Sharon rubbed her eyes and blinked. The room was still dark. She rolled over ot snuggle closer to Johnny. "Mmm," a contented moan escaped the body. "G'morning, Shar."

"What the hell?" Sharon couldn't believe her ears. She quickly leaped up from the bed and peered down at Berg who was still mumbling about something. To him, everything seemed perfectly normal.

"Berg! Berg! Wake up!" Sharon shook him vigorously.

Berg swatted at her hand. "Ugh," he grunted.

"Michael Leslie!"

"What the hell! Sharon," he moaned, "you know that hurts my pride. With a pretty face such as mine, you can't-"

"Shut up, Berg." She said dully. "I don't know what stunt you pulled last night to get me here but I assure you, Johnny is gunna be so mad you'll be sucking apple sauce through a straw for the rest of your life!"

Berg was instantly awake. "Com'on Shar, don't be mean." He looked at the clock. 4:26 AM. "Damn it Sharon, why did you wake me up?"

"Because you must have gotten me drunk so I would sleep with you!" With a matter-of-factly tone she added, "Michael Leslie."

"Sharon, baby," his tone softened, "what are you talking about? The Berginator doesn't have to get anybody drunk, especially you for that. I mean, you were all over me. Just like every other night the past month.

"Oh God! Did Johnny see?" Sharon said a streak of fear on her face. "Baby?" she inquired suddenly realizing he had spoken to her as if she were his girlfriend and not Johnny's.

"Shar, I thought we were over Johnny. I know you can get jealous sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have to act like you two are still together. He's with Ashley now and you're going to accept that. Besides who woudln't want this pretty face?" He said fingering his own jawline.

"Johnny's with Ashley?" Sharon couldn't, no wouldn't believe it. They may have only been engaged in theory, but they were engaged just the same! He couldn't have left her. Especially not for Ashley! "Berg was I drunk?"

"What is wrong with you? You guys were over with almost two months ago!" Now Berg was getting annoyed. He got up, put on the same clothes as the day before and went into the kitchen. He left Sharon dumbfounded. He settled into the couch holding a beer, a new allergy medication, and his tape recorder. "4:33 AM - First dose - feeling perfectly normal." He coughed. "Scratch that. Medicine leaves throat itchy." Berg burst into laughter at his own pun.

The door swung open and Johnny came in with Ashley leaning on his back.

"Careful Johnny, you got a leech on your back." Berg said glaring at Ashley. He still hadn't forgiven her for all the things she did to him after he spent months trying to get her. He took a drink of his beer. "Why are you guys up so early, anyway? Ashley needed to get out of her coffin no doubt." Berg quipped.

"Some people have jobs you know, Berg. Real jobs." Ashley said coldly.

"Pete asked us to pick him up, he has to be at some meeting by five, and his car broke down. Something about the new shade of blush or something." Johnny said absent mindedly.

"So where is he?" asked Ashley impatiently.

Not wanting to speak with Ashley, Berg directed his answer toward Johnny. "Leaning over the toilet in hangover hell most likely."

Johnny opened his mouth to reply but he was cut off by a muffled sob. "What is wrong with you people?" Johnny you're supposed to be me! WE are engaged! Berg, you're supposed to be with Irene! Ashley you're supposed to be with Dracu.. I mean Pete! I had never seen him so happy than he is with you!" Sharon wailed as she plunked herself down on the couch beside Berg.

Berg kissed the top of her head. "Shar, I don't know what's wrong and what set it off, but remember? The Berginator loves you." He smiled.

This horrified Sharon. She ran back into the bedroom.

"Berginator?" said Ashley with great ammusement.

Berg muttered something under hsi breath. There was a few moments of awkward silence while Johnny pondered over Sharons outburst. THen in saundered Pete.

"Ow, my head," he gave a week groan.

"Hang-over?" asked Johnny.

"Or did you just wake up next to Irene, again?" Berg said with a grin spreading over his face. He was always very proud of his comments.

Ignoring Berg, Pete answered Johnny. "Yeah.. hang-over. Hey Irene!" he greeted as she entered in after him.

"Hi Sweety-Petey!" She yelped happily.

"Hi Irene!" the other three mimmicked and made kissy sounds as if they were five.

"Hello Michael, Johnny, Ashley," she starred at the cruelly.

"Any new voo-doo dolls?" questioned Berg.

"Yes, an enlargement of you. You know they always say the bigger the doll, the bigger and more painful the prick."

Berg let out a sarcastic laugh. "HaHa, Very Funny."

Berg stood up to go check on Sharon. He felt as if he had been given the shaft, but he was a prideful man and would not let it show. He entered the dark room leaving his other friends behind. "Shar?" he asked. No answer.