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Through the Eyes of Purity's Essence

Chapter 1: Obedience and Bloodlust

The call had come out. The Zerg Servant heard it and began slithering from the Hive towards battle. It knew nothing other than the Overmind, master of the Zerg, and the Overmind's will. The Servant was a Hydralisk - the perfect killing machine of the Swarm – born and bred to serve the Overmind and the Swarm. Its jaws had been evolved to tear enemies of the Overmind apart. Its claws were warped to annihilate those who opposed the Swarm. Its skin hardened into an fortress-like carapace to withstand the puny weaponry of the ones who resisted the power of the Zerg. Its mind fuelled by bloodlust, malice, and rage. The Servant was indeed the perfectly evolved child of the Zerg.

Little did the Servant know that its race of origin had fed not on the flesh and blood of its enemies - but on various green grasses and shrubs. The Slothiens they had been called. The dominant herbivore species on the home world - dominant, yet delicate, fragile, peaceful. Then the day came when the Swarm arrived. Seeing the potential of the grazing Slothiens, the Overmind supercharged their evolutionary path - mutating them into beings of death and destruction. The Servant did not know this, and even if it had, it would have cared none the less. For it was a servant of the Swarm and the Overmind - nothing more, nothing less.

The Servant snaked off the nurturing creep of the Hive Cluster and joined it's fellow brethren: Zerglings, Mutalisks, Defilers, Overlords, Scourge, Guardians, and Hydralisks like itself - all servants of the Overmind. They were to conquer a the capital city of the planet Singripa Prime - a key resource holding of a race who called themselves "Terran Confederacy". The Servant had done battle with these Terrans before on the planet Dylar IV. The Terrans there had fought with what others would consider valor and bravery. But the Servant could not see this. It could not comprehend what valor or bravery were. And even if it could, the Servant would have dismissed these terms as nothing but futile and pathetic. The Servant saw the Terrans as nothing but a frail prey. Whatever interest the Overmind had in these creatures was beyond the Servant's understanding, but the Servant did not need to understand the will of the Overmind. It was not its place to question the Overmind, for obedience was all that existed.

Suddenly, the Overlords transmitted a telepathic command to the ravenous minions from the Cerebrate Araq of the Jormungand Brood. The Servant processed the command as a signal word: Begin.

The Servant and its 500,000 comrades were on the move. They proceeded towards their prey. They intended to leave none in their path alive. A few might be spared, if the Overmind willed it, to inducted into the Swarm, to become children and servants of the Overmind. The Zerglings advanced in front, while the Servant and its brothers would protect them from behind. The Defilers guarding their flank would help to ensure the Servant's safety - even though the Servant did not care for its own saftey The Mutalisks and Scourge riding the clouds would hunt down anything the Terrans sent by air, while the Guardians hovering above would eliminate any potential threat coming from the ground. The Overlords guarding the task force's left and right would guarantee no cloaked menace would do battle with the Swarm unseen.

As the 500,000 deadly Zerg approached the city, a patrol of twenty Terran marines crossed their paths. Immediately upon seeing the task force, the marines foolishly opened fire. Several stray bullets skimmed the Servant's armor, but had no effect - not even a single dent upon the Servant's hardened carapace. A pack of Zerglings launched themselves on their dog-like limbs at the marines, who in return concentrated a steady fire of projectiles. Three Zerglings dropped dead, while five more were wounded. This did not matter, as all servants of the Overmind were expendable. The Servant and his brethren knew this. The marines could not stop the inevitable as six of them were pounced upon by the rampaging Zerglings. The Zerglings' claws ripped through armor, cloth, skin, flesh and bone as the Terrans' muscle and nerve tissues were torn from the bodies. The Terrans continued to fight though it was useless. Now, it was the Servant's turn to kill.

The Servant and its comrades advanced upon the little group of Terrans, and with a wild fury, unleashed a torrent of deadly spines. Nine marines fell screaming to the ground with spikes embedded in their heads, chests, guts, arms, and legs. The Servant itself had struck down four of the marines, but unlike its comrades, had been careful to merely strike the legs and arms of the Terrans. It wanted its prey to suffer before the Servant delivered the deadly blow by its scythe-like claws and nightmarish jaws. The remaining five marines turned and fled toward the city. The Servant did not bother chasing them, since the retreating Terrans would soon be dispatched by the Mutalisks and Guardians, besides there were four wounded Terrans the Servant had to deal with.

