AN: In the reviews for 'Lament to a Fallen Star', I was asked by Night Strider to write a poem about Maglor. So here it is specifically for you, Night Strider. Enjoy!

Burning Silence

Sing me a song
A beautiful tale
Weave me a symphony
Let the crescendo
Raise and push
Past Heaven's gates
And then plummet
And cast my spirit back so
Far removed
That I bow in sheer awe of
Your talent
But you don't

Hands droop listlessly
Burns crisscrossing and branding
Once musically inclined fingers
With searing pain
Your harp lies nearby
Unused, forgotten
The ocean is your instrument now
And again, I ask you sing
But you don't

Did the Silmaril
Suck your life from you?
Was Maedhros' death the
Final straw to cause
You to sink into
Utter and ugly silence

Or did the discord that
Led to this silence begin
Years and years untold ago?
Did the first wrong note
Twang when the first Teleri
Fell dead at Alqualondë?
And then note after note
Became sour
The Burning of the Ships
The Doom of Mandos
Watching each brother
Succumb to the Curse
Until it was your turn
And the noisy, ear-splitting crescendo
Cut off immediately
As the Silmaril tumbled into the Ocean?

The wind catches the harp
And a tinny chord mumbles into the wind
But you remain silent
Eyes to the West
To where you can never
Again place a foot

I won't ask you again
To sing for me
I just sang your song
For you.