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"Irene, what have you been doing?" Berg's voice wavered in confusion. He fumbled around in his pocket as he pulled out his tape recorder: "4:42 AM, feeling disoriented and easily confused. Drank alcohol with first dose."

Irene stared at him. "Don't be nieve, Michael. I wouldn't dream of screwing your life up. I'm just making my life better." She bounced from the heals of her feet to her toes. "Sharon simply got in the way.

"Irene! You can NOT just mess with people like that! I really had feelings for Sharon!"

"Oh please Michael. You're not capable of having real feelings for Sharon. Or ANYONE for that matter." She eyed him. She knew she was pushing his buttons. So many times Berg had tried to have feelings for girls he did care about, just not enough to commit. Then there was Bethany, whom Berg had always loved -- she however did not return his feelings. Ever since, Berg had shutdown to alot of the girls that had crossed his path.

Irene watched Berg as he looked at his feet debating rather or not to argue with her. "Good day Michael Bergen."


"Thanks guys," Pete said speedily getting out of Ashley's car.

"No pro-" Ashley was cut off by the slamming of Pete's door. She watched as he ran up the stairs and through the revolving doors. She chuckled to herself as she thought about what was running through Pete's mind. This was his first big for his new boss; he had stayed up practically all night going over and over and over what he was going to say. Pete was always so particular. Ashley got a kick out of watching him squirm and fidget.

"Hey Ash?" Johnny interupted her thoughts.

"Yes?" Ashley raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"It's like . . . five in the morning. Why did we get up?" Johnny yawned and slid down in the passenger's seat.

"Pete needed a ride." Ashely said rather shortly.

"Yeah but I mean -- hey? What happened to your shirt?" He was staring at the hem of her right sleeve.

"Oh, that's just great!" She peered down at her arm and contemplated WHY about 3 inches of her sleeve was missing. "It figures. At least I don't need to impress anybody this morning," she thought bitterly as she put the car in drive and looked into the review mirror.


-A few hours later-
"Thank you so much, Sir!" Pete said enthusiastically as he shook the older gentleman's hand. "It really has been a pleasure!"

"Well, we here at GloCom are just thrilled to have someone as talented in the cosmetics business as yourself. We look forward to putting 'Mango/Grape Dreamsicle' out on the market! But I have to admit, it is a very. . . interesting color."

"Thank you sir, you'd NEVER believe how I stumbled upon it! I was in the kitchen one morning, cleaning out the refridg--"

"Mr. Dunsville." His boss cleared his throat.

"Oh yes, of course, sir. I'll let myself out." Pete shut the door to his office and exhaled. He had come so close to blowing it so many times at GloCom he couldn't even count them on one hand. Pete flung himself into his chair and ran his fingers through his freshly cut hair.

"BRRRING! BRRRING!" He jumped at the sound of his phone. Why didn't Jamie answer? He still wasn't used to having a real assistant. Normally he'd just blackmail Berg into doing stuff for him. "Hello?"

"Hi muffin cheeks!"

"Oh Irene! Is there a problem? I mean you normally don't call until at least 8 AM."

"No no, no problem at all. It's just, well Sharon wanted me to call you and tell you that she's going out of town for a while." Irene sounded somewhat maniacal.

"Oh well, did she stay to say goodbye?"

"I'm afraid she was a bit contained. . . and couldn't quite make it to a phone in time, dimple cakes." Irene tried to not to grin, even though she was aware that Pete couldn't see her.

"Oh. Well, okay. Thanks for letting me know. I gotta be getting back to work though. I'll see you later."

"Bye bye Petey." Irene hung up the phone and looked at the figurine laying in her box and chuckled to herself, "and goodbye to you too Sharon."

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