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The sound of pounding echoed throughout the small apartment. To the man's surprise the more he pleaded and knocked on the door received no reply from his female companion who locked herself in the bathroom since the early morning, so he resulted to pound on the door and yell over her screams.

He was frustrated and tired. He had not gotten any sleep on his previous mission and he was in desperate need of a long nap and some peace. It was four in the morning when he returned home only to find his girlfriend crying and beating a poor defenseless pillow, which turned into nothing but feathers scattered all over his room. Poor pillow, he really liked that pillow out of all the pillows he had in his room. He heaved a frustrated sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. He was sore and his muscles were aching, oh how he wished she wasn't upset then he'd receive a sensual body message from her silky fine hands.

"Sakura-chan, please open the door," he asked sweetly against the door.

"NOO!!" she screeched from the other side.


"I SAID NO!!" Her screaming ceased and turned into muffled sobs. He was staring to worry about her, first she was locked in his bathroom and now she was crying.

"Sakura, please, I beg of you. Please open this door now," he emphasized the 'now' to his request through gritted teeth. Not in his life had he ever lost his patience, but today it was wearing thin.

"YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER!!" she chocked between sobs. That was it, he had enough. He spent three hours trying to get her to come out of the bathroom, three hours which he could have spent sleeping.

He banged on the door and scornfully yelled, "Sakura open this damn door now!! I'll give you to the count of three to do so!!"

Her sobs became louder.



Her sobs quieted down, the he suddenly heard her vomiting.


He kicked the door open and saw Sakura crouched over the toilet vomiting. He was startled and scared. He ran to her side, moved her hair out of the way and gently rubbed her back for comfort. Her hands were shaking when she finished vomiting. She was still crying, but it was quieter than before. She slowly wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt and flushed the toilet.

"Kakashi…do you love me?" she whispered. He was taken back by her question.

"Yes I do." She smiled and Kakashi leaned over to kiss her forehead.

"Come on, lets go back to sleep," he gingerly picked her up from the tile floor and walked slowly towards the bedroom. He put her down on the bed, feathers scattered all over his room, and quickly jumped under the covers with her. He wrapped his arms protectively around her, nuzzling her hair in the process.

"Can you tell me why you were crying when I came home and why were you locked inside the bathroom?"

She shifted a little in his embrace before muttering, "I wasn't feeling well…"

"You weren't feeling well?" She didn't reply and he noticed she had fallen asleep in his arms, he growled inwardly.


He heard the alarm go off, but he didn't budge from the spot where he laid. He had finally gotten some sleep and he didn't feel like getting up. There it was again, the constant beeping pounding through his head, calling him to another fun-filled day of dangerous ninja work. He grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room, slamming the alarm clock against the wall.

"That's the third alarm clock you break this month. No wonder you're always late."

He chuckled heartily and patted the spot next to him. He heard her squeal in happiness before jumping on the bed and snuggling against his neck. He wrapped his arms around her petite form, pulling her closer to him, and laid his chin on top of her head.


"Yes?" he let his breath run through her hair.

"I'm really sorry about this morning. I wasn't feeling well…but it's nothing to worry about."

"It's ok, but you're going to have to make it up to me somehow…"

With a faint smile on his lips, he rubbed her back soothingly, slowly letting his hand trail further down where he touched her behind lustfully. She squeaked in surprise and tried to pry his arms off of her, but he quickly rolled her over on her back and let the weight of his body pin her down to the mattress.

"You're not going anywhere," he whispered tauntingly in her ear. His hot breath tickled her ear, causing her to shudder in pure pleasure.

"Kakashi, please not now. We have to go to work in half an hou-ahhh!"

His hands were everywhere, touching her in all the right places causing her to exhale a breath of air he knew she was holding.

"Ah, Kakashi, stop ahh!" she was losing her mind, "We need to talk!"

He stopped his exploration and stared at her flushed face. She quickly pushed him off and sat up.

"Ano, I think we should stop doing this so frequently…"

His hands snaked up her inner thigh, "don't tell me you don't enjoy this."

