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He had just finished a difficult seven-month mission. He was glad he was returning home. He missed everyone, even though he did not want to admit it out loud, but he did, he truly did miss his friends and surrogate family. His former sensei, his loud blond teammate, and her; he missed her the most.

Even though he probably looked like hell, and probably smelled like crap, he was hoping she would be waiting for him by the gates, like she always did. Her smile always brought out the best in him and he loved the way her emerald eyes always glittered at the sight of him. It made him smile, not smirk, but smile a true smile, a smile of a happy man. He was getting closer to the gates; he made his tired, worn-out body move forward towards the village. He wanted to see her, no, he needed to see her. He wanted to apologize to her and tell her how much he loves her with all his heart.

{I love you. I hope you can forgive me Sakura. I don't know why I turned you down for her...when clearly I was madly in love with you...It was just a stupid mistake!}

His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed he walked past the gates. He looked around, searching for pink hair, hoping she would be there with one of her brightest smiles, but he found none. Maybe she was still angry with him, but she was a forgiving person; she would probably forgive Sasuke.

{What makes you think she still loves after what you did to her?! You think she'll forgive you even after you slept with her best friend!!}

He growled at his inner self. He did not want to be reminded of that. He did not want to picture a life without Sakura. She was everything to him, his life, the light that shined in the darkness, the space the occupied the once void in his heart.

{Keep telling yourself whatever you want, but you know deep down she doesn't love you anymore. Isn't that why you took this mission in the first place? You were too scared to face her when she would tell you she didn't want you anymore.}

{Shut up!!}

{She loved you with all her heart...how could you betray her? How could you, you idiot?!?!}


Images of a broken pink-haired woman flashed into his mind. Her green eyes watered and stream with tears non-like the other he had seen before. Tears of regret, grief, and betrayal. Her face stricken with shock while her body trembled uncontrollably.


No, he did not want to be reminded of that day. He did not want to remember how she cried and begged him for it not to be true. Crying and denying as her best friend told her about her nightly visit with Sasuke.

He suddenly stopped walking when he noticed pink hair amongst the crowd. She turned around when someone called her name. She was smiling and chatting; he smiled inwardly and felt a little relieved. He let his eyes travel from her face to her stomach where he noticed a bulge sticking out. She had her hand rested on her tummy stroking it tenderly while her the other hand was placed on her lower back for support.


His thought stopped when he saw her eyes brighten up at what caught her sight. Silver hair bounced as the man tried to get through the crowd towards the pregnant woman. Kakashi stopped directly in front of her and began talking, and from what Sasuke could tell, it was probably a lame excuse as to why he was late, yet again.

Sasuke cringed, something didn't seem right. His eyes widened when Sakura wrapped her arms around Kakashi's neck and kissed him lightly on the lips, which was covered by the dark fabric. She let her arms trail down his sides and rest tightly on Kakashi's waist. He brought his mouth down to her ear and whispered something into it, which caused Sakura to blush a crimson red. She responded by playfully slapping him on the chest and calling him a pervert. Kakashi wrapped his arm around her waist and rubbed as much of her tummy he could reach, gently. They walked slowly into a nearby restaurant, laughing and smiling at each other. Sasuke's heart stopped, and he felt it shatter into a million pieces.

{She...she really did move on...}

Not even his inner self commented on the scene, but instead it kept quiet. An a reassuring silence, an understanding, a way to tell and encourage Sasuke to move on with his life because he needed to, because she did and he will have to as well. Sasuke's mind swirled with many thoughts and emotions, but suddenly deceased when he came across the number seven. Seven months, in seven months he would be all right. His scarred heart would heal properly and he would be able to move on, because seven months heals a broken heart.


Author's Notes: I have good news. I'm not leaving the country after all. Ha-ha!!! That gives me lots of time to write more chapters for Child at Heart. Please don't be upset with who Sakura ends up with in this little story. And yes, Kakashi is the one that knocked Sakura up and got her pregnant, not Sasuke.