers.

"Other than." Miroku pats the bed.

"Yes. Pervert." Sango hisses. "I know he did that. I want to know about anything else."

Miroku rubs his chin. "I trust her. So, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt."

"I heard a but in there."

"I also trust her mother."

Sango nods.

"Inu-yasha, though, he will want to know the answer to that question, as well. And he will question her very closely. If he finds something, then."


Miroku takes a deep breath. "Then, we'll make our decision based on what we know."

Sango pauses. She nods. "Yes. That is good." Her eyes flick across his body. "Get dressed, Miroku."

He sighs, but stands up and begins to dress.

Sango looks at the bed and sniffs. "I'm going to have to wash that entire bed. How do you wash that flexible box, the one that we slept on?"

Miroku pauses and shrugs. "I don't know. I'm sure that our mother knows and will tell you what you need to do."

Sango flicks her eyes at Miroku. 'Of course, not even a hint of an offer to help. But, without Kagome to point out to me that men could and maybe should help out around the house, I would never have thought about it.'

Miroku frowns, as he watches her straighten up the room, as he thinks, 'she's not mentioned anything about my fidelity. I've been waiting and watching, but she's said nothing about stopping me from being with other women. Why?'

Sango, after a last glance at room, moves to open the door.

"Sango?" Miroku whispers.

She stops, turns and asks, "Yes, Miroku?"

He licks his lips. "AH."

Her eyebrow rises. "A question that embarrasses you enough that you stuttered?"

He clears his throat. "Perhaps." He pauses.

She stares at him.

"You're not helping me."

"Should I?"

He takes a deep breath. "I think. No. I wonder when you wish to discuss the oaths of marriage, and how they will apply to our union?"

Her lips twitch. "If you wish to remove the oath about fidelity, I'm not going to stop you."

His eyes widen. His mouth drops in surprise.

Sango's eyes harden. "I have watched you for too long, perverted Monk." She gestures to his monks robes. "Every day, you break, or best bend, the oaths that you made when you accepted your office. No oath will bind you. And, I'm not going to waste my time trying."

She steps over to him, grabs him and lifts him off the ground. "But. Monk. My honor is now connected to you. IF you dishonor me, I will do what I must to repair the honor of my family, the honor of my sister, the honor of our marriage, and finally, my honor."

She pauses, staring deep in his eyes. "Do you understand that?"

He nods.

She puts him down and releases him. She smiles. "Then, there is no need to discuss this again. I trust you with my honor."

She spins and leaves the room.

Miroku rubs his chin, 'hmmm. So, as long as there is no scandal, I can be with other women. Good, I can work with that.' He thinks.

later . . .

After Sango's first modern bath. (Bubble baths' are wonderful things . . . )

After Tenseiga and Kagome have fixed Kagome's grandfather's body, and Mrs. H has called the authorities.

After Kagome's three girl friends leave with Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Rin for a tour of the city, and, of course, a day at a mall. (All dressed in modern clothes.)

Kagome stands with Sesshomaru and Inu-yasha as they watch the police arrive at the bottom of the stairs.

"I wish that you two had gone with the others." Kagome says in wistful tone.

"No." Inu-yasha growls. "We'll stay nearby. To protect you."

Sesshomaru nods.

Kagome sighs. "Ok. I can't stop you. Just make sure that nobody sees you."

"We will." Sesshomaru says.

"Ok. I'm going inside, now." Kagome sighs. "Today is going to be a long day. So, be warned."

"We understand." Inu-yasha says.

Kagome kisses Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru, just peeks on their cheeks, not full mouth kisses, though, spins and enters the house. "I love you. Both of you." She says.

Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru glance at each other and jump into high branches of the god tree.

"I won't have thought that you were shy, Inu-yasha." Sesshomaru remarks after they land.

Inu-yasha snorts. "I don't care about them. But, it's not worth the argument with her."

Sesshomaru thinks, 'I was thinking about teasing him about last night, and how he didn't make love to her. But, if I do that would just irritate him. And, once she learns about it, she becomes irritated, as well. The couple of seconds of pleasure, isn't worth the problems.' He sighs.

He frowns. "Did you hear that?"

Inu-yasha nods. "One of the so-called police down there is trying to spy on Kagome."

"Hmm." Sesshomaru grips the hilt of Tokijin, thinking. "Apparently, that incident when we arrived is causing problems."

"Yeah." Inu-yasha mutters. "And, she and I will be leaving soon, too."

"So, something has to be done about that, soon."

Inu-yasha nods. "What?"

"They are going to spy on her. And, judging from what I've heard as she was talking about it to her mother and her friends, she's afraid that the 'men in black' will appear and take her, us, or her family away."

"Yeah. Once, to stop me from wandering around her school, she showed me a movie about some scientist and how he experimented on animals." Inu-yasha says. "Island of Dr. Moreau? I think that is what she called it."

Sesshomaru nods. "Yes. She told me a similar story, I believe."

"I've got to," he looks at Sesshomaru, "We've got to protect her and her family." Inu-yasha states.

Sesshomaru nods.

"It's my experience." Sesshomaru begins. "That an aggressive defensive is better than waiting for my enemies to move."

"Yeah." Inu-yasha mutters.

"We've also only have a limited amount of time to act." Sesshomaru muses. "You will be leaving soon, and even when you return, the well will stop sooner or later."

"Yeah. And, her mother, Kokahu, and I think her brother will be staying on this side of the well." Inu-yasha mutters. "How can we protect them, when the well doesn't work?"

"Her brother will be staying on this side of the well."

"Are you sure?"

Sesshomaru nods. "I listened to her conversation with him last night. She wants him to have a proper education. And, he had been talking to Rin, and Rin told him about all the work that children have to do."

