The sound of heavy boots could be heard echoing off the walls and down the corridor of the large stone castle that had been built in the middle of a vast forest as a replacement for it's predecessor. Along with the steady rhythm of the boots the sound of the castle's master mumbling and sighing continuously could also be heard. These were sure signs that the castle's master was not in a good mood.

It had been about a month and a half since the small group of time travelers had defeated Lavos, the destroyer of worlds, and though decimating this being had been his main objective in life since he was a child, Magus was not as happy about it as one would expect.

The truth was, now that Lavos was gone, Magus had nothing to do. He had no objective in life; no purpose. To put it bluntly, he was downright bored.

After entering a random room in his grand castle, he once again sighed before falling heavily into one of the chairs that adorned the large room. Thus seated, he began to look around at the walls, the carpet, the furniture and every thing else in the room, making mental notes as to what needed to be improved upon. Sadly, this was how he had been spending his spare time ever since he rebuilt his castle, since he had nothing better to do.

He couldn't go into the villages that surrounded his solitary island because, though there had been rumors of his return amongst the humans, most believed him to be dead, and that was how he preferred it, lest hundreds of angry villagers show up at his front door with torches and pitch forks, hunting him like some monster. Sure, he could easily disguise himself, but what would he do if he were to go? He hated people, pure and simple. The only people he was able to stand were his former companions, but they were in different times.

He didn't want to go into the Mystic villages, due to the fact that they would immediately assume that he would lead them in another war against the humans, which he had no intention of doing.

Traveling to different times was out. Not so much because the gates no longer worked, he was sure that he could conjure up a spell to use instead, but because there was simply no point.

In short, he was confined to his castle, with almost no human contact.

The frog would sometimes show up, but he was hardly what Magus could call good company. Every time the two met, they ended up battling. Magus was sure that Frog did not want to bring any harm to him anymore, despite what he might claim. It seemed as though traveling together had made killing each other an impossibility on both sides. However, Magus was sure that Frog was just as bored as he was since the end of their adventure, and that the small battles were just a way to pass the time.

After inspecting the room to his satisfaction, he slowly rose to his feet and proceeded to the next room.

"I don't know why I keep doing this. There's nothing more to change. I've been through each and every one of these rooms hundreds of times, and I never find anything that's out of place or that needs improvement. Maybe I should consider waging another war with the humans. At least then I would have something to do."

He sighed for what must have been the thousandth time that day. He knew that he would never do such a thing again. Though he would never admit it, he did not want to ruin the strange truce between himself and Frog, and waging yet another war against the humans would do just that.

Walking down the corridor, Magus continued to talk to himself.

"I'm beginning to think that killing Ozzie, Flea and Slash had been a bad idea. They were idiots, but at least threatening them could be amusing. Now the only things left to threaten are the mice, and that's not exactly something I want to do."

By this time, he had gone through three more rooms, still finding nothing that needed improvement, and he was currently sitting in the chair of the fourth, staring out the window.

He heard the distant rumbling of thunder in the distance, and saw a faint light illuminate the sky. Noticing that the sky had become terribly cloudy, he waved his hand in the air, causing the window in front of him to close. With another wave of the hand, he heard the banging of shutters throughout the castle as all of the windows closed. As bored as he was, he was simply not in the mood to travel throughout the hundreds of rooms in his castle and shut every window by hand.

As he continued his pathetic routine, he heard another rumbling, this time coming from his stomach. Muttering to himself about how annoying human functions were, but secretly relieved to have something else to do besides wander desultorily around his castle in a vain attempt at finding something to improve upon, he began to make his way toward the kitchen.

"This can't be a good sign…I've been talking to myself for the last twenty minutes…"

Upon entering the kitchen , he set about a new task, and began to ponder one of the greatest questions known to man kind; What to make for dinner.

As he began his search for food, he heard the steady pitter-patter of rain begin to fall on the windows. However, by the time he had found something suitable to eat, the gentle pitter-patter had turned into more of a pounding on the windows.

"Hmmmm…this could turn out to be a pretty big storm. Well…it's better than sunshine, I suppose."

It was at this point that an extremely bright flash of light illuminated the sky, and an almost deafening sound filled the air, causing the bats that had been seeking shelter in the trees to take flight, despite the storm.

"Odd…that didn't seem like normal thunder or lightening."

Shrugging his shoulders, he resumed eating. He paused while doing so only once, almost swearing that he heard something outside his castle. Deciding that it was a trick of the wind, he finished up his meal. He began to head to his room, in hopes of retiring for the night.

On the way to his room, he heard the noise again. He was sure it sounded like footsteps, and another sound that he could not quite determine, but who in their right mind would come all the way out to his island? Especially in a storm like this?

"It must be some animal…" he muttered.

About three more hours into the night passed before he heard the noise again. He had not been able to sleep during this time, due to the fact that sleeping was another thing he did to pass time, and thus he was in no way tired.

After listening for a while, he determine that the noise was definitely coming from his side of the castle. Deciding to investigate, Magus got out of his bed and strode over to his window. However, after sticking his head out and getting promptly soaked, he found no one outside.

Now in an even worse mood due to his sodden condition, he slammed the window shut with such force, he nearly broke the glass. He quickly dried himself using a weak fire spell, then marched his way back to his bed. He climbed in, once again muttering about this or that inconvenience, and was just about to drift off into sleep when he heard yet another noise. However, this one was different than the others. It was the sound of knocking.

"It can't be…I've never had anyone knock on my door, " he muttered, sitting up. He was at a complete loss as to why, or even who, could be knocking at his door. He waited a few minutes more, and when the sound did not occur again, he fell back onto the mattress, determined to fall asleep this time. Just as he was about to drift off a second time, the knocking was heard again.

With a loud groan, Magus got out of bed. The knocking did not stop this time, however. Magus was a quite angry, and he was determined to find whatever moron was playing games with him and make the fool very sorry he had ever happened upon this castle.

Upon reaching the door, Magus began to form a dark bomb in his hand. Not one big enough to kill anyone, but enough to knock the person out cold for a few days.

Deciding to at least see who the person was before attacking them, Magus slowly opened the door. However, before the door had even opened halfway, he felt someone barrel into him, wrapping their arms around his waist as they did so.

Infuriated at this sudden invasion of his personal space, he nearly threw the Dark Bomb that he had formed at the person who seemed to be hugging him. However, when he realized just who this person was, his surprise caused the Dark Bomb to dissipate.

It was Lucca…and she was crying.

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