Simply Unpredictable

Kitty was fuming. "So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?"

Kurt, sensing he'd made a grievous tactical error, nonetheless shook his head and tried to backpedal. "Nein, fraulein, I just meant…"

"Well, how's this for unpredictable!" And with that, she fastened her lips to his in a liplock to rival all liplocks. It started off as just a small spark of a kiss, but soon moved into a raging inferno of lust. It was so passionate Kurt felt as if his fur would end up scorched.

When they finally broke apart, Kurt was gasping for air like a beached fish and Kitty was delightfully flushed. And at least part of it came from embarrassment, because she said, "Oh, gosh, Kurt, I…I didn't mean to do that. I mean, I did, I just…"

Kurt silenced her with another kiss, only this one lasted less than a minute because he hadn't quite gotten his breath back before he'd dived in.

"Don't be sorry," he said breathlessly, combing Kitty's hair back from her face and looking deep into her eyes. "I've wanted you for so long…"

"O-Okay," Kitty agreed, stuttering slightly. "Umm…you wanna, maybe, take this somewhere more private?" she asked, blushing.

Kurt's eyes flashed gold and he nodded. "Sure."

"Great!" Kitty said, grabbing Kurt's hand and pulling him toward the girl's dorm. Rogue wouldn't be back from her Danger Room session for an hour, so she had their room all to herself.

And she planned to make good use of it.