Inu-yasha nods. "Yeah, peasant children have to start working in the fields pretty much as soon as they learn to walk."

"He was upset about working in the fields." Sesshomaru says in an amused tone. "I believe that is the polite term. You do know, little brother, that his vocabulary sounds suspiciously like yours."

"Feh." Inu-yasha grins. "I bet."

"So, he'll be staying on this side of the well."

A pause.

"How do we protect them?" Inu-yasha asks.

"I think, little brother." Sesshomaru begins, "That we need to find whoever is in charge of these 'men in black'."

"And put the fear of us in him." Inu-yasha growls, as his fist grips Tetsusaiga's hilt.

"Or, simply remove him from his life."

Inu-yasha shrugs, totally indifferent to the prospect of killing. "She's made it very plain that she expects to be busy, handling everything connected to her grandfather's death."

"Yes. It sounds like that will take all day." Sesshomaru glances at Inu-yasha. "I do know where this 'airport' is. Shall we go there and track down these 'men in black'?"

"Yes." Inu-yasha hisses . . .

The top of the god tree twitches as the brothers jump off it . . . on their way to the airport.

Later . . . after dinner.

In the living room . . .

Shippo and Rin are talking a mile a minute about their adventures during the day. Sango and Miroku add in the occasional comment, but it's mainly Shippo's and Rin show.

And everyone, even Sesshomaru, is laughing (with Sesshomaru grinning) at it.

The phone rings.

Mrs. h Answers it. A pause. "Kagome turns on the news!" she cries. "Chika says that there is something on that we need to see!"

Kagome fishes for the remote control, and turns on the TV.

A news reporter is speaking: "Today, there was a sequence of possible terrorist related incidents throughout Tokyo."

A picture of Tokyo Airport appears behind him.

"At the airport, a group of very well armed terrorists attacked the security headquarters."

A shaky telephoto shot of a very damaged building. The concrete around the building is shattered. The damage patterns are very familiar to most of the people in the room.

"Details are still vague, but, a number of deaths are confirmed. The reason behind the attack is still unknown."

Another shot appears. A very damaged line of building appears. A number of fire engines, police cars, and media trucks are in front of them. Again, the pattern of damage is very familiar . . .

"A block of buildings, near the American embassy, has also been destroyed. The owners of these buildings have not been located. Several reporters, asking local residents, are reporting that these buildings were frequented by foreigners. The businesses that were housed in this building have foreign ownership, and some questions exist as too exactly what businesses were located in these buildings."

He licks his lips. "A number of deaths are being reported, but, many of the bodies appear to be foreigners. So exact numbers are not available."

Kagome turns to Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru. Her eyes are blazing.

Sesshomaru shrugs. "They were planning on kidnaping you."

Inu-yasha nods. "They aren't now."

"We controlled ourselves." Sesshomaru continues. "The number of deaths was minor."

Kagome closes her eyes. "Minor! Minor compared to what!" she cries.

Inu-yasha grips Tetsusaiga's hilt. "We did what was needed to protect you and your family."

Kagome presses her hand against her forehead, trying futilely to stop the headache that is growing rapidly. 'Now what?' she thinks.

She glances at the TV. The reporter is going on about possible groups that might be responsible.

'They have no idea what they did.' She thinks. 'And, what's worse, as far as they are concerned they did the right thing. Think, Kagome. Think.' She sighs. "Ok, what's done is done. Just, next time, tell me, first!"

"Of course. If there is time." Sesshomaru replies.

"Yeah. It might not be possible to tell you." Inu-yasha amplifies.


"Kagome?" Mrs. H asks.

Kagome sighs. "The only thing that I can think of is that we need to vanish, Mother. Oh, they'll still take you in for questioning, I'm sure. But, if we're not here, they can't do anything else."

Mrs. H nods. "I think, I'll make some sort of video tape with that TV reporter that I know. Something, just in case I or Sota vanishes."

Kagome nods.

"How soon before you vanish?" Mrs. H replies.

Kagome sighs. "It can wait, I think. Because of that mess," She gestures to the TV. "It will take a while for the government to figure it out, and get organized." She looks at Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru. "And our protectors can sense when they arrive."

"Of course." Inu-yasha says.

Sesshomaru nods.

Kagome sighs. "With a bit of luck, I don't think that it'll affect what we've planned, Mother. Although, I think that your life, after we leave might get . . . "

"Complex?" Mrs. h says.

Kagome nods.

Mrs. H nods. "I can adjust."

"I know you can, mother." Kagome and her mother hug.

Kagome looks at Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru. She thinks, 'what will happen in the future? Can I control them? From what I know of history, there will be other warlords that I'll have to deal with. How hard will it be to control them? Especially since those warlords will not love me, like Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru does.'

She takes a deep breath. 'I will find a way. I will change the world into something better.'

The end of Kagome's Return.

Authors' note: Miroku's & Sango and extramarital affairs. Sango's attitude. Basically, don't throw it in my face, and I'll ignore it. That, by the way, is a very traditional attitude. A wife should trust her husband. So, unless he's stupid enough to shove her face into it, he can get away with a lot.

Authors' note: this finishes the storyline that I had planned.

Yes, there is still the story of Sango, Miroku, Rin, Shippo's day in the city.

Yes, there is still the story of Kagome and Inu-yasha's vacation (honeymoon)

Yes, there is still the story of the fight with Sesshomaru's mother.

But, those are other stories, which I will write sometime in the future.

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During this time, I am planning on working on A Shard in Kyoto. (In order to get around the writers block, I'll probably have to change what I had planned, but, I do want to finish that story.)

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Hopefully, sometime around Sept 10 to 15, I'll start my new major story.

Kagome Goddess of Japan. A history of the world, from 1550 to 2000, as Kagome changes (conquers in other words) the world . . .

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