Approaching the dying bodies of its prey, the Servant selected the one with a spine in his shoulder and hip. Immediately, a claw cleaved through the wounded Terran's backside killing him instantly. The Servant then selected a second wounded Terran, and slammed both its enormous claws into the Terran's stomach and chest, lifted him up into the air. Terran blood flowed down the Servant's claws, and dripped to the ground. The Servant took in the aroma with a lustful snarl. All Zerg were fond of the smell of fresh blood, but the Servant and its brothers desired for blood the most – especially from a living victim. The Servant longed to drink the blood of its next victim. But as it dropped the carcass of the second Terran, the Servant saw that one of the third wounded Terran was hobbling away. With a cry of anger, the Servant prepared to unleash a spine, when suddenly the Terran fell dead to the ground, his chest melting away. One of the Guardians had picked him off. However, the Servant felt no shame in this, as it was incapable of generating such a feeling.

The Servant proceeded to the fourth and final wounded Terran lying on his stomach. Reaching out with a claw, the Servant pulled the human onto his back. As the Servant slithered right upon the Terran's almost motionless body, it lowered its head right upon the Terran's face, and prepared itself for the kill. Suddenly, the Terran marine whipped out a small semi-automatic handgun and fired repeatedly at the Servant's head. Most of the little projectiles bounced harmlessly off the Servant's armor-encased jaws, but one of the bullets pierced the unprotected inside of Servant's upper mouth. From the penetrated Zerg flesh, a stream of fresh blood oozed onto the Servant tongue, and although it had felt a brief moment of pain, pain was nothing compared to the taste of blood… even if it was the Servant's own blood. The Terran's hand which held the little weapon, was cleaved cleanly off the Terran's arm. The claws of the Servant were the result of the Overmind's ingenious evolution after all. The Terran moaned with pain and grasped its bloody right arm, now freed of the hand. As the Servant looked down upon the dying Terran, it allowed its saliva, mixed with its own blood, to drip on the Terran's ruined armor. The teeth, tongue, and jaws of the Servant were the last things this Terran would ever see. The Servant then looked into the directly eyes of its hapless prey and saw naked fear. Fear was something the Servant had come to expect, for all should have feared the Servant and its Zerg brethren.

Opening its mighty jaws of death, the Servant brought them down upon the Terran's head and snapped them shut. The skeletal tissue crumbled to dust under the pressure of the Zerg jaws. The Servant tore the head of Terran from the neck, and allowed the bloody noggin to roll to the back of the Servant's tongue. As Terran blood sank onto the Servant's tongue, the Hydralisk's mutant sensory buds absorbed the liquid. Savoring the taste, the Servant shifted its head and human blood flowed throughout the Servant's mouth. Allowing a hiss of satisfaction to escape its mouth, the Servant drank the blood of its enemy, and intended to do so, until the Terran skull had been depleted of every last drop.

Just then, the Overlords relayed a command from Araq to the Servant and its comrades. The Servant processed the command as a simple message:

Terran reinforcements approaching from the city. Engage and destroy them immediately.

Although frustrated that it had not consumed all the remaining blood, the Servant knew that pleasure was irrelevant when obedience was called upon. For the Cerebrates spoke the will of the Overmind, and no servant of the Swarm would dispute the Overmind. Spitting out the Terran head, the Servant rejoined its fellow Hydralisks. The Zerglings, Mutalisks, Scourge, Defilers, and Guardians also regrouped and prepared to engage the Terran deffenders. The Overlords telepathically transmitted scenes of Terran activity around the city to the Zerg warriors:

Terran marines were climbing into armored bunkers surrounding the city by the hundreds. The bunkers themselves were surrounded by three automatic missile turrets each. The city gates opened and let loose thousands of Terran war machines including Vultures, Goliaths, and even colossal Siege Tanks. From the sky, squadrons of Wraith fighters sped towards the Zerg task force. Dropships too flew from the sky, unloading tens of thousands of Firebats wielding plasma-flame throwers. The Firebats joined the oncoming wave of Terran machines.

The Zerg warriors prepared themselves to engange the Terran forces, with the Zerglings once again leading the charge, the Servant and its brothers behind them, and the Defilers and Guardians protecting their rear. The Mutalisks and Scourge launched themselves towards approaching masses of Wraiths.

Already, the Servant could smell fresh blood – the blood that would be spilled on both sides for the Overmind and the Swarm. Whether the blood tasted would be the Terrans' or its own, the Servant knew it would be satisfying.


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