With a sweet smile he leaned over to steal a kiss from Sakura. She brought her mouth down to his neck, nibbling slightly before biting him hard.

{Ouch! That's going to leave a mark…}

"Ahh! Why did you do that?!"

"I wasn't kidding when I said we should give it a rest." She narrowed her eyes at him before plopping down on the bed. He sighed and rubbed the sore spot on his neck where she bit him.

"You want to talk about it?" he asked with a strain of hope.

"I..I saw Ino the other day," her back was facing him, but he could tell she wanted to cry, "She told me she was sorry for what she did. She told me that Sasuke was feeling really guilty and he loves me with all his heart. He still wants us to get married," she snorted, "I got angry with her and told her that if he really cared about me he wouldn't have cheated on me with my best friend, and he would be apologizing to me in person instead of sending his lover to do it for him…" he heard her sniff before choking a laugh, "That's not the best part, she wants me to go back to him and be his wife and have his devil-spawn Uchiha children, when he's already expecting one himself from Ino! She's five months pregnant."

She broke into a sob; he continued to watch her back silently. How long had it been since she last saw Sasuke? Three or four months? He wasn't sure, but he did everything to make her happy and tried to help her forget about Sasuke. Maybe the wound in her heart didn't heal after all; it was probably rotting with grief each passing day. Maybe she needed some else to substitute Sasuke, someone who could give her everything without having to give anything back in return.

"Is that why you were crying?" his question came out sharp and cold, but he didn't mean to. She was taken back by his cold demeanor. He was just really tired of seeing her hurting.

"A little…" she choked between sobs, and then she turned around to face Kakashi. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, she also had a slight hiccup.

"I…I'm…I'm…" she was stalling; she just couldn't find the right words. He noticed a slight blush appear on her face, even with a flushed face from crying.

"I'm…I'm pre--" he kept his eye on her,"I…you…"


"You…you haven't proposed to me yet?" she whispered while pouting prettily at him. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"What?" That was definitely not the respond she was expecting because as soon as she heard him she started crying again and pounding violently against his chest.

"You're such an insensitive jerk!"

Her pounding and crying lasted for half an hour, clearly both were late for work. She calmed down after a while, leaving poor Kakashi clueless and bruised. Her cries turned into hiccups, which seemed not to want to go away. Now, Kakashi was a smart man and he was going to wait until she calmed down and finished her tantrum. He noticed she was extremely quiet, {now is the best time to ask her what's wrong, again…}

"Look Sakura I thi--" He was interrupted by Sakura, who jumped off the bed and pointed an accusing finger at him.

"No, you look here Kakashi!!" her finger still pointing accusingly at him, while her body trembled uncontrollably with anger.

"I have had enough of this Sakura, and I have had enough of your childish outburst!!" his yell made Sakura stiffen, seeing his angry facade made her insides turn. He was a very patient and laid back person, and she obviously ticked him off. She wanted to cry again, she never liked seeing him angry, it scared her.

She buried her face in her hands, crying silently so as not to make him angrier. The room was left with an uncomfortable silence. She needed to tell him.

"…sorry Kakashi…"she heard him sigh. Not his usual relaxed sigh, but more of an upset or irritated sigh. She lifted her face from her hands and stared at him, her hands tugged on her nightshirt. Her eyes were pleading him for something he couldn't understand.

"I'm pregnant…" his face softened upon hearing her. He ran a hand through his messy silver hair and chuckled mirthfully. He was going to be a father, by the looks of it was probably going to be soon, maybe in six months if he wasn't mistaken.

{No wonder she was acting unusual, but locking herself in the bathroom…}

He opened his arms, moving them slightly, signaling Sakura to come closer. She stopped in front of him, tears still cascading down her face. He reached up and wiped away the tears from her face, placing his hands on her cheeks to guide her to a sweet kiss.

"Don't worry I'll propose to you…"


Author's Notes: Aww, cute. Although Sakura kinda overreacted, but hey she has a bunch of hormones going through her system now that she's pregnant. I do remember my sis overreacting when she was pregnant and she was extremely sensitive to everything. The end kinda sucked, but whatever. At least I finished.